Cowboys get Elliott’s deal done

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Running back Ezekiel Elliott has signed his rookie contract with the Cowboys.

The Cowboys didn’t hide their interest in Elliott during the pre-draft process, then selected him with the No. 4 pick on April 28.

Elliott’s rookie contract is worth nearly $25 million guaranteed and includes a $16.3 million signing bonus.

A highly productive player in two years as a starter at Ohio State, Elliott helped the Buckeyes to the 2014 national championship and then scored 23 rushing touchdowns last season. He ran for 3,699 yards over his final two college seasons.

The Cowboys start their organized team activity (OTA) practices next week, and Elliott figures to immediately play an important role in the offense.

34 responses to “Cowboys get Elliott’s deal done

  1. Awesome! Maybe now he can afford a shirt that reaches all the way down to his waistband!

  2. The theory was that the best thing they can do for their shaky defense is not adding a top defender but adding a top RB who will help them possess the ball longer and score more points. There’s a logic to that, but it will be interesting to see how this works out in practice.

  3. My mom could rush for 1,000 yards behind that Oline. Dallas should have taken Ramsey at #4

  4. I guess we’ll see if the Boys theory “that the best defense is a good offense” actually works.

    I’m pretty sure you still need a good defense.

  5. I agree with the Ramsey comment, but Elliott is still a solid pick. I was hoping to see how DMC and Morris were going to do. 2 1000 yard rushers. Have to average a little over 60 yards a game

  6. Running backs aren’t worth that type of money . You don’t draft running backs that high and survive the fallout. But it is Jerry Jones so he will blame somebody else.

  7. $25 million for “I hope so”? Seems like trading down and acquiring more picks makes sense. 1/2 the picks will not work out whether they are 1st or 5th round. You might as well spray bullets then fire a shot gun.

  8. Poor kid is wasted talent on that garbage squad. Cowboys are the most annoying and average franchise in the history of sports!

    Never have been, never will be America’s team!

  9. I bet Minnesota was glad they didn’t pass on Adrian Peterson. How many teams were salty they passed on Randy Moss? In other words take the best player available and don’t look back. Elliot was that player.

  10. All the love and the hate makes them the one and only America’s Team! Go Zeke! Go Cowboys!

  11. truninerfan49 says:
    May 18, 2016 2:46 PM
    My mom could rush for 1,000 yards behind that Oline. Dallas should have taken Ramsey at #4

    Dallas can make the average back get 1,000 yards. Zeke will be elite.

    Everyone laughed at McFadden last season, he finished 4th in the nfl in rushing.

    Worry about your teams. Dallas will be in the playoffs

  12. Smaller and faster players are in defenses throughout the league, that’s a fact. More teams are drafting safety-LB hybrids as well as CB-safety hybrids to stop the pass as well as DEs playing DT. The idea of a smash mouth run oriented attack exploits this. Belichick himself mentioned the same recently.
    If they bring in backups with beef, (no team can have steak on every plate as Parcells once quipped) then Romo hits Dez, Witten, Williams, Beasley, or even Elliot himself out of the backfield.

  13. slunt says:
    May 18, 2016 2:55 PM

    He’ll blow his knee out in the preseason

    What a sad little person you must be to wish something like that on a kid starting his career. I don’t care what team you root for, their fan base just got a little more classless.

  14. I am excited to see what this offense looks like with Zeke in the backfield. As far as the Ramsey wishers, Ramsey will tie up one receiver which is easily remedied by throwing to someone else. I also questioned Ramsey’s catching abilities. I saw enough film of him dropping balls that hit him right in the hands. Zeke will demand accountability by opposing defenses on every play with his running, receiving & blocking abilities. I am very relieved we wont have to face him twice a year if he had gone to the Giants, Redskins or Eagles. Now he is their problem.

  15. I though there was a rookie wage scale? $20M+ guaranteed for the 4th overall? I realize it’s better than what it was, but that’s ridiculous. Rookie wage scale needs overhauled IMO.

  16. 5 mil per year on the cap would be very cheap
    for a qb like goff or wentz to learn behind Tony or possibly start if/when he gets hurt, AGAIN!!!

  17. Alfred Morris — 3 1k yard seasons, two pro bowls, 27 years old, has made about $4 million in his career…
    And they’re teammates…

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