Super Bowl heads back to Miami in 2020


With stadium renovations underway, Miami is getting another Super Bowl.

The NFL’s owners voted today to award Super Bowl LIV in 2020 to South Florida, which edged out the other finalist for that year’s game, Tampa.

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross has spent significant money to renovate New Miami Stadium, which has previously hosted Super Bowls XXIII, XXIX, XXXIII, XLI and XLIV (under various other names). Miami is a popular destination for the Super Bowl, but the stadium had become dilapidated in recent years and wasn’t up to the standards that the NFL looks for in a Super Bowl venue.

Now the stadium is in the process of major renovations, and the Super Bowl is on the way back. This will be the 11th Super Bowl to be played in the Miami metropolitan area, the most Super Bowls of any host city.

24 responses to “Super Bowl heads back to Miami in 2020

  1. miami is the best place for superbowl anyway. Can’t beat south beach.

  2. This is a significant SB and should be one heck of a party. NFL’s 100th season, SB 54 and the induction of #54 Zach Thomas to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  3. People that think Miami is nice don’t know anything about the place, third world city with nothing but traffic, crime, and “No Ingles”

  4. If you spend 550 million of your own money to renovate a stadium, while everyone else has their hand out, the least they can let you do is host a Super bowl

  5. kayakattack says:
    May 24, 2016 4:24 PM
    The only one I question is Miami. It’s a crappy town, crappy stadium .. there are better options
    I’m sure you’d prefer somewhere in Utah, since you’ve never left and no nothing of Miami, including the stadium.

  6. cards13 says:
    May 24, 2016 5:18 PM
    People that think Miami is nice don’t know anything about the place, third world city with nothing but traffic, crime, and “No Ingles”
    Pretty sure you don’t know much about the city if that is your impression.

  7. Stephen Ross gets a lot of shots fired at him and some for good reasons. But no one seems to give much thought that the man stroked a check for half a billion dollars to upgrade the stadium. Now landing that Super Bowl is big revenue for all of South Florida. Ross could have been selfish and pocket all he has made off that stadium like several other NFL owners who rather pack up and leave their fan base for someone else to build them a new stadium. Good job Mr. Ross

  8. can someone explain why a team like the dolphins who can’t even sell out their stadium on a regular basis deserve another super bowl? while cities like boston, baltimore, chicago have sold out every game for the past decade and don’t even get the opportunity

  9. It’s all about what goes around and outside the stadium for the fans and community, not the home team fan base.
    Plus for decades temperate, warm weather was considered.
    San Francisco, Miami, Tampa, Phoenix, New Orleans, Los Angeles are all much warmer than the northern cities mentioned.
    A Pepsi concert stage on South Beach with a scantily clad Rihann with the ocean behind her would far likely look better, be better attended and make the sponsor look good on TV/print them say at same show with Rihanna fighting 40mph gusts of bitter cold 22° winds with 2-3 inches of wet lake effect snow

  10. The league got away with one at the NY Super Bowl. Could have been a disaster. The Days of the ice bowl are long gone. Super Bowls should be played on grass and outside with only a chance of getting wet and not frostbite.

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