Antonio Brown back with Steelers next week

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Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown won’t be the champion of the dancing world this year after being eliminated from Dancing With the Stars this week and he also won’t be extending his absence from the Steelers’ offseason program for too much longer.

The Steelers start OTAs next week and Brown will be in Pittsburgh to take part in them with the rest of the team. Brown said he’s “excited to see how we gel together” and thinks his dancing adventure sends him back to the field with an edge.

“[Dance training] can definitely help me with football, change of direction, fluidly, constantly being ready for the next move,” Brown said, via “Dancing is all about the next move, being prepared for the next move in the midst of any move. It will definitely help with ankle strength, pushing off, change of direction.”

Brown also said that he’d like to continue using those stronger ankles as a member of the Steelers for as long as possible. Brown has two years left on a contract that the Steelers tweaked last season after Brown briefly stayed away from workouts and General Manager Kevin Colbert said recently that the team expects them to be honored “without any issue.” Brown wants a new deal, but sounds like he’ll take a no-drama approach to getting it.

“I always want to be a Steeler for life. We will let those things take its course,” Brown said. “I’m excited to get back on the field. … My focus right now is to show up and become the best player.”

With 375 catches over the last three seasons, Brown’s been one of the best players in the league. That might not get him an immediate extension with the Steelers, but more of the same in 2016 will make it likelier that he’s staying in town one way or another.

15 responses to “Antonio Brown back with Steelers next week

  1. He was taken in the 6th round, 22nd receiver off the board in 2010. I’m a fan of the Ravens but that just makes me jealous.

  2. doctorrustbelt says:

    DESTROYED by Vontaze Burfict and Paige VanZant.


    On the same play that DESTROYED your season.


  3. tokyosandblaster says:
    May 19, 2016 8:27 AM

    That’s good. Can he play defense?

    Tell that to the disabled kids that the proceeds of the Terrible Towel. Do you think any of the other 1,000 sports team that now use a towel do that. I’m sure whatever team you cheer for either has or has had a cheap imitation and unoriginal version of the Terrible Towel.

  4. Top receiver in the league. Offense is there when healthy, defense is on the rise. He just needs to stay healthy in the playoffs when it counts to be able to hold that lombardi trophy up.

  5. Tokyo, he can play defense, but probably wouldn’t be a good fit in GB because he can outrun Larry Fitzgerald and doesn’t pull himself out of the last 5 minutes of the game because he’s winded. You should look elsewhere to try to find players that can help your pathetic D.

  6. steelerfan63 says:
    May 19, 2016 10:36 AM
    Lombardi #7 coming real soon.

    Brown is awesome. I can only wish he played for the Pats.

    The Steelers will certainly contend for the SB agains this year. Seven would be incredible. But think of the teams who don’t even have a single SB between them. And some that have been around for a long…..long time. The Vikings, Bengals and the Bills come to mind.

  7. I remember a time when NFL teams were encouraging their players to take ballet lessons to improve their play.

    Dancing and working out was certainly better than sitting on the sofa and munching on fatty foods.

    Brown is a pro-bowler for a reason!

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