Goodell: Standard practice to have dialogue back and forth with NIH


Monday’s release of a Congressional report critical of the NFL for allegedly trying to influence the direction of a National Institutes of Health study about detecting Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy in living brains has led to a variety of responses from the league and its medical advisors.

Commissioner Roger Goodell echoed many of those previous responses during a Tuesday press conference when he was asked about the report.

“I take a much different position to that on several fronts,” Goodell said. “One is our commitment to medical research is well documented. We made a commitment to the NIH. It is normal practice to have discussions back and forth with the NIH. We have several members that are advisors on our committees — Betsy Nagel, Rich Ellenbogen —who have had experience with NIH or worked with NIH. It is very important to continue to have that kind of dialogue through appropriate channels, which our advisors have. That’s a standard practice. We have our commitment of $30 million to the NIH. We’re not pulling that back one bit. We continue to focus on things our advisors believe are important to study. Ultimately it is the NIH’s decision.”

Goodell went on to say that he did not think it was “appropriate” for the report to be released without speaking to those aforementioned medical advisors and took issue with the report referencing Ellenbogen and others as reaching out on behalf of the NFL.

In a follow-up question about NFL players not trusting the league on concussion issues, Goodell said that it was something the league has to do better at and pledged to “continue to find ways to make our game safer.” He also said that the league has to “make sure people understand the facts” about the effects of head trauma, something that’s been difficult given how often the league and outside groups find themselves on opposite sides of the issues raised by research.

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  1. Roger Goodell is a duplicitous, deceitful, pathological liar. He has single handedly done more damage to the shield than anybody. Pure garbage as a person and a commissioner. #Corrupt

  2. Good ell and understanding facts does not compute. The guy is a flat out liar as proven in several federal court cases. A non partisan report told us why NFL withdrew 16 million because they couldn’t control the outcome. If he had his way Exponent would do the study for them to get the results NFL wants.

  3. ““One is our commitment to medical research is well documented.”
    Like in the 90s, when we were funding a medical journal to print articles claiming football didn’t cause concussions.

  4. Sorry Roger, we’re not buying your ‘wolf tickets’.

    The way it works in the Research world, unless your ‘Big Pharma’, is you get what the results are, NOT WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO BE!!!

    So tell your story walkin chump….

  5. So NIH can do what ever they feel is best for the study and the nfl’s $30mil donation until it goes against the leagues interests. Then they’ll rescind their donation and find someone who thinks more like them. Got it

  6. Goodell found it appropriate on “”In fact, one of the game balls was inflated to 10.1 PSI, far below the requirement of 12.5 to 13.5 PSI” – NFL Senior Vice President of Football Operations David Gardi”” This caused confusion for the Patriots during numerous interviews prior to the Super Bowl.
    Goodell found it appropriate for the Colts to have a Guage on their Sidelines to measure the first TB Interception. This is against the NFL rules.
    Yes Goodell, what you say about the NIH is appropriate. (If you believe him, I can sell you a bridge in Brooklyn NY that I bought cheap.)

  7. Oh yeah, starting with a 30 million dollar bribe, to eliminate the top authority in this field. As usual, follow the money to get the real answers.

  8. just wanted to see all the hate toward goodell as if he isn’t just a mouthpiece for the billionare owners

  9. Why do I always feel like Roger is acting exactly like a politician.
    Unfortunately we can’t vote him out of office like the New York
    voters did to his dad.

  10. Goodell is the most disingenuous man in America. The NFL committed millions to the NIH and pulled it when the institute wouldn’t go in the tank for NFL owners.


  11. “Goodell went on to say that he did not think it was “appropriate” for the report to be released without speaking to those aforementioned medical advisors and took issue with the report referencing Ellenbogen and others as reaching out on behalf of the NFL.”

    The commi$$ioner that presided over an attempt to defraud the players of their share of $110M, was proven a liar and threatened with contempt by a federal judge in MN, caught lying about sworn testimony in one of his own published arbitration decisions, moved the goal posts on Brady’s suspension, lied about his meeting with Ray Rice and has yet to find the league’s copy of the video among his many accomplishments doesn’t really hold the high ground on what is “appropriate”

  12. Just reading this after BMX’er Dave Mirra had CTE. Shot himself in the head.

    Apparently 90/94 football brains studied at the Brain Bank had CTE.

    I’m struggling to understand how much more research and funding is needed.

    Shots to the head increases CTE. Football, Hockey, Boxing, Fighting….you are at a heightened risk. Just get the players/parents from the age they start to agree and accept those risks and I’m good. If a player kills someone or is involved in a domestic I’d expect to see them punished more harshly. To me having CTE (going forward) should be like being drunk. It’s your choice.

