Kevin Faulk elected to Patriots Hall of Fame

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The Patriots have elected one former player or coach to the team’s Hall of Fame each year since 2007 and the team announced Wednesday that running back Kevin Faulk will be inducted this year.

Faulk joined the Patriots as a second-round pick in 1999 and remained with the team through the 2011 season. That period covered the birth of the Bill Belichick era and Faulk played a big role on teams that went to five Super Bowls. He is the all-time franchise leader in all-purpose yards and kickoff return yards and ranks fifth among all Patriots in rushing yards and receptions.

“Kevin Faulk helped deliver three Super Bowl championships and redefined the way an entire generation of Patriots fans celebrated football in New England,” owner Robert Kraft said in a statement. “Despite entering the NFL as the second-leading rusher in SEC history, he arrived in New England without ego or pretense. He was a selfless and tireless contributor to the team, accepting every challenge and excelling in many roles throughout his 13-year career.”

It was the first year that Faulk was eligible to be elected and he joins Troy Brown and Tedy Bruschi as honorees with three Super Bowl rings as members of the Patriots. Cornerback Raymond Clayborn and linebacker Mike Vrabel, who also won three rings in New England, were the other finalists.

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  1. Good for him. Great player and apparently a great team mate and community member. Thanks for everything, Kevin!

  2. He was great, a hard nosed player that became extremely dangerous within the 15 yard line. Also wore the greatest elbow pads in league history, which are now back in Valhalla for safe keeping. Thanks for all the memories and enjoy retirement!

  3. What a great 3rd down back out of the backfield…. One of the best ever!!
    & I have no doubt that sporting the Tom Brady “12” jersey at the draft got him some additional votes….
    Congratulations Kevin, you are much loved by the fan base in New England & true football fans everywhere!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  4. 33 has been retired for years and is still hard at work giving back to his community as ever. Faulk is the kind of athlete and the kind of person you strive to be when you lace up your first pair of high tops as a kid. I’m honored to have followed his whole career.

  5. Not a Pats fan, but am glad to see this. Faulk was a very important part of the Pats offense.

    I still remember the play on the final drive of SBXXXVI when he caught a pass and literally dragged a Ram’s defender to get out-of-bounds and stop the clock (neither team had any timeouts left). Without that effort, the Pats don’t win that game in regulation (if at all).

  6. So underrated. Tremendous player, a fine rep of this team off the field and a well deserved honor.


  7. .
    If you look closely at those ” fantastic finishes ” that the Patriots and Tom Brady have had over the years, you’ll see that Kevin Faulk was usually very much involved. From blitz pickup, to catching balls out of the backfield, to fair catching punts in foul weather, his contributions were immeasurable.

  8. Kevin picked up that 4th and 2. I’ll go to my grave believing that. Congratulations to #33 and look forward to seeing Clayborn and Vrabel elected in soon.

  9. He was very underrated nationally as a 3rd down back but a huge favorite with Pats fans. The man could ball and was as good at blitz pickup as any 3rd down back I’ve ever seen, an under appreciated blocker outside of NE. Phenomenal all purpose guy and still a great ambassador of the game to the community. Every team has it’s Kevin Faulks. The kind of player that is somewhat well thought of outside his market but absolutely beloved inside it. He made good things happen just about every time he touched the ball and plenty of times when he didn’t.

  10. As a Charger fan, I remember in the championship game the Pats closed out the fourth quarter with a 16 play, 9 minute drive. It felt like every third down play went to Faulk for a first down. They needed 3, they got 4. Needed 2 got 3.

    I still remember screaming, “Can’t anybody cover that guy!??!”

    No, no one could. *grumble*

  11. Very good team player who sacrificed alot of individual stats for the ultimate team goal of wins and Championships………well deserved Faulk!!!!!

  12. Troy Brown and Faulk were studs…. Bruschi was overrated until the PEDs kicked in right around 2003!

  13. imodan says:
    May 18, 2016 1:04 PM

    Kevin picked up that 4th and 2.


    Had to laugh – that is the exact first thought I had when I read the headline.

  14. He was a Bobby Grier draft pick in the Pete Carroll era. Early in his career he was believed to have fumbling issues. I think he ran with his shoulders too high and NFL level players were laying into him, and it took a while to adjust. Eventually he became the Fort Knox of footballs, and a defacto go to player. He was as reliable as the sunrise. When they needed a play bad, it was an easy decision. The Pats really had some incredibly reliable players. Guys like Troy Brown, Teddy Bruschi, Willie McGinest, Ty Law, Roman Phifer for a while, Rodney Harrison, Mike Vrabel, Corey Dillon, etc all just made plays when the chips were on the line. There are others, but most were on defense. Many of the offensive players came and went, and Brady makes that work. Faulk was a huge part of that.

  15. I’m a Packers/Titans fan, but it’s good to see a lunch pail, blue collar, do-whatever-the-team-needs guy make the team Hall of Fame. As I was reading the article, I thought of Troy Brown. It’s great that the Pats honored him also. 🙂

  16. Faulk sealed it with the jersey at the draft. One of his finest plays. “Kevin always made good decisions” says Bill.

    You left out Willie. 3 SB and also in the Pats hall. Fight On, Willie!

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