Doug Pederson: Eagles QBs are splitting reps equally now

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The Eagles went out of their way this week to make sure everyone knew Sam Bradford was still their starting quarterback.

But now that he’s back in the fold for OTAs, he’s getting the same amount of work as the rest of the quarterbacks on the roster.

Via Jimmy Kempski of, Eagles coach Doug Pederson said things would change eventually, but at the moment giving them all equal work made the most sense.

“I don’t know if you counted reps today but in all the scripted team periods it was equal, so all three quarterbacks got the same amount,” Pederson said. “I’m not sure what the last period was – it was unscripted – but it was probably pretty similar. And that’s the way we’re going to approach the offseason.”

Because they’re still installing things, Pederson said he saw no drawback to not allocating more time to Bradford.

“This time of the year, no,” Pederson said. “All three of these guys are smart guys, they are sharp guys. I don’t have any issues with dividing it up three ways. I know once we get later into camp, we need to get our starter, Sam, we need to give him more reps, but right now I’m not concerned with that.”

Given Chase Daniel’s background with Pederson’s plan from their time together in Kansas City, it’s reasonable to think he might not need as many later (unless Bradford gets hurt and he ends up playing). But the number of practice reps for No. 2 overall pick Carson Wentz will also be worth monitoring, as an indication of how quickly they’re planning on getting him on the field.

9 responses to “Doug Pederson: Eagles QBs are splitting reps equally now

  1. Here is a chance for Bradford to step up and put his tantrum behind him.
    If he picks up a new system (yet again) and can be effective, it will help him after the season when he looks for a new team.

    If he struggles, or mouths off again, it will hurt him.

    Its all on him.

  2. As a Redskins fan, I hope the QB hokey pokey continues for the Eagles well into the season. Pederson can blow it off now as not important, but if we get to the preseason and he starts alternating who starts each game, well… Lucy you some ‘splainin’ to do….

  3. joeflaccoallday says:
    May 19, 2016 8:58 AM

    All this won’t end well. Philly top 5 pick next year r
    Didn’t they trade all their Picks for 3 years for the rookie?/ 😉

  4. …’s called ‘evaluation’ folks…the cream should rise to the top……….I know Wentz will smoke Bradford. Chase is the real completion for Wentz. Bradford is dead man walking.

  5. Watching Wentz in Grudens QB camp, he doesn’t strike me as the sharpest tool in the shed. Add to that the fact that he never faced real competition in college, you end with a potential bust.

  6. I do think it would be quite funny for the Eagles to do all the talking in the press to get Bradford back into camp and then once he’s back with the team bust him down to third string.

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