  13. Only in Goodell’s world view is it normal to have regular dialogue with researchers for an independent study.
    Goodell figures if he can fund the Pash/Wells report, certainly he should be able to be part of the NFL/NIH study, right?
    Except that the NIH said it is unprecedented to have a party engage them in the way that the NFL has. Hmm.

  14. A man this deceitful and two faced can only be angling for Hillary’s VP spot.

  15. “I take a much different position to that on several fronts,” Goodell said. “One is our commitment to medical research is well documented.”…..

    Making a commitment is far different than following through on a commotment.

    Those who still think Brady should take this liar’s penalty are just willfully ignoring facts, science, logic, and reason.

  16. “One is our commitment to medical research is well documented. We made a commitment to the NIH. It is normal practice to have discussions back and forth with the NIH”

    Where exactly is this well documented commitment to medical research? What was the commitment to NIH exactly and where is this normal practice of back and forth demonstrated?

    Roger the dodger….words just roll out with no accountability

  17. By “dialogue” Goodell means to say “lies”. It’s what he does. All the time.

  18. Another fine example of the Billion Aires Boys Club.. He just can’t speak the truth. That’s well documented!

  19. Once Congress starts digging, they’re going to see that this $40 billion business entity they granted an anti-trust exemption to has grown corrupt and money drunk

    Goodell believes the NFL to be above the law and their briefs in recent cases come right out and say that

    He blatantly framed Brady for all to see – though since NFL reporters need access to NFL teams no one says “the emperor wears no clothes”

  20. goodell will end up ruining this great league / sport. he is an ego maniac that is clueless about how to lead.

    At the end of the day it is the owners that made the major mistake of letting this yahoo be in charge with limitless power.

    he is a HUGE problem!

  21. Congress should demand Roger’s phone to see who he talked to about this and what he said privately

    If he won’t give it up he’s guilty

    Goodell also refused to give up his cell phone to FBI Director Mueller during the Ray Rice investigation to see what Roger knew about Rice beating his wife unconscious and when

    Ironically few NFL fans found it questionable that Goodell would refuse to give up his own cellphone but he would convict Brady on the same circumstantial evidence that shows Goodell to be corrupt

  22. When will these owners wake up a get rid of goodell and his cronies. He has no credibility to speak on any issue. Worst commisioner in the history of sports. All those that agree thumbs up!!!

  23. Hey Roger in the scientific community you get a chance to refute research by having a respected investigator publish a dissenting opinion. What are the chances you find someone who can refute accepted science? How about fact?

    I would think by now there is ample reason to fire this moron for cause. Wouldn’t want to see him get $100 million to continue to spend his brand of “integrity”.

  24. Dear Roger,
    You are lying. Everybody KNOWS you are lying. I am rather certain your reputation is beyond salvation. However, if you wish to attempt rehabilitation of your public image, I might suggest some ‘truthiness’. Might not be possible, since you are the false mouthpiece of the NFL owners, a collection of corrupt individuals that would make the Mos Eisley Cantina look like a church choir. But your message now, whatever the topic, is lost in distrust and irreverent dismissal of your every utterance.
    Everybody Who Hears You

  25. The owners have gotten themselves in quite a pickle. It is clear that Roger is not competent hold the job of NFL commissioner. Yes, he is just a mouthpiece for the owners, but these guys are not stupid. Anyone with common sense can see he is damaging the reputation of the NFL. If you owned a business where the manager was ruining your reputation, would you keep him? Neither would I.
    So why do the owners pay a guy $30M a year to tarnish their brand? Simple: It’s hush money. Roger has been around long enough to know where all the bodies are buried, and what skeletons are in the closet. If they fire him from this prime gig and he wanted revenge, he could let flow information that would not only cost billions of dollars, but possible (hopefully) put some of them in jail.
    I am not an expert on criminal negligence, but if the owners were aware of a potentially life-threatening workplace hazard and did not correct the situation or inform players of the risk and get their consent, that would fit my definition.
    At this point, if I found myself sitting in an airplane seat next to me and he told me the plane was safe, I jump out of my seat and run for the exit before they closed the door.
    Goodell is to truth/integrity what child molesters are to children.

  26. I’m shocked so many people are speaking ill of Roger Goodell in this thread, accusing him of being untrustworthy or corrupt.

    Reading all the Brady threads, I was under the impression that Goodell was a hero to the fans of 31 teams.

    Or do you honestly believe Brady is the one time Goodell is being a straight shooter? What are the odds?

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