Jameis Winston is glad to have Roberto Aguayo in Tampa

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Last year, the Buccaneers not surprisingly made a former Florida State quarterback the first overall pick in the draft. This year, the Bucs surprisingly used a second-round pick to acquire kicker Roberto Aguayo.

“It’s special to have another Seminole on the roster,” quarterback Jameis Winston told reporters on Tuesday. “We’ve got a lot of Gators on this roster so I’m glad we’ve got Roberto with me.”

So why is Aguayo such an attractive option?

“Other than he’s automatic, he’s competitive as well,” Winston said. “He’s always having fun out there. He has a different swagger for a kicker. He’s always focused but he likes to have fun doing it.”

This doesn’t change the fact that the Bucs are bring criticized for taking Aguayo so high in the process.

“Opinions are always going to be out there,” Winston said. “I’m just happy to have Roberto on this team. Just like a lot of people had opinions about me when I first came out and first started the season, like Roberto’s going to do, he’s going to shut them up. . . . We came in together at Florida State so we always were close. I always knew he was good because we always used to say that Florida State 2012 class was the best class to ever come through Florida State, so we always stood by that. We always were good buddies.”

Winston’s comments come a day after the man who put that recruiting class together once again said “never say never” about making the leap to the NFL. With team ownership showing increasing impatience with the team’s inability to contend on a regular basis, there may eventually be one more addition to the Tallahassee reunion.

9 responses to “Jameis Winston is glad to have Roberto Aguayo in Tampa

  1. …….SPOILER ALERT:….Tampa is building a solid contender over in the gold coast. While most NFL fans will dismiss the Bucs this year, they’ll will win the close games in 2016 because of Aguayo & win at least 1 playoff game. Can’t wait for the season to start…….

  2. It’s good to have someone who is automatic inside of 40 yards, but it’s also good to have someone that is good from 40+ yards. Going 5-for-10 from 40+ yards last year isn’t going to cut it in the NFL this year.

  3. Jameis’s tune will change when Aguayo misses 40+ yard field goals that cost the Bucs the game …

  4. ^^^The more likely ceiling is that they PLAY one playoff-like game in the regular season while they fight for a wildcard. And that’s not bad. If I had to bet between that or WINNING one actual playoff game, I’d bet on the former. Again, not bad considering they were the worst just two years ago.

    Homers will downvote. Realists will upvote.

  5. Since Tampa wasted a 2nd round pick on this guy there’s this false narrative that they lost a bunch of close games last year. In reality they lost ONE game last year by three or less points, a one point loss to the Redskins. And their kicker in that game was 3/3 on FG and 3/3 on XP. So kicking had nothing to do with their record.

  6. Hey Canetic,

    The Bucs lost the Houston game by 10-points with 3 missed field goals and a missed extra point. Even in Jameis game 4 vs. Carolina when he threw a bunch of picks (his fourth game as a rookie), they would have been in position for a comeback had the kicker not missed 3 multiple field goals.

    Extra Points are now 30+ yards.

    Aguayo is a solid pick in the evolving NFL.

  7. I thought Sabastion Janakowski was a risk when they picked him.
    Look at how he’s done with FGs, TBs, ect.
    I still thin it’s a little high, draft wise………but I get why they did it.

  8. @canetic…

    You have no clue to what you speak.

    Tampa lost a few games because of kicking problems. He77 they fired the rookie kicker later year after just a few games.

    Welcome Roberto Tampa needs you.


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