Mike Shanahan apparently has given up on coaching again


The headlines that came from former Washington coach Mike Shanahan’s decision to go on the record — in exhaustive detail — regarding the misadventures of the franchise that traded up to get Robert Griffin III raise eyebrows. But there’s one important body-language reaction from Shanahan’s remarks that largely have been missed: A shoulder shrug.

Shanahan’s decision to speak so openly and candidly — and critically — regarding one of his former NFL bosses reflects an acknowledgment that the two-time Super Bowl winners chances of getting another NFL head-coaching job are slim and none. Whatever they were before his comments were published, his prospects are dimmer now, because owners don’t want to have to worry about a former coach putting the organization on blast after walking out the door, voluntarily or otherwise.

It’s clear from Jason Reid’s item at TheUndefeated.com that Shanahan took strong issue with owner Daniel Snyder. While plenty of other owners may not be surprised to learn that the D.C. dysfunction traced to the man who scrawled a signature on the checks, most if not all other owners will be reluctant to embrace a coach who has shown a willingness to share chapter-and-verse details about private team business.

None of this is really new or surprising, beyond Shanahan’s willingness to attach his name to his quotes. It became obvious in December 2013 that things had gone poorly for Shanahan, Griffin, and Snyder when ESPN reported that Shanahan had cleaned out his office a week before the NFC wild-card game that capped Griffin’s rookie season in 2012.

Based on Reid’s article, the gesture apparently didn’t help Shanahan in his effort to ensure that the owner would not undermine the coach. If it’s true that Shanahan was ready to walk before the 2012 season ended, it’s amazing that he didn’t quit roughly a month later, when Griffin (according to Shanahan) aired a variety of grievances and demanded changes to the offense in a manner that caused Shanahan to conclude the messages had originated with Snyder. (Reid’s article doesn’t mention the ESPN report that Shanahan was ready to walk away weeks before that meeting.)

Regardless of what did and didn’t happen prior to and after the drafting of Griffin, Shanahan’s words make it clear that what won’t be happening in the future is the hiring of Shanahan to coach an NFL team. Then again, it’s possible Shanahan already knows that his time in the NFL has ended, and that he’s simply trying to give his son (and former Washington offensive coordinator) Kyle’s slower-than-expected rise to a head-coaching job a boost by absolving him of responsibility for the many things that went wrong in Washington.

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  1. When Shanahan was first hired, it was well documented that he had full personnel control…

    Now that it didn’t work out for him, he wants to blame Snyder because it’s easy and plausible…

    Why even lie about having personnel control in the first place if it wasn’t true? Sorry Shanny, but you have no one to blame for your failure except yourself..Now Shut Up!!!

  2. It makes totally sense now why Shanahan could care less about Griffin’s future during that Seahawks game. Of course you have to blame Griffin for staying in the game, but you also have to blame Shanahan for leaving him in the game. It was painful to watch an obvious injured Griffin on the field when it was clear that he was seriously hurt.

  3. I want Mr Snyder writing checks, that’s it. If some public embarrassment moves him closer to giving a real football man like McCloughan full control, so be it.


  4. Well, if Mike Shanahan writes a book about his experiences with the Redskins and the Raiders, I’ll buy it.

  5. The Rat has always been the epitome of classlessness. This is the same guy who ordered his QB to throw a football at the head of a senior citizen (Al Davis) before a game when he was the OC in Frisco. So none of what he’s doing currently surprises me.

    The good news with Shanarat’s outbursts is that it’ll also probably cost him any remote chance of consideration that he may have had to be inducted into the HOF (not that he deserves it anyway).

  6. Hey its history. I would be willing to bet that the Rg3 saga will be getting plenty of press when he hits the field in Cleveland and then things may get interesting.
    This stuff here is just rehashing what we already knew.

    Snyder meddles to the point of crippling his own franchise.

    Mike is losing his filter and just doesn’t care.

    Rg3 is a spoiled brat and its everybody else’s fault. Just ask him.

  7. Shanarat hasn’t done anything since Elway. He’s an average head coach at best along with being a back-stabbing control freak. One of the rare times I agree with PFT that he has a 0% chance of getting another head coaching job.

