Arian Foster says he “probably” needs another month to be back to where he was

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He’s still not yet 30, but people think he’s washed up. They could be rethinking that position soon.

Free-agent running back Arian Foster, still recovering from a torn Achilles tendon and still looking for a new job after being cut by the Texans, believes he’s getting closer to a return to full strength.

“I probably need another month to get where I am, the person everyone is use to seeing,” Foster told in Houston. “I can definitely play, but I need another month to be where I want to be and be at that Pro Bowl level I can be at.”

Can he get there? Foster’s brother, Abdul, believes Arian can be “probably better.”

Two years ago, Foster was pretty good, with 1,246 yards rushing and an average of 4.8 yards per carry. From 2011 through 2013, Foster had three straight 1,000-yard seasons, with a total of 4,264 rushing yards.

Despite his track record, Foster seems to be concerned that his personality could be an impediment to getting work.

“I am not one of those Captain America, ‘Yes sir, no sir,’ kind of cats, and a lot of that comes across as arrogance. But if anyone has spent any real time with me, they’ll say I’m not arrogant,” Foster said.

Most teams seem to have filled their needs at tailback, but injuries are inevitable. Someone will give Foster a chance, and there’s a decent chance he’ll still be pretty good, if not better.

23 responses to “Arian Foster says he “probably” needs another month to be back to where he was

  1. Injury-prone tendencies+crappy attitude=big contract from the Browns!

  2. This dude is going to want an opportunity to start somewhere and he’ll probably want to only play on a contender.


    He’s injury prone, and as the wind blows he’ll blow out something new or tear something old.

    If healthy, he’s a starter and a stud but who can count on that? Who is going to put his franchise’s hands on one of the most injury prone players in the league?

    Whoever signs him has to sign him as a backup with the option to openly compete for a starting position. But he can’t be your only option.

    He’d be a helluva back up but you can’t expect more from him, not now.

  3. God speed bro but a month in this case to me is 3 or more months.. just saying. .

  4. Put up, or shut up, Homie! Find an incentive laden contract to the best of your ability. Prove it on the field over a full season, including the playoffs. Otherwise, park my car. That’s the mentality you need to have!

  5. If he is even 3/4 of what he was 2 years ago then some team will hit the jackpot with a highly productive player by signing him to a prove it deal. If he could have passed a physical he probably wouldn’t have left Denver unsigned. Miami had him in for a get acquainted visit to get their foot in the door as well. Reputation or not he will have no shortage of teams willing to take a look. They would be fools not too, healthy he is the complete package, rushing, receiving and blocking the guy can ball.

  6. I’m a Foster fan – you just don’t get undrafted RBs that do what he’s been able to do, in spite of the injuries. He’s the real deal – outside of carrying the ball he’s a top receiver out of the backfield and can light a blitzing LB if he needs to.
    If he’s really healthy he’s still a top running back in the league. Someone will take a chance and maybe hit the jackpot.

  7. I’d like to see my Fins sign him to a 1 yr incentive laden contract. Best case, he outperforms Ajayi or compliments him. Worst case, he gets hurt leaving us in the same position we are in now.
    Also, a one-legged Foster is better than Isiah Pead or Daniel Thomas as a 3rd back and it would be interesting to see his production vs Lamar Miller

  8. Strange interview, though.

    Did he really say that in a month he’ll be back to a Pro Bowl performance level, and regardless of what some people say he’s actually a great teammate?

    That sounds pretty defensive…

  9. He needs to stop using his brother as his trainer. He continues to have lower leg injuries yet he doesn’t hire the best and uses his idiot brother as his personal trainer. His loyalty to his family keeps on costing him.

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