Group led by Ronnie Lott, Rodney Peete hopes to develop new Oakland stadium


With the Raiders closer and closer to moving to Las Vegas, the effort to keep the team in Oakland isn’t dead. Yet.

According to Phillip Matier and Andrew Ross of the San Francisco Chronicle, former NFL players Ronnie Lott and Rodney Peete are leading a group of investors who hope to develop the 120 acres where the Coliseum is currently situated. (The development would include a new stadium, obviously.)

Lott and Peete reportedly have met in recent weeks with team executives and city officials regarding the proposal.

The group of predominantly African-American investors also includes Egbert Perry, the chairman of the board at Fannie Mae and the CEO of Integral, a real estate and investment firm that ranks among the largest African-American owned businesses in the United States. Per the report, the group presumably would want to purchase a piece of the team, if a stadium deal can be hammered out.

Still, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf didn’t sound optimistic about the situation.

“I will not meet with any developer for this project unless they are brought to me by the Raiders, and I have asked the City Council to do the same,” Schaaf told the Chronicle.

Regardless of how the talks initiate, the clock is ticking on a possible deal to keep the team in Oakland. Although it’s believed that owner Mark Davis would prefer to stay, it can’t happen without an acceptable stadium arrangement. And there simply aren’t an overabundance of options at this point.

50 responses to “Group led by Ronnie Lott, Rodney Peete hopes to develop new Oakland stadium

  1. Would be a great idea and I would be all for it. Sadly the NFL is the ultimate good ole boys league that would rather see the product on the field not at the meeting of 32ish

  2. Do they have any magic wands to wave? Because that is what its going to take to get it done.

  3. In other news, “Former NFL Players to invest in rotting dump of a town that local fans have never sold-out in a single season.”

  4. Alameda County taxpayers are STILL paying for the renovations to the stadium that Al Davis received for FREE in the 1990s. To ask/ demand/ threaten/ extort taxpayers a second time is too much.

    That said, the land around the stadium should have been developed decades ago. It’s just a bunch of empty warehouses. The area could use some good development with a mall, shops, restaurants, bars to revitalize the area like they did with Jack London Square and Lake Merritt.

  5. I thought the quote was something like

    “I will not meet with any developer for this project unless my palm is sufficiently filled with cash.”

  6. They are only $750,000,000 of public money away from Las Vegas. I know hotel tax is the preferred way to extort money from the public in these instances. I’m headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks and I got a good deal on the hotel stay but, the hotel taxes and fees are MORE than the hotel room. Jacking up these already ridiculous taxes is not the best idea.

  7. Sheldon Adelson > pretty much everybody else, besides Buffet, and Gates, a mater of fact

    Adelson also is > any other owner in the NFL

  8. wowww, if there was ever a reason for the Raiders to move asap, this is it.
    by the way the extremely complex Davis family trust was written to make sure no percentage of the team could be sold for any reason, AL is still in control here.

  9. This effort by Lott & friends sounds good but unfortunately I doubt it’ll keep the Raiders in Oakland. That’s because the Floyd Klephart proposal was also fair but Son-of-Al flat-out refused it.

    Son-of-Al — despite pretending that he loves Oakland — has ALWAYS been intent on moving. Furthermore he won’t sell a share of the ownership he inherited (not earned) for the good of the franchise because he’s more-than-likely terrified that this’ll result in his losing controlling ownership.

  10. ctiggs says:
    May 23, 2016 3:39 PM
    Would be a great idea and I would be all for it. Sadly the NFL is the ultimate good ole boys league that would rather see the product on the field not at the meeting of 32ish

    You’re absolutely 100% correct Ctiggs!!!

  11. Fans don’t go to games. Hard sell. Vegas would do well with locals and be a great spot for Raider fans everywhere to plan a trip to see them play.


  13. Get it done Ronnie. Oakland has a bad reputation for being a scary place. Need to change the perception of that city. No responsible people are going to put themselves in harms way to attend a football game. You have to convince people that it’s safe.

  14. diegopackfan says:
    May 23, 2016 5:36 PM

    Does Vegas really want a team that hasn’t made the playoffs for 16 years?

    It isn’t like a good team is going to move there.

  15. Can’t blame Libby – the city has $180MM outstanding in debt on the coliseum renovations from the time they moved back. What a debacle that was.
    Adding even more public money to a “boutique” stadium that will not get any non-football events over Levi’s which is only 20 miles down the freeway would be like flushing tax-payers money down a toilet.
    If the Raiders want to stay in Oakland: get a private loan, sell some stake in the team, or pony up the cash. Otherwise continue the nation-wide tour of looking to fleece the most desperate markets.

  16. I’ve lived here my whole life, and I can tell you that ain’t gonna happen. The only guy who could make shady stuff happen is DeLa whoever, and he’s been booted out.
    Oakland city politics are totally disfunctional.

  17. Yea whatever. Nobody wants Raider trash that’s the problem. Will the new stadium have a tarp on the second deck? Perfect!

  18. I’m over Oakland, know way I’m flying cross country to spend my money in that city nor state.

  19. As suspected, the owner was just blowing smoke in Vegas. If said parties can come up with the money the owner has no choice but to build in oakland.
    He ain’t leaving if a group of reliable people want to build a stadium but they cannot force him to sell a part of the team. His ace in the hole is if thats what they want in return he can tell them to piss off.

  20. its crazy how much raider fans who aren’t from the bay area like to trash the city of oakland. have any of you ever even spent any time here besides the area around the coliseum/airport??

  21. There is no $$$ is Oakland. The A’s still play in the Coliseum and have not committed to building a new ballpark at the Howard Terminal location. Libby Schaaf is an idiot.

    There is no way Mark Davis is going to sell a portion of his team. He can keep 100% of his team can get a brand new palace in Las Vegas. That is what he is going to do. Mark Davis has committed $500 to a new stadium in Las Vegas. Oakland isn’t an NFL city anymore.

  22. Funny that former 49er players are willing to help the raiders. Where’s all the former raider players?
    Ronnie Lott only played 2 years of his 14 year career with the raiders, so he’s a 9er not a raider but a Class Act.

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