  8. All jokes aside Shanny did draft Cousins,Morris,Reed, Just saying that worked out

  9. For the people still saying “we knew this forever because we live in DC,” stop getting manipulated. No reporters in a major media market gets spun like the ones in the DMV area; it just depends on who is spinning them: a player, agent, or the actual team. You usually can spot it pretty quickly when you read any of their stuff which is which. Jeff Fisher and Mike Shanahan coincidentally are best friends and apparently have the best lineup of media friends in the business because nobody gets stories always spun in their favor by more media members than those 2 bozos. If you had a faceless below .500 coach since your HOF QB retired in the 18 years since and on the other hand had a faceless barely .500 coach with 5 playoff appearances in roughly that same time span, would you believe either of these 2 people should still be coaching anyone in the league. Funny thing is that Shanahan Jr. is the same way. He’s lit fire to 3 different places including now with Atlanta and making a QB who despite his shortcomings in Matt Ryan suddenly look like a bottom tier player. At some point, you have to say it’s them, and they have very good PR people to cover this up. At least finally for a change they have a good football man in place in McCloughan. He won’t spin or try to win a news cycle and will rather just do his job and fix that team.

  10. Bitterman.
    Time to realize that the game has passed you by. Walk away graciously Mike, not angry and pathetic.

  11. Now I don’t think Shanahan will stay unemployed, I hear that Trinity Valley Community College is in the market for a new coach.

  12. Shanahan giving up coaching again? Hmmm, kind of ironic, given that most of the time, coaching is giving up on Shanahan. Shanahan has been fired by Dan Reeves, Al Davis, Pat Bowlen and Dan Snyder.

    And yet he’s like that woman on Seinfeld who refused Constanza’s attempts to end the relationship.

  13. The Shannahan bashing never ceases to amaze me. You may not like him personally, but no one can argue his on-field credentials.

    “Never won without Elway”

    Elway never won without Shanny! I’m from Western Colorado and I remember the 80s and all 3 blowout SBs. I remember a lot of fans wanting to lose to Buffalo in the ’89 AFCCG just so we wouldn’t get blown out by the 49ers (that 49ers team was one of the best all time IMO).

    I remember the ’97 Broncos winning the SB, not on Elway’s arm (his stats were similar to Peyton’s in SB 50, look it up), but on Shanny’s run game behind Terrell Davis. The same “system” that made 1400+ yd RBs out of late-round guys like Mike Anderson, Alfred Morris, Olandis Gary, Reuben Dreughns.

    You could say that it was Shannahan who changed how EVERYONE views RBs today (i.e. the lack of 1st round RBs in the Draft).

    And you say he never won without Elway?

    He got the best out Steve Young. Jay Cutler. Brian Griese. Jake Plummer. Robert Griffin. Rex Grossman. That’s a lot of different styles of QBs and offenses.

    He took the Redskins to their 1st playoff season since ’07 and laid the foundation for last year’s team. He drafted Kirk Cousins. Jordan Reed. Trent Williams.

    You may not like “Shannarat”, but Shanny was an awesome coach who definitely left an impact on the NFL.

    How quickly we forget…

  14. They let Dungy in the HOF for some unjustifiable reason so they’ll obviously let just about anybody with a SB win or 2 in. The Rat will probably squeak into what is quickly becomimg the Hall of Pretty Good

  15. maestro1899 ,
    Is that you Kyle? The fact that Elway took that team to the Super Bowl 3 times before he got there speaks to who was responsible for who. Yeah, and he was also the coach who lost to a mediocre Jag team with the #1 seed the year before they won the Super Bowl. So no, I think we have him pegged correctly as his record and player development (especially QBs speak for themselves over the totality of his career. Because he lucked up for 4 years doesn’t change that fact. It would be as absurd as someone saying Mike Martz was a great HC because of 2001 to 2003. The only thing Shanahan did was identify a HOF caliber RB in the 6th round of the draft. The Broncos were winning before he got there and would have continued to with any competent coach after the Elway/Reeves relationship was broken by him drafting Tommy Maddox. The guy had a different DC every year his last 7 or 8 in Denver.

    Oh, and I can’t stress enough that the year before this Griffin trade that he conveniently knew wouldn’t work out, he was trying to trade first round picks for Jay Cutler. He’d already coached him and saw that he was mediocre (or should have), so what was his excuse for that lapse in judgement? With questionable judgement like that, can you trust anything he says?

  16. you know its over when Chip beats you out for the dumpster fire 9ers job.

