Report: Falcons pass on signing Boykin

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Free agent cornerback Brandon Boykin will remain free for now, ESPN’s Vaughn McClure reported Wednesday.

Boykin worked out for the Falcons earlier this week. A source indicated to McClure that Boykin is healthy and that the Falcons choosing not to sign him is a football decision, not one based on any outside factors.

The Panthers released Boykin earlier this month after signing him in March. He became a free agent after playing last season with the Steelers, who acquired him in a preseason trade with the Eagles.

Boykin, 26, had six of his eight career interceptions in 2013 with the Eagles. He played in all 16 games for the Steelers last season, mostly in nickel packages.

The Falcons will likely stay active in their search for cornerback help. Second-year cornerback Jalen Collins is facing a four-game suspension to start the 2016 season, and the Falcons did not address the position in this year’s draft.

12 responses to “Report: Falcons pass on signing Boykin

  1. Was a good (not great) nickle corner with the Eagles, I wonder what changed so drastically that now he can’t get a job.

  2. I don’t get why this guy can’t even hold a slot CB position down somewhere. Must be something more.

  3. Talent is not an issue but he seems like he is an absolute headcase. Suddenly Chip Kelly is looking like he knew what he was doing when he dumped him. Could be a case where a guy is so toxic to a team that it outweighs his talent.

  4. Hard to question Gettlemens moves. Every year its the little moves he does like this that have helped shape panthers in to world beaters.

    Now we just have to see how getting a 3rd round comp pick works for us. And how 75million for norman does for redskins future. But if past is any indicator of the future I think the redskins should be VERY aware!

    New look, Same attitude! #Theives Ave

  5. I always thought Boykin was an outstanding talent when he was with the Eagles. He had the INT that sealed the win over Dallas at the end of the ’13 regular season and with it that year’s NFC East championship. Then the next year and the year after he started complaining about wanting to play outside instead of manning the slot, which he was outstanding at doing. I always that was more about his upcoming contact than anything else. Kelly then traded him basically because he was tired of his whining. So I think he basically got the label of a malcontent. I’m surprised the Eagles didn’t re-sign him though–Howie drafted him in 2012 and I thought with Kelly gone, they might have given him another look.

  6. Something has to be up. We signed him in March. Then there was the rookie minicamp, with our 3 CB rookies and a whole bunch of bottom-of-the-barrel castoffs competing in shorts. And after that weekend we cut him.

    Either our coaching staff figured out what our rookie CBs’ careers will be from a weekend in shorts (they’d be the first coaching staff in history to be able to do that), or Boykin has done something really dreadful since March that caused us to cut him and other teams to run the other way.


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