Maurkice Pouncey “doing everything” in return from broken leg


Steelers center Maurkice Pouncey missed all of last season after breaking his leg in the preseason and coach Mike Tomlin said earlier this offseason that he wasn’t sure if Pouncey would participate in OTAs as a result.

Pouncey’s rehab appears to have gone well because he took every snap with the first-team offense as the Steelers kicked off the final segment of their offseason work on Tuesday. Pouncey said his leg feels 100 percent healthy and he isn’t planning to hold anything back in practices after his long stay on the shelf.

“I’m 26 years old, man,” Pouncey said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I’m doing everything. I don’t need time off. I’m [ticked] off I missed a lot. I’m ready to go.”

Pouncey also confirmed that he required multiple surgeries to repair the leg, adding that he’s “happy to be out here now.” Happy will likely be a fitting description of the Steelers’ mindset if Pouncey remains on the field for the entire 2016 season.

14 responses to “Maurkice Pouncey “doing everything” in return from broken leg

  1. Pounce is the best Center in the game!
    People may say he’s injury prone but if you look at the plays where he’s been injured then you would realize it’s other players falling on his legs and mostly bad luck.

  2. steelers are going to light it up this year, art and kc know what they are doing with personnel, the only real hurdle is mike Tomlin. if he can up his coaching skills, learn to manage a clock and use his timeouts a little more wisely, there will be no stopping this team, defense will be much better this year, you can count on it!!!!!

  3. I wonder if him & his brother still wear the “Free Hernandez” hats?
    Because, you know he is innocent.
    What a pair of morons.

  4. doin everything??? did markice pouncy just admit to steroid use? i cant be certain but it sure sounds like it. the commish should come down hard on this. i think he should be supsended for at least 4 games and have to spend sundays in a cell with his buddy aeron hernandez. plus, hes probally less likly to get injured in jail then on the football field where he tears his acl every darn year.

  5. Multiple surgeries and a broken leg. I’m not worried about the injury prone thing, he gets blind sided because he is at the 2nd level player up field taking on LB’s and safeties. It’s where the good players end up on the field. Unfortunate for the injuries but not prone.

  6. I am a lifetime steelers fan. he has missed too many games & is over rated. Hope he proves me wrong and does miss any more games until he is 36.

  7. And Ken Anderson for the hall of fame?Lets put Trent Dilfer in too ,at least he has won a Super Bowl.You have to be kidding right?

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