  17. He was a great coach with Denver!

    All he needed was close to $30M of illegal payments over the salary cap, Vaseline smeared uniforms, and lots of illegal cut/chop blocks designed to maim! Denver is still the dirtiest team in the NFL! Still no legitimate SB wins!

  18. How you rank Shanahan compared to his coaching peers is one thing, but he’s a far better coach than Snyder is an owner or Griffin is a QB.

  19. shanny couldn’t quit florio. he wouldn’t get paid for the out years and the whole last season was a standoff between snyder firing him and shanny quitting…..

  20. And that’s the real story here. He would rather whine in hindsight than stand by his so called principles and resign because he liked that $35 mil that his contract paid out. Anyone trying to defend this is clueless. You can’t go on and on about how you have personnel control in your contract for your whole tenure, and then when it goes sideways, say yeah, not really. Since you had that in your contract, that’s something you could have gone to court and won on. But details, details. Why do that when you have media flunkies to peddle your story and everyone in the DC fan base wants to believe it anyway because it’s Snyder and Griffin on the other end of it. It reminds me of when Al Davis fired Lane Kiffin and Raider fans knew Davis was telling the truth, something that has been proven over the subsequent years, but the media bought into the “Al Davis is a meddler” cliche story line instead of doing their own homework on the subject.

  21. Shanny wasn’t going to just quit and leave all that money on the table.

    You stick it out until they fire you and use the golden parachute.

  22. Still continue to scream that ATL really screwed itself by adding Jr. as its OC. Worst hire since Marion Campbell. The Shanahan’s are why pro football’s good-ole-boy network needs to be blown-up. Coaching, Management and TV Personalities.

    Look for him to be either in the college or pro TV circuit for his “expertise” this fall. God help us, another Charley Cassserly type.

  23. Pretty sure the NFL gave him the message that his career was over when the 49ers hired Chip Kelly after being the only team to interview him followed by the Broncos ignoring his calls regarding his volunteering to use his QB “expertise” for their QB search.

  24. Don’t you all feel better now that you got your personal grievances out? I mean, no one cares about them, but still, release it and vent on.

    Shanahan might be a turd, but Dan Snyder is a founding member and chairman of the Turd Club.

  25. A bunch of us in the stands right behind the Redskins bench yelled at Shanahan to pull Griffin after he was injured in the Seahawks, with the Redskins leading 14-0. We yelled at Shanahan for more than 2 hours, especially when there was no noise in the stadium. There is no way he didn’t hear us.

    We believed then, and now even more, he forfeited a playoff win to satisfy some sick motive. What happened there was one of the most dishonorable events in the history of the NFL.

  26. He needs to get over it and move on. He also needs to get over himself. As someone else pointed out, unless he was on a team loaded with talent and a HoF QB, he’s a marginal coach–at best. The bitterness only makes him come off even worse.

  27. Shannahan took the Broncos already a solid team which had been to the SB multiple time over the top. Post he has been good at getting late drafts at RB and having personality clashes with players particularly QB
    He benched Plummer while 7-4 Mcnabb while 4-4 Rex while 3-2 each time the team responded with losing streaks.
    He destroyed the Redskin defense as well.

  28. I understand the negative comments about Shanny on here…

    But it wasn’t just him in Washington.

    Look up the Redskins record since Synder has owned them.

    Look at how many coaches he’s had…

    How few playoff wins, appearances etc.

    Washington was an amazing team in the 80’s. Synder hasn’t owned them since then, but in his 15ish years, they’ve been poorly run overall.

    Shanny is smart enough to know how what he said would be taken.

    He’s old enough, has enough loot, so he’s off to play with his many grandkids and visit the Bahamas (Baker’s Bay).

  29. That he couldn’t win with Snyder as his owner doesn’t condemn his ability as a coach. It points out Punk Snyder’s incompetence as an owner.

  30. Shanny did denver just fine 2 SB wins back back multiple afc championship appearanceswith nobody qbs build off just decent defense and good running game. It was When he went to Washington in Washington mortgaged their future on RG3 and RG3 was so far off from where he needed to be Then Mike Shanahan had to install the Baylor offense just for it him to have any success. The owner of the team didn’t like it because he could tell It was putting them him danger so the owner naturally pissed in his pants called RG3 in and told RG3 to throw a fit about it because the owner didn’t have the balls to do it. so Shanahan was forced into throwing him into a drop-back passer something RG3 cannot do in the result of him getting injured and Shanahan getting fired plain and simple folks

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