Darrelle Revis parts ways with agents

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Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, who has been represented by agents Neil Schwartz and Jonathan Feinsod throughout a nine-year career that has seen multiple holdouts and more than a few major paydays, has parted ways with them.

The news was first reported, as best we can tell, by Rich Cimini of ESPN.com. Reached for comment on Friday, Schwartz confirmed the move and reiterated the quote that he gave to Cimini: “Jonathan and I wish [Darrelle] the best of luck.”

Per an NFLPA source, the termination occurred roughly two weeks ago. Two weeks before that, Washington signed cornerback Josh Norman to a contract that, in several respects, surpassed the value of the deal Revis signed in 2015 with the Jets.

Both deals cover five years. Norman’s is worth $75 million; the Revis contract has a value of $70.121 million. The injury guarantee for Norman is $50 million. For Revis, it’s $39 million. Also, the three-year payout to Norman ($20 million through year one, $37 million through year two, and $51 million through year three) surpasses the three-year payout to Revis ($16 million, $33 million, and $49 million).

Revis beat Norman on one category only — full guarantee at signing. Revis gets $39 million, and Norman gets $36.5 million.

It’s unknown whether the Norman contract prompted Revis to make the change. It’s also not known who will be hired to replace Schwartz and Feinsod. With a fully-guaranteed salary of $17 million due to Revis in 2016, he doesn’t really need an agent until 2017, at the earliest.

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  1. The way I’m reading this, Revis fired his agents for another player signing a better deal the calendar year *after* Revis signed his deal? Am I off base here? If not then that’s just dumb.

  2. Revis has to be one of if not THE greediest players in recent memory. Seems like every year we see the stories about how he thinks he deserves so much more.

  3. Blaming your agents for your team’s ownership not being as bad with money as Dan Snyder seems like a dead end to me.

  4. His Uncle Sean was the same way…as in Sean Gilbert. Tired of hearing about Revis and his contract. He makes more money in one game then some people make in 10 years. Karma is coming Revis

  5. Revis will make > 15MM in 2017 and < 11MM in 2018 and 2019.
    It depends on how well he plays.
    If he plays like a 12.5MM player, the Jets may want to keep him, figuring it will average out.
    The other thing is even if he's slightly over paid for a a year, it may be worth keeping him because his salary will drop and the team doesn't have that many good players.

    The Jets are an old team, with few young good players.
    (Sheldon Richardson, Leonard Williams, and Calvin Pryor if he continues to improve).

  6. Revis is signed for many years. Doesn’t really need an agent anyways. But I believe he still has to pay him on the full value of the contract regardless, so why not keep him around and use him as his personal concierge?

  7. Maybe Darrelle figures this is his last deal and there is no longer a reason to keep his agents on the payroll… If it’s ego based because of the Norman deal, it’s petty.


    Wouldn’t matter. The agents are guaranteed their cut of the money from whatever contract they negotiate. They’ll get it as long as Revis gets it, unless his new agent can get a renegotiated deal, in which the new guy gets the new money.

  8. @BIGGSHAUN…you win the car!!! Revis is positioning himself and perhaps those agents don’t want to be part of yet another messy contract situation with Revis.

    At some point, his career will end long before theirs does. So it behooves them to consider possible long term relationships as they negotiate with teams for their other clients. Helps them avoid being viewed negatively by GMs.
    Cryptic reply…We wish him luck.

  9. Dude has maxxed out his worth every time his contract’s come up.
    And he has a Superbowl ring.
    Every baller should play his career cards that well.
    More power to him.

  10. Oh sure! NOW you decide to drop your agents ??!!

    Mike Tannenbaum

  11. Probably hire some dumazz rapper who knows didly about the football business. Then there’ll be a throw-down where 8 guys get shot over ‘disrespect’.

  12. What if a player had a hold-out, and nobody cared?

    Revis is on the downward slide

  13. Doesn’t matter how many years his current contract is for. He has a history of demanding a new contract every 2 years regardless of the length, terms or signing bonus of the lasr one

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