Report: Pro Bowl moving to Orlando

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Plagued by poor play and poor attendance, the Pro Bowl has been the subject of a great deal of criticism from those who think the game should be scrapped.

Instead, the game is being moved, according to a report.

The NFL is moving the Pro Bowl to Orlando, according to Bloomberg News, which cites three unnamed sources.

However, the league office tells PFT that no official decision has been made, and there are still other cities in the running. Those cities include longtime host Honolulu and next year’s Super Bowl host, Houston, as well as Sydney, Australia. Honolulu has hosted every Pro Bowl since 1979 with the exception of 2010, when it was in Miami, and 2015, when it was in Arizona. In both of those years the game was played in the same stadium as the Super Bowl.

Orlando’s Citrus Bowl stadium has undergone extensive renovations and is angling to host NFL games, which could include both the Pro Bowl and potentially an occasional home game for either the Jacksonville Jaguars or Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The biggest question facing the NFL is how many players would be willing to play in the Pro Bowl if it’s in Orlando. One of the perks of the Pro Bowl in the past has been the free trip to Hawaii. If that perk goes away, even more star players may decide to stay home.

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  1. Everyone always dogs the probowl. My thought on it is that if you don’t like it, don’t watch. Clearly they aren’t playing the defense that they would in regular games, but that’s because of the violent nature of the sport.

  2. Couldn’t get most of the players to show up for a free trip to Hawaii, what makes the NFL brain trust think they’ll show up in Orlando.

    They might get enough guys to show for a 7 on 7 game!

  3. It won’t make anyone want to watch it on TV. However, for people wanting to take a vacation in late January, it provides a destination with another built-in attraction: Disney World. That would make a nice package for travel agencies: Pro Bowl And Disney tickets.

  4. Scrap it! it sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! and McNair must be someone A-hole buddy he/Houston is in the mix for everything. and yet his team sucks no matter the hype a .41234 winning percentage Loser!!!

  5. It doesn’t matter where they play it, but if they insist on continuing to play it the week before the Super Bowl, the whole point of it is lost.

    Oh, and inform the players that if they weasel out, they won’t be considered Pro Bowlers, and they won’t get paid.

  6. I doubt players will want to play in Orlando.

    That is def a trip the wife and kids will be tagging along for the entire time, whereas a Hawaii trip allows the players to bring their Girlfrind/side chick for a couple days before the Mrs. Shows up

  7. Before last year’s game barely anyone cared about the Pro-Bowl and since last year the Pro-Bowl turned into touch football now even fewer people care, if any.

    Play it the night before the Super Bowl, when everyone is amped for football, and in the same stadium as the SB and maybe the players will care if they embarrass themselves or not. Go back to AFC/NFC and stop mixing players. Put something on the line. I don’t know what but something. Make it a big party perhaps with bands before the game, at halftime, and after the game, or something. Not like SB halftime shows which are pathetic but real bands playing real concerts. Most of all though the players have to actually play hard, and care, or nothing will matter.

  8. Florida has three types of topography: beautiful beaches, swamps that are alligator breeding grounds, and desolate, godforsaken wastelands.

    Orlando has no beaches.

  9. We all know that the Pro Bowl is pointless and boring. Yet, when listing a players bonafides, you still have to mention that they have been to so many pro bowls. It’s a joke. Making the pro bowl nowadays is meaningless. Case in point: Jameis Winston.

  10. Figure out a way to have an interesting fan experience.
    Would a skills competition be of interest?
    How would it work?

  11. All they really need to do is bring back the skills competition. I always enjoyed that more than the actual game. The Pro Bowl will be a thing until the ratings make it obsolete. Till then, just don’t tune in if it’s not to your liking.

  12. Who really wants to watch the 5th alternate players out there in a game where they don’t even try? It’s a joke to call a player a pro-bowler anyway unless they were chosen as a primary. Alternates who play because someone else couldn’t be bothered to go should not be considered a pro-bowler. Winston, Bridgewater, etc. It’s a joke to claim they have a pro-bowl selection.

  13. How about they make it the Rookie Bowl(TM) instead. Showcase players from the previous draft. Get a glimpse of the future.

    NFC vs AFC…..coached by a staff made up of one head coach, the rest assistant coaches from every team in the conference.

  14. How about the Pro Bowl in a circuit like Beijing, then London, then Mexico City, then Berlin, then Cairo (just for Ansah) and start over.

    Then you can move the real games back.

  15. Shut this sorry game down. It will do two things. First take a terrible game off the air. And secondly give me one less time I would have to see Jerry Rice.

  16. There are already 24 unwatchable NFL games played in Florida each year…may as well make it 25. Nice round number.

  17. It’s no longer worth the risk of a player getting a serious injury for a meaningless game. Being elected to the Pro Bowl should be a honorary thing only.

  18. I still don’t understand how a free trip to Hawaii is that enticing to a bunch of guys that routinely drop $20k at a strip club. Many of these guys can fly their families to any vacation destination for what a typical offseason Thursday night would cost.

