Broncos playing it safe with Ware’s back issues

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Outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware is sitting out the start of the Broncos organized team activity (OTA) practices with a back issue, and given his history that’s probably both a smart move and something worth keeping an eye on.

Back issues sidelined Ware twice last season, and he missed a total of five games. The Broncos figure to be counting on their loaded defense as much as they ever have at the start of the 2016 season given their quarterback situation, so having Ware healthy and available will be a priority.

“I would tell you it’s probably more preventative than anything,” Broncos coach Gary Kubiak told reporters Tuesday. “He’s going to be a day-to-day participant. I’m going to have about 10 guys that are going to go every other day. We’ll probably make decisions on DeMarcus day to day based on how he is feeling.”

Ware had 7.5 sacks last season, 4.5 in the first four games before the back flared up. He’ll be 34 this summer, so the idea of limited practices and selected days off may extend into training camp as well.

Ware took a pay cut to stay with the Broncos but is still seen as an important part of what could be the league’s best defense. He recovered well enough last year to have two sacks in the Super Bowl.

15 responses to “Broncos playing it safe with Ware’s back issues

  1. Must be all that international travel he did with Demaryious Thomas after the Super Bowl.

    That was the only time all year that DT didn’t drop the ball.

  2. Go see Peyton’s “wife”. You’ll be fine in no time. It’s what cheaters do.

  3. Grandpa Brady will not like this news. I guess we’ll see more of happy feet Brady we saw in the AFCC game.

  4. The next young millennial who types the word “haters” needs to be banned from the internet.

  5. haterade999 says:
    May 24, 2016 8:35 PM
    Lol haters? Are you 16?


    Coming from the one with it in his name?!?


  6. I weep for the future.

    Gomer used Chinese roids and Ware, etc, tapped into them down the stretch when Gomer took off from the team for 2 weeks, but Goodell doesn’t care.


    Previous admitting to banned substances to your residence?

    4 game suspension.

    All of a sudden Von Miller morphed into Lawrence Taylor and Ware looked like Charles Haley.


    Test them and test them good.

  7. Wait for it. 3, 2, 1 here comes the haters.

    He has a Stanford economics degree, a 16-season Hall of Fame career, his years in private business as a successful automobile dealer (sold multiple dealerships for $80 plus Million) and restaurateur, six years as co-owner and CEO of an Arena Football League team and five seasons as the boss of the Broncos’ football operations. Under Elway, the Broncos own a 65-12 record and five consecutive AFC West titles (including the Tim Tebowmania season). They’ve won six of 10 postseason games and two AFC Conference championships, and Super Bowl 50. The Patriots and the Packers have better regular-season records during that five-year span, but only the Broncos, the Patriots and the Seahawks have been in two Super Bowls. All three were 1-1.

    Under Elway, twenty-one of the Broncos’ 22 starters in the Super Bowl were acquired as draft choices, veteran free agents or undrafted college free agents. Demaryius Thomas was the only holdover (first-round pick in 2011) from the previous regime. Sixteen of the Broncos who played had been drafted by the Broncos. Five other draft picks on the roster were declared inactive for the game. Three others were on the injured reserve list.
    Seven players in the Super Bowl signed with the Broncos as college free agents during the Elway reign. Five unrestricted free agents who joined the Broncos in the past two years started the Super Bowl, and three more starters — Manning, DeMarcus Ware and Ryan Harris — had been released by their previous teams.

    In the last 5 years, no NFL GM has done a better job. You may go now!

  8. All part of the plan. Give Paxton and Trevor first team reps using Sanchez healing as excuse. Give Shane Ray and Shaq Barrett first team reps while Ware rests. Simmons and Parks will get first team reps while Ward and Stewart rest there stubbed toes. And Roby, Webster, and Nixon will see more reps while Harris and Talib rest. Did it last year and it paid off.

  9. Ware is a great player and seems to be a great person also. In a time when guys are being cast aside at his age it’s nice to see this by Kubiak. Always loved 94.

  10. Gee…Pats and Raiders fans talking smack and saying what horrible people the SUPER BOWL 50 CHAMPION BRONCOS players are…will wonders never cease? Maybe your teams will do better next year guys. Until then…enjoy NOT being the CHAMPS!!!

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