Mike McCarthy on Eddie Lacy’s progress: So far, so good

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Packers coach Mike McCarthy ensured that running back Eddie Lacy’s physical condition would be a running storyline this offseason when he said shortly after the team’s playoff loss to the Cardinals that Lacy “cannot play at the weight he did” in 2016.

There were varying reports and responses from the Packers about how much of that weight the team wanted Lacy to lose, but the mandate for the third-year back was a clear one. On Tuesday, McCarthy was asked about how the process has gone.

“So far, so good,” McCarthy said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I don’t know [how much work Lacy has left to do]. Eddie will be fine. I believe he’ll hit the target that we’re looking for when the lights come on.”

One of the ways that Lacy worked to drop weight was by hooking up with P90X founder Tony Horton. Horton told the newspaper that Lacy reached out to him early in the offseason and that he agreed to it despite having “never done anything quite like that before.”

“But I knew I could help him, and I knew what he was struggling from, and I think we both agreed in our meeting that he needed sort of a new perspective and a new approach,” Horton said. “And we got along really great. We just met each other up in San Francisco the week before the Super Bowl. And we said hey, let’s give this thing a try. Come hangout with me in Jackson Hole and then after that stint is done we’ll come back to LA and continue it there. We just got along, you know what I mean? We laughed a lot and we worked hard and we ate clean food and just took care of business, you know?”

Horton said Lacy made dietary changes and started taking supplements for the first time. Should Lacy bounce back with a big 2016 season after that offseason work, Horton will probably be getting more calls from NFL players in offseasons to come.

34 responses to “Mike McCarthy on Eddie Lacy’s progress: So far, so good

  1. I honestly read that as “so fat, so good.” Which would be a great Papa John’s slogan if I can just keep it away from Peyton’s lawymrphrh! Mphrh!

  2. Glad to see Lacy getting better, and getting his focus where it needs to be.

    Being a contract year, I think it made it even easier for him, I hope he still has the Run Power he had previously and hopefully being lighter can make him a little more agile.

  3. Not gonna pick the low-hanging Lacy’s fat cracks from the joke tree. He’s good when he’s in shape and a double threat when paired with Rodgers’ passing attack — the problem is that no professional athlete should have to be told to get in shape.

  4. He’ll continue to bulldoze Viking defenders into the turf, leaving nothing but bits of purple jersey stuck to his cleats. This guy’s gonna stop a mudhole and walk it dry…

  5. Yes, Lacy was fat last year, but that’s not why the Packers lost the title to Minnesota and got embarrassed in Arizona. There defense is simply not playoff caliber. When it matters most, they fail, ala the 60 yard untouched run by 30 year old Larry Fitz last year. And the year before that…the bomb they gave up to the Seattle WR. Classic.

    But oh yeah, Lacy looks good. Whoo hooo!

  6. Phat Eddie will be solid…if he stays on the field. The Packers run game has been nearly equal to the North Division-Winning Vikings in the last three years combined (V:6096, P:5903,) but at a fraction of the cost. Postseason statistics in the same three year period favor the Packers 654-58.

    That’s a bargain, especially if Phat Eddie plays as he should in a contract year.

  7. This development is obviously playing a pivotal role in the nearly universal expectation of the Packers contending once again for a NFL record 14th world championship.

    It truly is better football.

    For better people.

  8. I guess some folks need a little extra motivation to lose weight. And that is where Mike McCarthy’s inspirational leadership comes in. Though I’m not sure how much extra motivation you should need when you’re playing for the best franchise in the history of human sports.

  9. Between Lacy’s dramatic weight loss, and Jordy Nelson’s triumphant return, it’s easy to see why expert NFL prognosticators have the Packers ranked so highly among the handful of legitimate world championship contenders. One of the things I like so much about Green Bay is that they never seem to have a bad year. It’s always a question of just how far will advance in the playoffs.

    It’s better football.

    For better people.

  10. Let’s call him what he is… An adequate running back but just another leach reaping the benefits of Rodgers rapidly deteriorating game. I wish Ted would wake up and put one final push to build a real contender before Rodgers is gone and we return to the NFCN basement. We only have 3 years or so before the window closes since we blew yet another offseason.

  11. “So far, so good,” McCarthy said, via the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “I don’t know [how much work Lacy has left to do]. Eddie will be fine. I believe he’ll hit the target that we’re looking for when the lights come on.”


    How would you know Eddie’s current status without knowing how much further he needs to progress? Just seems like a strange comment to me.

  12. McMuffin is the “Don’t do as I do just do as I say” type of coach.

  13. According to the story, Lacy is somewhere in the 240s (which seems like the high 240s to me or why else would they phrase it like that).

    It sure seems by the tone that interview (which is not represented in full here), that the team is a little bit disappointed in his progress and want to see a lot more, where as Lacy seems happy with it, and this maybe the best we see.

