James Harrison says NFL won’t let him document a PED test

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Steelers linebacker James Harrison had a knock on his door on Tuesday informing him that he was to take a surprise performance-enhancing drug test. He wanted to document the whole thing.

So Harrison began to record his encounter with the representative from the PED testing company that handles the NFL’s tests, but he was told that recording tests is not allowed — and told that a previous tester got fired for allowing Harrison to record his test.

“Today the NFL came to my house for another random PED test,” Harrison wrote on Instagram. “I was gonna record it like last time but Ryan Willis, the director of the PED program at Drug Free Sports that does testing for the league didn’t want to talk on camera. Since I heard they fired the last guy who let me record the test, I didn’t record it. I’m not trying to get anyone fired who’s just doing their job. I called the @NFLPA to find out what was going on. I guess maybe we’ll find out more tomorrow.”

Harrison didn’t say what, exactly, the video he planned would consist of — Harrison urinating on camera? — but he said he thought the fans would be interested.

“To clarify – I never have a problem being tested,” Harrison wrote. “I wasn’t videoing the test because I was suspicious of the process. I was only videoing leading up to the actual test to post it on IG for what I think is interesting behind the scenes content for the fans, which I had done when I was tested earlier this year, with no notice of wrongdoing. If the league can invade our space and interrupt our preseason training with shows like Hard Knocks because it’s interesting behind the scenes content for the fans, why can’t I post this?”

It’s a good question. Shouldn’t the NFL be transparent about its drug testing procedures?

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  1. Yes they should; if they want cameras following the Turk around and in the room for the NFL hopefuls release during cut down days they should allow this.

  2. So if he already filmed one test,and didn’t seem to do anything with it, why film another?
    He seems paranoid.

  3. I work for a large corporate company and they can drug test me at anytime too. Like Mr. Harrison I am also unable to document the process since all of my on person valuables are secured during testing.

    Mr. Harrison and I are both also free to pursue gainful employment elsewhere if we do not like the policy of our employer.

  4. Taping the tests will happen as soon as the NFL figures out how to make a buck off of it.

  5. In a normal real world work place Harrison would be the one being fired. Just take the simple test without going drama queen over it.

  6. Good grief! No, James, I don’t need to follow your every narcissistic breath on social media, or see you wee into a bottle and sign a form in order to imagine such a process. But you’ve only started getting “pissy” about the test since they’ve just started testing for HGH – coincidence? And you called the Al Jazeera claims “disappointing” rather than “a total lie and I’m going to sue because I’ve never taken any such thing”. Hmm.

  7. I’m not sure I really believe Harrison when he said “I wasn’t videoing the test because I was suspicious of the process” because, really, is there anyone that isn’t suspicious of anything the league does?

    But, I’m okay with Harrison saying that, because I’d probably have my suspicions (if I were him) but still say the same thing.

    However the bottom line here really is this:
    Anything the players want to do that is not specifically written as their right in the CBA is then at the discretion of the League. As the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled, the League doesn’t need any specific clauses….anything that is not specifically written into the CBA as a right for the NFLPA is then at the Commissioner’s discretion. The Commissioner has the right to spin ANYTHING into Conduct Detrimental, and then can do whatever he wants.

    That’s where we are folks, whether you like it or not.

  8. Not everything is a Goodell power trip… No filming of a drug test avoids any HIPAA issues.

  9. Why would they tell him that recording the test would result in the test being considered positive?

    The players should be suspicious of everything the league office does. Why should any player trust anything Roger Goodell ultimately has the final say in, he can take away any players career without challenge.

  10. No doubt, the public would like to see how the testing procedure works. Not a thing wrong with Harrison videoing the process.

    As long as the video is G rated, why not video the process…

  11. The NFL doesn’t want transparency, and they have none. The only info that fans get from the NFL is info that the NFL specifically wants them to get. Which paints a negative light on all NFL leaks. Notice how there is never an NFL leak that makes the NFL look bad? Sure there was the leak that the Ray Rice video was in their possession, but that was never proven true. It is more probable than not that it is true, but unlike the NFL, I need more evidence than more probable than not to convict. The fact that NFL fans cant see how “transparent” the NFL is at guiding the conversation through specific information leaks, while keeping a lid on 99% of everything else, is “mind bottling”.

  12. “All part of Goodell’s reign of terror power trip. Comply and be assimilated.”

    gets over yourself pats fan, brady cheated….

  13. Harrison is a unique cat.

    I think he’s alot sharper than people expect.
    I 100% agree with what he’s saying.

    Is there a single player that likes Fraudger Goodell? Dude is garbage and should be removed. It’s almost comical how he’s running things.

    (On second though, maybe the PA should look for a new league rep that allowed all of this to happen. D. Smith is pathetic.)

  14. What an a hole. You just know that he intimidated the previous tester into allowing him to record and as a result that person lost their job. I’m sure the tester tried to object but what are you really going to say to James Harrison? This guy has always been a jerk and most likely a PED user. Just the amount that his head has grown over the years is a pretty good indication of that. Thankfully this should be his last season so we won’t be subjected to his unwarranted anger and complaints for much longer.

  15. Any of you who don’t understand that allowing the testing to be recorded would definitely help players learn how to circumvent the process need some help. It’s not real difficult to understand. Aside from that there’s absolutely no value to recording it for any other purpose. I challenge anyone to name a legitimate reason that this process should be recorded. And don’t say transparency there has never been a suggestion that the leagues’s process is at all tainted or unfair so what exactly are you looking for them to be transparent about?

  16. It does seem like if something happens in your own home you should be able to record it. For those equating it to testing in their workplace stop and think a moment. Does your employer send someone to your house? There is a huge difference in what transpires at the workplace and the expectations you have in the sanctity of your own home. As a matter of principle I would agree with Deebo but he agreed to the terms in his contract and it specifically states in the CBA that recording isn’t allowed. There is a great deal of documentation that goes along with the testing to prevent tampering on the part of either party.
    That said, we are at a point where it is fair to question everything the league does and how they do it. The league that attempted to defraud the players of $110M from the shared funds pool and still hasn’t found it’s copy of the Ray Rice video or the Colts and Pats pressure gauges last seen in the possession of one of it’s own senior VP’s no longer has the right to simply state ’cause integrity and have everyone accept it.

  17. “He seems paranoid.”

    I’d be paranoid with anything Goodell was involved with, too.

  18. Is this process itself secretive somehow where they don’t want others to be able to figure out ways to cheat it? Maybe some sort of HIPPA regs?

    I love all the delusional Steeler fans that think this bloated mini brother Hulk is “all natural”.
    Pu Leeze.

  20. A lot of you people who don’t have jobs with management/labor agreements don’t understand that it is negotiated and agreed to that refusal of a drug test can and will be considered a”failure” of that drug test. Apparently the NFL has such language in their CBA.

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