Chargers enjoyed the false reports that they’d draft Ronnie Stanley


In the days leading up to the draft, rumors swirled that the Chargers planned to select Ronnie Stanley with the third overall pick. When the draft came and the Chargers selected Joey Bosa, it raised questions about where all those Stanley reports came from.

The Chargers were curious about that, too.

Chargers officials say they have no idea where the talk that they coveted Stanley came from, but they enjoyed it because they knew Bosa was their guy and liked being able to keep that a secret until draft day.

“Sometimes when you hear rumors, you can piece together where it came from,” Chargers President of Football Operations John Spanos told the team’s website. “In the specific case of the Ronnie Stanley rumor, I have no clue where that came from. So I was really amused, and I didn’t feel a need to set the record straight. I just sat back and enjoyed the false speculation.”

Added General Manager Tom Telesco, “I have no idea where that came from. That came out of nowhere. We didn’t tell anybody anything, so I still don’t know where that came from.”

Bosa himself, sitting in the green room at the draft, had no idea he would go to the Chargers, although the mock draft he looked at had San Diego taking Laremy Tunsil, not Stanley.

“I was holding the phone ready for Laremy Tunsil’s family to stand up and hug each other and kiss,” Bosa said. “Then my phone goes off, and my agents screamed ‘Cameras over here!’ None of the cameras were on me; they were all on Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey.”

The Bosa pick was the one no one saw coming, except those in the Chargers’ draft room.

31 responses to “Chargers enjoyed the false reports that they’d draft Ronnie Stanley

  1. Assuming that they had little interest in trading down, the Chargers had no need for misdirection. As soon as the Rams and Eagles leapfrogged them, it was obvious that the two QBs were going 1-2.

  2. The chargers never draft oline, every one assumed they would beause their line is such a disaster, and now they are laughing at us. I guarantee phillip rivers is not laughing

  3. Basic rule of covert ops: never burn your back channel people. Last thing Chargers would (or should) do is disclose how they misdirected, if that is in fact what they did.

  4. the REAL reports are that this sad franchise will be picking top 3 again next year, jesus, 54 straight seasons of not winning anything..disgraceful

  5. My suspicion for Stanley came from the big time Notre Dame homers in the media (Mike Mayock and Peter King) who always overrate Notre Dame prospects and will float rumors to help them get drafted higher since it makes the school look better. Charger fans knew that Telesco tends to overrate Notre Dame prospects himself (trading up for Te’o and drafting Watt in the 3rd), so it was a minor worry given his history.

    The armchair GMs who thought Tunsil or Stanley should have been the pick never watched the Chargers. The Chargers OL problems were injuries and Center play. Dunlap is talented enough to hold down LT and protect Philip, he just has trouble staying on the field. Telesco just redid his contract with playing time incentives and just paid RT Barksdale a ton of money, so it didn’t make sense to invest highly in a LT who would sit just to be injury depth. Telesco even resigned his swing tackle in Hairston. A lot of money is already invested in OT. The problem was clearly the Center play, but you don’t draft a Center early in round 1. Telesco got his Center of the future in Max Tuerk (3rd) and his likely found his Center of the present in Matt Slauson who signed for cheap. Telesco is pretty good at finding starter caliber talent after the FA period for cheap (Dunlap, Flowers and now Slauson).

    As bad/injured as the OL was last year for SD, DL and stopping the run was even worse (2nd worst in the league). The bigger joke was the Charger’s 2015 DL talent fielding replacement level players who couldn’t beat single blocking or should never have been relied on at NT (Lissemore, Reyes, Mathews). Mebane and Bosa will be a much needed talent/competency infusion and the DL hasn’t had this kind of talent since the days of Igor, Jamal and Castillo, which happens to be the last time the defense was good.

  6. The future may tell us that they should have drafted Stanley. Time will tell.

  7. romosmicrodongs said:”

    Chargers have a boatload of money in the tackle position between fluker, Barksdale, and Dunlap. They were never going OT.”


    That doesn’t mean that they still don’t have a problem at that position. How many more concussions will it take before Dunlap has to retire?

  8. nedhigginssports said:”

    It’s nice and all that Telesco is tooting his own horn but isn’t he the same genius that traded up for Melvin Gordon?”


    Yes, he move up in the draft to draft Gordon. He did the same thing AJ Smith did before, when Smith moved up to draft Ryan Mathews, another running back.

    No matter who is running the Chargers’ draft, they never seem to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.

  9. Whether or not they needed O-line or D-line help, Bosa isn’t the solution.

    Ramsey would’ve been a much better choice but it’s as irrelevant now as the Chargers are.

  10. Oh, I think I know where the rumors came from. It was either “a source,” “an anonymous source,” or “a highly placed source.” One of those, I forget, ask Schefter and Mayock.

  11. I find it interesting is that most Charger fans were in agreement that OL was not what the Chargers should have selected with the third over selection. That became obvious after the Chargers agreed to contracts to a number of players already on the OL. Had these so-called experts even taken a look at the transactions (they are posted right on the Chargers website) they would have guessed correctly that the Chargers weren’t going to draft Tunsil or Stanley.

    This wasn’t about mis-direction, this was about sports writers thinking they know what’s best for teams then expressing their opinions as if they are facts.

  12. I’m sure they enjoyed the attention because there’s hardly ever any reason to mention such an irrelevant team.

  13. At least I’m not a Raiders fan. Having to wait for grandma and grandpa to come visit so you can hear the stories about how they were really good long ago has to suck.

    What is it, something like 15 losing season in a row? Ouch!

  14. I think every team would have enjoyed it. These pundits always claim to have the inside track etc etc and them saying the Bolts were going after OT shows how little they actually know.

  15. As a Giants fan, I’m thrilled that Dallas and Philly both had top-5 picks and landed neither Bosa or Ramsey.

  16. Draft pundits make stuff up then give GMs bad grades for not doing what they predicted they would do. The difference is that GMs lose their jobs for their mistakes, while no one remembers what draft pundits said.

  17. There was ZERO misdirection by the Chargers. This was more about 115 pundits who, according to an analysis by SB Nation, allegedly “knew better” with their mock drafts – and NONE had San Diego picking Bosa at #3. Combined with Tunsil’s dramatic fall after the “bong and the gas mask video” emerged – the Bosa pick shook up the draft board in Chicago as more pundits had the Cowboys or the Jaguars picking Bosa. Time will tell if this was as good as picking Tomlinson or trading for Rivers – or as bad as Ryan Leaf and getting rid of Vincent Jackson, Sproles, Brees, etc. – or just as likely, some place in the middle.

    SD has tens of millions invested in the OL already but were just slammed with freakish injuries in 2014 and 2015 – hence I thought they’d go for defensive help with Buckner or Ramsey. I was surprised with the Bosa pick too.

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