Competition Committee is proposing no net change to what is and isn’t reviewable


After a week in which reports regarding potential changes to replay rules have ping-ponged, PFT has obtained the final answer as to what the Competition Committee will be proposing to NFL ownership.

Ultimately, the universe of reviewable plays isn’t changing.

A spokesperson for Falcons CEO Rich McKay tells PFT that, although the list of reviewable plays will be replaced with a list of non-reviewable plays, the net result will be no increase in reviewable plays.

In other words, the replay process won’t be changing.

That’s a far cry from the impression created by the USA Today article characterizing comments from McKay regarding changes to the replay process. And it suggests that the proposed changes are less about substance and more about form.

Of course, the owners are free to override the proposal of the Competition Committee and implement their own rule change. Hopefully, they’ll consider a more meaningful embrace of technology and a greater commitment to get as many calls right as possible.

12 responses to “Competition Committee is proposing no net change to what is and isn’t reviewable

  1. Is Jeff Fisher still on the competition committee?

    That would explain why they change nothing yet still somehow keep their job every year.

  2. This is as good an opportunity as any to remind everyone that Rich McKay was reinstated as chairman of the Competition Committee a few months after his team was penalized for using artificial crowd noise.

    If you want to know why the Competition Committee cannot and will not address the most pressing and sensible fix for officiating there is, go right ahead and look at the committee members.

  3. How can a group of fairly smart people consistently make ridiculously stupid decisions when it comes to instant replay. It is not hard. 3 fans can meet and fix that entire process in one day.

    How about this: if a reasonable person can wonder if x play: was a catch or not, was a TD or not, was a turnover or not then review it. (What the official calls on the field should not matter–currently, a close play at the goal line is only reviewed if the official actually says it is a TD. If he says no, the coach has to challenge. That is dumb.) Leave the rest as coach challenges. Stop the dog and pony show on the sideline and have an official in the booth upstairs make the call and tell the field referee what the correct call is.

  4. Replay has become a joke. 90% of people watching the game at live speed can tell what the correct call is but the officials with the benefit of video replay can’t. It’s time to clean house and thin the rule book. The national integrity league is almost unwatchable

  5. The good news is there will no longer be an archaic and restrictive list of reviewable plays.
    The bad news is it will be replaced with a new and modern list of non-reviewable plays.
    The NFL would like to thank you for your continued support in this matter as we move forward in our never ending quest to improve the quality of your football experience

  6. “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”.

  7. I’d really like to hear a reasonable explanation from the Competition Committee as to why everything isn’t reviewable, especially pass interference.

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