  19. As long as the Pro Bowl isn’t in Brazil, the game is safe. You thought Zika was bad? Check out the nasty ocean water that’s still unclean.

  20. Now that players are all millionaires they can go to Hawaii whenever they want. They’re probably happy to avoid the travel and just go down to Orlando

  21. They are going to need Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck to play in the game because nobody wanted to go when it was in Hawaii. They certainly won’t want to go now. Good luck.

  22. I got a better one, Costa Rica. The stadium known as Estadio Nacional looks really good in photos compared to the Hula Bowl.

    Plus, can’t beat the weather in January.

  23. .
    It’s been increasingly difficult to get players to participate in the Pro Bowl. The 10 hour flight times from the east coast to Honolulu is a major obstacle. It’s a herculean task to motivate players who have shut it down for the season to spend twenty hours in a plane for a meaningless game. Orlando is 3 hours or less for a good portion of the US population centers .

    Q. When a guy has a pro bowl bonus in his contract and he goes to the game only because 17 other players at his position refused, does he still get the bonus?

  24. Unlike the NBA, NHL, or major league baseball, the nature of the NFL game itself makes a pro football all-star game rather less than exciting. No player wants to get hurt in a meaningless game, so they don’t play all out. Plus, the game comes at the end of the year after all the playoff excitement is over, so no one really cares about it. (Baseball has the perfect all-star game situation, because their game comes in the middle of the season.) The NFL structure just isn’t conducive to a watchable all-star event. Moving the game to Orlando is just putting a bandaid on the situation. The Pro Bowl should simply be eliminated.

  25. They should put the players in Disney character outfits..that would be entertaining.

  26. I like it there better than Hawii. Disney and the NFL, I see that working. We’re all going to Disney World. Of course, I love the area. It would benefit both companies. And any fans who would love to see a game. Any game. We’re out here.

  27. Get rid of the Senior Bowl and Pro Bowl, since they’re played on the same weekend. Instead, have the College All-Americans play the NFL All-Rookie team.

  28. I think the NFL is floating Orlando to leverage Hawaii, perhaps to sweeten it’s deal. I’m not sure how those deals work, but I see it with teams pressuring their training camp communities. Similar. Just another cash cow to milk, the Pro Bowl. It’ll never matter, to the history of the game, so it’s like hyping a preseason game. Just a cheap fix of football that’s recorded in pencil. Soap box retired.

  29. If they want the pro bowl to have a little more attention they should kick off the preseason with it, the same week they have the hall of fame game

  30. Jaguars game there? You, sir, are a moron. Never in history. Now living in Jax, I would definitely make the 2.5 hour drive to that stinking tourist hell one more time to see this!!!


  31. Being born and raised in Florida, like seemingly 20% of NFL rosters, I don’t really see the big appeal of having the game here since it’s just another game. Orlando has way too many other things to do to care about this game.

  32. Fair enough to think that more players will not be interested in attending the Pro Bowl if it isn’t located in Hawaii. However, it seems only justifiable if we check the attendance/viewer’s on TV when it was located in Arizona & Miami a few years ago.

  33. Baseball has the only true all star game. Because of the violence one can understand that the NFL could never replicate the MLB all star game. Hockey is a joke like the NFL. The NBA all star game is hilarious, if nothing else. This year the final score was 197-173.

  34. Please please, no more Irvin. Hold the Pro Bowl in Adak Alaska for all I care but no more Irvin anywhere. He makes me want to upchuck every time I see him. Mr. touchy feely loudmouth.

  35. I grew up watching the Pro Bowl. I believe there is a way to get actual first team Pro Bowlers to show up and care about the outcome. Let the players sell their own “Jersey Billboard” and keep 100%. Then the advertisers can reward stellar performance and screen time. Win-Win

  36. @ mcjon22
    Hopefully the Mrs. in question isn’t Mrs. Brent Grimes.

    And how far is Orlando from Del Boca Vista? Does this mean Morty Seinfeld and Jack Klompus can attend?

    As for the poster who said where people go to die, I saw a t-shirt that said: “Welcome to Florida, also known as God’s waiting room”

  37. have the NFL vs. The sports writers full contact and play defense. I bet the players would love to smash some of these smarmy writers.
    I would watch that game.
    Let the fans vote for the writers.

  38. Yeah, I stopped watching… It’s like watching wrestling for me and that isn’t a good thing. Football is played with passion, passion comes from wanting to win, there is no incentive great enough for these guys to risk their careers.

  39. I live in Orlando and would not make the trip to the Citrus Bowl to see a Pro Bowl game. Obviously I am a big enough NFL fan to be posting on this site. So that should tell them something.

  40. I love the idea of a Rookie Bowl, but you may run into the same problem where the kids won’t play hard in fear of injury killing their burgeoning career.

    How about a Legends Bowl? All players retired at least 3 years. Less at risk, and playing for pride.

  41. As a Bucs fan and Tampa resident I would be pissed if they ever played a game in stinking Orlando and called it a home game.

