Report: Ryan Mundy suing Schutt for injury suffered from helmet

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Former Chicago Bears safety Ryan Mundy is suing helmet manufacturer Schutt due to a head wound suffered in a 2014 preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks left him with permanent scarring.

According to TMZ, Mundy is alleging that the helmet he used sliced open a five-and-a-half inch gash in his forehead that required 17 stitches to close. The wound has left a permanent scar above his right eye that is visible on a recent instagram photo. The lawsuit claims Mundy has suffered physical and mental pain, and a lessened capacity for the enjoyment of life due to the injury.

After starting all 16 games for the Bears in 2014, Mundy missed all of last season while on injured reserve. For his career, Mundy has appeared in 96 games with the Bears, New York Giants and Pittsburgh Steelers with 30 starts. He’s recorded 310 tackles, six interceptions and two sacks in six seasons.

Mundy is currently an unrestricted free agent.

15 responses to “Report: Ryan Mundy suing Schutt for injury suffered from helmet

  1. The Bears are the most improved team in the division and will probably win it this cuz no way my vikes are up to snuff. My husband beats me cuz I’m fat and ugly.

  2. Hmm. You know, one time I was stupid enough to hit a basketball with a baseball bat. Gave myself 9 stitches above my eye. I’m going to sue Easton bats! They still in business?

  3. I hate the mentality this Country has developed, no matter what happens “It’s NOT MY Fault”.
    That Lawsuit needs to be thrown out, and the result needs to be posted on every type of media, Social network and Television broadcast!
    You are involved in Pro Football, you knew the possibility of injury.
    If it does go forward and he loses, he needs to pay out the A$$ in a counter suit!
    It’s like a Cowboy blaming his Saddle for getting bucked off the horse he is breaking and broke an arm…..
    MAN UP.

  4. This is where we’re at now huh? Not that long ago players wore those as badges of honor :/

    Now a helmet maker is getting sued. 😑 Yikes

  5. “Lost capacity for the enjoyment of life…” Really? You’re a multi-millionaire who got payed to play a GAME that you love and more than likely could retire right now and not work another day in your life, but because you have a cut on your face you just can’t enjoy life anymore? I’m on his side concerning the lawsuit but seriously what a diva. Some of these football players’ egos are wayyyyy too fragile.

  6. Mental pain? Seriously? I doubt that the scar on his dome is not the only one that he has incurred during his playing career.

    Maybe he should sue the player that hit him, causing the evil helmet to slice him open. Gotta be that guy’s fault too.

  7. these clowns and their lawsuits. No wonder everyone supports ownership in CBA disputes…

  8. The Helmet is supposed to protect him, not explode on contact and leave a permanent scar. It is irrelevant how much money he makes. I think he’s right to sue.

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