    And how awkward to see hometownzero in a conversation with himself.

  14. Remember that time that Eddie Lacy ran over that viking “defender”, knocking him on his butt and sending his helmet flying? God, that was funny! HA… HAHA… HAHAHA!!! And that’s when all of the viking fans told us that he was fat and out of shape. Imagine what he’ll do to that sad, poorly-coached excuse for a defense now that he’s in shape!

  15. Arealistic, Thompson gave Rodgers a fast TE this year and drafted a legitimate OT so that an injury at that position won’t doom the Packers the way it did last year. The offense has all the pieces to be excellent, and the defense should be better too. The Vikings aren’t the only team with “no excuses” this season.

  16. Yes, Lacy was fat last year, but that’s not why the Packers lost the title to Minnesota and got embarrassed in Arizona.
    I guess if you call going to OT of the 2nd round embarrassing. I don’t. Especially when the folks doing the crowing root for a team that hasn’t won a playoff game this decade.

  17. Arealisticpackerfan, you’re obviously a troll. No self respecting packer (or football) fan would say Rodgers is rapidly declining and only has a couple years left. Ridiculous. Favre had his best season (stat wise) at 40. Brady just won the SB. Yet you think Arod will be washed up at 35? Too funny. And Lacy is just adequate? He was rookie of the year and has more rushing yards and td’s than AP or Bell over the last three years. Yeah, your a packer fan….

  18. Lacy is a helluva running back. Even last year i dont think he was all that bad considering defenses were playing the run more with the lack of deep WR game. A significant change to one part of the game certainly trickles down to other parts of the game. So having Nelson back will likely amplify the benefits of Lacy’s improved conditioning. Likewise, if Lacy really is improved, it’ll help the passing game as well. Both aspects help one another.

  19. That was not the complete quote from McCarthy. I know because I was there. What he said was “So far, so good. Lacy has not broken curfew yet one time to get a late night snack since OTAs started.”

    Of course this is the first day of OTAs so there is that to consider as well.

  20. A quick comparison of two NFC North RB’s, one RB proves to his coach that he is ready to play, the other is predicting a Superbowl win despite the fact that his team last one a single playoff game 7 years ago. One has motivation going into his contract year, the other sucked $18 mil out of his team’s salary cap for next year. One has never been in trouble with the law, the other one is a convicted child abuser.

  21. Lacy doesn’t matter, the Dynamics of the NFC North have completely changed in the last 2 years.
    Minnesota will own the Division for the next 3 or 4 years, just like Green Bay did. Chicago is a team on the Rise and will be the Packers major rival for the 2nd place AND it’s chances for a Wildcard spot.
    The Lions?? What can you say about the Lions except they will never change until change at the very top happens.
    Thompson has missed on the last few Drafts and that is something unusual. In Fact the Packers have fallen out of the NFL’s 10 most talented teams per the NFL Network. Minnesota, Denver, Seattle, Pittsburgh, and Carolina are the other highest ranked teams.
    Sorry if the truth hurts.

  22. If lacy worked as hard as ive been reading this off season i would expect him to be 225 tops. If he is 240 ish then he is a fat slob who doesnt give a ahit about football. I would think a 220 lacy would be in top shape.

  23. f1restarter says:
    May 24, 2016 6:08 PM

    Viking fans are concerned that if Eddie were to lose any more weight, he’d be able to outrun Laquon Treadwell.
    And Larry Fitzgerald?

  24. At least we know these things:

    1. He’s a better QB than teddy bridgewater.
    2. He wouldn’t shank a gimme kick to win a playoff game.
    3. Since he lost the weight he can run faster than the Vikings most recent first rounder (although that isn’t much of an accomplishment–most offensive lineman run faster than Treadwell)
    4. Vikings fans date relatives
    5. Since the inception of the NFC north, the packers have won it more than 50% of the time. Last year was the exception. Not the rule.

  25. filthymcnasty3 says:

    I guess some folks need a little extra motivation to lose weight. And that is where Mike McCarthy’s inspirational leadership comes in.

    Have you looked at Mike McCarthy lately? I don’t see how McCarthy can talk about weight to anyone.

  26. h0metownzero says:

    Between Lacy’s dramatic weight loss…


    Lacy hasn’t even dropped 10% of his body weight. 15 – 20 pounds off a 260+ pound guy is not dramatic.

  27. Its obvious if you read between the lines that Lacy’s “skinny” pics from earlier were misleading and he hasn’t made the progress people expected.

    FUN FACT: In the MODERN ERA, since the merger in 1970, to most when the REAL NFL began:

    Vikings Win PCT = .560%
    Packers Win PCT = .527%
    Bears Win PCT = .505%

    Vikes winning seasons PCT = 61.4%
    Packers winning seasons PCT = 50%
    Bears winning seasons PCT = 38.6%

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