Chip Kelly back at it with up-tempo practicing in 49ers OTAs

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The 49ers are getting a crash course in Chip Kelly during OTAs, learning in a hurry about the kind of pace he wants to keep.

According to Matt Maiocco of, the 49ers ran 24 offensive plays during an eight-minute team period today.

That’s an average of one snap every 20 seconds (#math).

If that sounds familiar, it should, as his first days with the Eagles were also about establishing his tempo, which is usually charming in the first days of any regime. Of course, when the results stopped showing his Eagles players quickly got tired of it (and tired).

Tackle Lane Johnson was among the loudest, saying keeping up such a pace from OTAs through the season left players exhausted by the end of the season.

If it works, the 49ers might be able to gain some kind of advantage on offense. But considering their quarterbacks are either Colin Kaepernick or Blaine Gabbert, it could also mean a lot of long days for their defense.

22 responses to “Chip Kelly back at it with up-tempo practicing in 49ers OTAs

  1. Kaepernick has a better career winning %, completion rate, passer rating, rushing average, and playoff record than the QB taken first overall in 2011. Don’t get smug, Carolina.

  2. An NFL coach has to be one of the best jobs on the planet. You can get hired, be paid millions of dollars, fail miserably and then immediately get another job doing the exact same thing for millions more dollars.

  3. The Buccaneers absolutely loved it. It meant more time for Jameis Winston to get on the field and torch the Eagles with 5 TD’s and it should have been 6.

  4. “Tackle Lane Johnson was among the loudest, saying keeping up such a pace from OTAs through the season left players exhausted by the end of the season.”

    I give Chip Nuts 3 years and he’ll get the Ax……

  5. People forget that the Eagles began to decline not b/c of Chip’s offensive philosophy, it was b/c (and Chip helped) the team jettisoned most of it’s talent.

  6. May 25, 2016 6:25 PM – brianyourwordsarehurtful says: Sure, because it worked so well in Philly.

    It worked great in Philly, until he modified his game plan to protect Sam Bradford’s knees. Pairing the HUNH tempo with the read option run game resulted in back to back ten-win seasons.

  7. He should return to the college game where he had more control and better yet success…..

  8. Since the Yorks have controlled the Niners the best thing you can do as a fan is remain cautiously optimistic.

    Chip Kelly, with all his faults and criticisms, will be light years ahead of Jim Tomsula as HC. I do worry that his philosophy of play count vs. time of possession will not be effective against a run heavy NFC West but do know that his winning % dropped after he was given GM duties.

    So long as he stays on the sidelines I see us surprising a lot of the skeptics but still 1-2 years away from playoff contention.

  9. when you don’t have talent, reach for a gimmick.

    Good luck running up tempo against 3 of the best defenses in football in your own division.

    SF looking like a two-win team this year already.

  10. Last year, the Niners sucked and were boring to watch. This year they may still suck, but they will not be as boring to watch. Net win with an off chance of being a better team. Can’t really get much worse than last year.

  11. Its a double edged sword. Sure it tires the opposing defense out more when it works. But if you cant get a drive going all it does is reduce your time of possession and wears out your own defense since they have less time to recover on the sidelines.

  12. Chip’s system does not, and never will, overcome biology.

    There’s a difference between athletes in their teens/early 20s and pro NFL guys in mid-20s to 30s.

  13. Remember the Eagles had 50 dropped passes last year. This stuff would have worked if a team of overgrown babies would have just done their job and caught the ball when, you know, it hits you in the hands.

  14. All the naysayers will have magically short memories if Kelly’s system works in SF. It’s popular to say the offense tires out the team’s own defense, but that’s only if the offense goes 3 and out, and that’s true of any team.

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