Vernon Adams is a hot commodity in Canada

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Former Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams thinks he’s as good or better than former Cal quarterback Jared Goff. Adams now has something in common with the first overall pick in the draft, sort of.

The Montreal Alouettes have traded their 2017 first-round draft pick to the British Columbia Lions for the rights to Adams. This year, Goff was the subject of a round-one NFL trade in 2016. (I said, “Sort of.”)

The difference is that Goff was the first pick in the NFL draft, but Adams was undrafted by any NFL team, unsigned as a free agent, and 0-2 in a pair of rookie minicamp tryouts.

“I could be like a Warren Moon or Doug Flutie,” Adams recently said. “All I need is a chance. . . . If they can stop looking at my height and give me a chance they’d get a teammate with a lot of energy and a great leader.”

I love the kid’s confidence. But at some point he needs to do more than talk big.

9 responses to “Vernon Adams is a hot commodity in Canada

  1. “I could be like a Warren Moon or Doug Flutie,” Adams recently said.

    Got to love his outlook and confidence….

  2. Looking forward to seeing him play but many talented NCAA QBs have come up to Canada and been humbled like Andre Ware, Troy Smith, Eric Crouch, Major Harris, Akili Smith, Tommie Frazier, Graham Harrell and Tony Rice to name a few.

  3. This is strictly a size issue. Which is a shame. If he was six four he’d be in the NFL right now. I didn’t get to see much of him but in the East-West Shrine game he was far better than any other quarterback. He performed better than any of the Senior Bowl quarterbacks too. There are many quarterbacks that are being given a chance who don’t have his physical talent. This is just another reason you look at talent evaluators and easily understand why so many draft choices miss. They continue to hold onto silly ideas about what does and doesn’t work. There haven’t been many short quarterbacks given a chance in the NFL but two of them won Super Bowls. Compare that to the number of prototypical players that never have.

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