Nearly 75 percent of all draft picks have signed contracts

The 2016 NFL draft concluded three weeks ago. Since then, nearly three of every four picks have been signed to contracts.

Based on NFLPA records through May 18 and four other signings announced since then, 188 of 253 draft picks have agreed to their rookie deals. That’s almost 75 percent.

All fifth-round picks have signed, and 18 of 31 first-rounders are under contract.

It’s a far cry from the way things were under the pre-2011 labor deal, when few if any draft picks signed before Memorial Day — and first-round selections didn’t begin to agree to terms until Independence Day. It also shows that there’s no reason for any rookie to be unsigned before reporting for rookie minicamp and offseason workouts — and every reason for agents to refuse to let their clients step onto the practice field until pen has been put to paper.

7 responses to “Nearly 75 percent of all draft picks have signed contracts

  1. @kcchef58

    Right, because as fans, we should all be worrying about contract holdouts instead of watching football. Oh, and also, rookies who have never played an NFL down should be paid way more than NFL vets.

    Is that you, Drew Rosenhaus?

  2. I don’t see how the rookie scale can’t be seen but anything but a good thing. Having the first overall pick is now more of a blessing than a curse because of the massive contracts needing to be handed out to the top overall pick in the past.

    First round picks should definitely earn more than fourth and fifth round picks, but all drafted players need to show they’re worth increased pay days of their second contract by their first few years of play on the field.

  3. ispeakthetruthraiders says:
    May 21, 2016 1:36 PM
    No need to holdout until they sign the deal.. for what? you just make things up to cause a story.. they have insurance for that Mr. know it all


    Insurence only covers part of the value of a rookie contract. Just ask Jaylon Smith and Myles Jack how much money they lost and they had insurance. It was quite a bit. Insurance does not cover the full value of a contract.

  4. Gotta love a job where they ask you to show up and work, but promise to get around to paying you whenever.

    Florio has a great point. No reason to do it

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