  42. Actually makes sense. These players are young guys with young families. A kid at the beach can get bored in a hurry. In Orlando, there’s stuff that little kids want to do and see: Harry and Mickey.

  43. @milwaukeeguy

    Are you serious????? Your from a dump of a city and you are calling Orlando icky??????

  44. A useless, boring, unattended game in which you may get injured and end your career. But hey, we’ll give you 5% off of some Mickey Ears…

  45. Quit watching it and it will go away 🙂

    Same thing needs to happen with the NBA All-Star Game…

  46. hawkforlife says:
    May 19, 2016 11:31 PM

    Please please, no more Irvin. Hold the Pro Bowl in Adak Alaska for all I care but no more Irvin anywhere. He makes me want to upchuck every time I see him. Mr. touchy feely loudmouth.
    Irvin uses the reach around/reach over every show… He hasn’t looked as coked out as usual though… I’m very surprised…

  47. Orlando is a trailer park full of low IQ evangelists. Promoters better to be careful not to schedule the game on the same day as a Monster Truck Rally.

  48. Only point of Hawaii was to entice players to go and bring their families. Since basically everybody skips the game that enticement hasn’t been working for year.

  49. They need to totally redo the whole set up.
    Go back to AFC vs NFC like it should placed at week 8/9 of the regular season. Give every team a 2nd bye week, make a week of this event with a skills comp and so on.
    Make the prize for the winning team CASH & decide one of the upcoming Super Bowl’s like if it’s Houston (AFC) or Minneapolis (NFC) hypothetically. I am just spit balling but make it more meaningful like it is in other sports and build back up that conference rivalry.

  50. Hawaii seems like it would be so much more appealing to players and fans… The real loser in this is Marcus Mariota.

  51. I think Hawaii was the only reason players went. Now it’s in Orlando? Guess they’ll have to get to the 8th or 9th player in line to even fill a roster spot.

  52. Bummer, I will be missing my week long vacation to Hawaii and the ProBowl, for those who attend yearly know the week long activities and parties are a great time. Won’t be attending in boring Orlando.

  53. Many foolish comments on this thread. Orlando is a youthfull and vibrant city with great culture and an avid sports fanbase. Before I say anything else, understand that Disney is 45 minutes south of where this game will be played, in a city called Kissimmee. Try actually learning about the city before you bash it.

    The University of Central Florida is the second largest college in the country; and both Valencia College, Berry Law School, Rollins College, and University of South Florida campuses add to the city’s ever growing youthfulness. Retirees go to South Florida, not Orlando, and therefore the demographic is nothing close to what you may assume. Additionally, the fan-base for athletics is large and incredibly loyal; the Orlando Magic and Orlando City Soccer games sell out regularly regardless of success. Choosing Jacksonville over Orlando as a city with an NFL team was foolish (they couldn’t sell out if they won the Superbowl).

    Lastly, less than one mile from where this game will be played is Downtown Orlando, which is a vastly larger metropolitan area than Honolulu. There are more bars, restaurants and nightclubs within a 5 block radius than most cities 3 times as large. Throw in additional activities like International Drive, Universal Studies, and two oceans within a short drive and Orlando has more than enough activities to keep the players and fans happy.

    There is a reason Orlando was chosen, and it’s not because a bunch of retirees slow down down traffic everyday on the drive to disney. This was a great decision by the NFL and will be an even better opportunity for the city to show the rest of the country what it has to offer.

  54. Instead of the Pro Bowl, they should make the worst two teams in the league play for the first pick in the draft.

    Winner gets pick #1.

    Week before the Super Bowl you have the two worst teams battling it out, while the 2 best teams are getting ready for immortality.

    By season’s end, each of those teams has 3 weeks to gameplan to try and win the game.
    Just name people as All-Pro’s, nobody gives a crap about the Pro Bowl anymore.

  55. Seriously just take this broken down beast out back and put it out of its misery.

    * still choose AllPro team and give them a trip to Hawaii
    * forget the worthless game

    Nobody wants to watch the WNBA of football games being played anymore.

  56. First, bring back the skills competition.
    Second, make it NFC vs AFC with a point system.
    Third, add stakes like winning conference gets the “tie breaker” in drafting order of teams with same record.

    Other ideas to add/change:
    Add a Pro/Am flag football game w/celebrities.
    Have either an “all rookies” or “Incoming Rookies game”, can be drafted by the “captains” and will give some additional exposure/potential draft value to rookies so they aren’t entirely evaluated on their game tape and/or one pro-day.

    Probowl weekend schedule:
    Sat: Pro/Am Celebrity game and Linemen Skills competitions.
    Sun Afternoon: Skill Position Skills competitions
    Sunday night: All rookies or Incoming rookies game.

  57. irishgary says:
    May 20, 2016 9:24 AM


    Are you serious????? Your from a dump of a city and you are calling Orlando icky??????

    Here here boys. No fighting on pft. By the way I’m from the north and visit both cities at least once a year, usually the month of March. I love them both.

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