Report: Decker absent from OTAs in protest of Fitzpatrick situation

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Jets wide receiver Eric Decker has been absent from the team’s organized team activity (OTA) practices this week, and Brian Costello of the New York Post reported Wednesday night that Decker’s absence is related to the team’s ongoing contract standoff with free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Citing a source, Costello reported that Decker stayed away from the practices because he’s upset with the organization that Fitzpatrick remains unsigned.

The dots there are pretty easy to connect, though there are many reasons players miss OTA practices. With the quarterback market seemingly stagnant, it does seem time that the Jets and Fitzpatrick just do a deal. Whether or not Decker’s reported protest could impact that, we probably won’t ever know. We do know that Decker had a big season with Fitzpatrick throwing to him in 2015, and that Fitzpatrick has said he’d like to get a deal done to return.

These things happen — these absences and these negotiations — and at this point it seems like the Jets and Fitzpatrick will eventually get a deal done. Decker isn’t required to attend OTAs, and the front office obviously has its reasons and its stance in this matter.

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  1. Tying yourself to Fitzpatrick may be a career limiting move. That said, Decker may need all the help he can get now that he doesn’t have a guy like Manning lobbing passes to him.

  2. This is bad for two (or three) reasons for Jets fans.

    1. it shows literally no confidence in the QB you just drafted in his likely primary target.

    2. it shows that there is a rift between what the Jets want to pay Fitzpatrick and what he wants (and Decker thinks he deserves).

    3. Decker isn’t in practice. [arguably the least worrisome]

  3. While I see why the Jets dont want to pay Fitz big money, they have to choose between the next 1-2 seasons or next 3-5. Decker and all the vets want to win now, and they can certainly be a playoff team. However if they have to go through growing pains with Hackenburg or Petty it isnt going to appease the vets, even if the right choice long term. Fitz has some backers on offense, so the Jets have a choice to make. I dont think they are a playoff team without Fitz at QB, I will laugh if Bowles says anything good about Geno as a starter, hes the first guy cut if Fitz come back

  4. The Jets only have $3.15 million left in cap room according to Over the Cap. So I understand Decker being sympathetic to a QB who helped give him a big year, but there’s not that much money left.

  5. The Jets finally shed the circus montra last year and they have an opportunity to have a player that, although isn’t a franchise player, at least isn’t the dirt bag that is Geno Smith. Why is he even still on the team? There are thirty guys in college that are better back ups than him. Just get a deal done. And if Fitz’s agent is an ass, notify him that they will deal with him once he fires his agent and hires another.

  6. I have posted this before, I’m sorry for that, but I’m curious if anyone else may agree……
    I wonder if this show of support ,if that is really what’s going on, for fitz is really because they think he is such a good quarterback or if it’s something else. Like maybe it’s not so much that they think he is a good QB but they want him signed and in place because they don’t wanna go into the season with a really bad “QB” … Geno Smith.

  7. This site is just loaded with trolls. I could care less about the Jets… but calling this a bad thing is pretty naive. You have Decker and Marshall using OTA’s as a point of solidarity and unity towards their qb. I won’t criticize that. You want your teammates to be unified.

  8. IT’s not like Decker is a young DeAndre Hopkins. If I were him I’d be worried about my own future. He doesn’t want to be viewed as a trouble maker.

    I would prefer the Jets go with Geno Smith, and save the money. Fitzpatrick isn’t taking them to the playoffs, and will be gone in 1-2 years.

  9. .

    they should all refuse to show up.

    Fitzpatrick did something no other qb has been able to do in years…

    the jets owner doesn’t care about that all he cares about is profits and there is no problem selling out stadium seats so there is no reason to care about winning…
    all this dude does is let go or trade away ANY dude that becomes worth something.

  10. Since OTAs are not required attendance this means nothing. See if he continues to protest when it starts to hurt his money through fines for holding out. Basically this is an empty gesture.

  11. The clown car has officially left Cleveland and is now making round trips between the Linc & Metlife Stadium.

  12. Agonizing over Ryan Fitzpatrick is a sad commentary on just where the Jets are as a team.
    Fitz will mess the bed this year regardless of what he is paid

  13. stampnhawk says:
    May 25, 2016 10:21 PM
    Tying yourself to Fitzpatrick may be a career limiting move. That said, Decker may need all the help he can get now that he doesn’t have a guy like Manning lobbing passes to him.

    Yeah, Peyton was really tearing it up last year.

  14. Hope the Jets aren’t banking on Hackenberg bc he sucks. I watched alot of Penn State games.

  15. Fitzpatrick has all the leverage here. If he has to, he can sign a lesser deal to be a backup somewhere and hit free agency again next year. Obviously not optimum, but he will have a job. If the jets think they will be ok starting geno, petty, or hackenberg, they are in for a very long year. Fitzy may not be an upper echelon guy, but he runs laps around those 3.

  16. Gotta laugh. Last week Decker was saying the AFC East is wide open if Brady sits. This week he blows off OTA’s. Leadership at its finest.

  17. Man, this set’s a horrible example for the young QB’s Petty and Hackenberg.

    Geno get’s chin checked and everyone stands by and watches then turns a blind eye, so he’s duck soup. The other young QB’s need reps with the vet receivers to get properly acclimated to the pro game and the offense the Jet’s run. Fitz knows the Jets have limited options while the Jets know that Fitz has “no” options because he hasn’t received one phone call.

    Players seldom win in these type of scenario’s.

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