The NFL’s Operation Mom is in full gear across the league

It didn’t take a long listen to owners leaving yesterday’s league meeting in Charlotte to realize that a major PR push was in effect, and that someone — cough, Joe Lockhart, cough — seems to have leaned on all NFL personnel to push the “Mom” button as often as possible while talking about player safety.

And we’re already seeing that message spread out from the member clubs.

The Cardinals sent out a press release today advertising a “Football Skills and Education Camp” this weekend at University of Phoenix Stadium. As part of the camp, they’re hosting a “Mom’s Football Safety Clinic” aimed at “mothers of the high school football players participating at the camp.” The Cardinals are also trotting out Dr. Javier Cardenas, a neurologist at Barrow Neurological Institute to speak to the football camp and the mom’s clinic about concussions. It’s not the first such event they’ve held, but it’s hard not to see the timing.

Of course, it’s all a good and noble effort, steps taken in good faith to make sure all those connected with this great and glorious game know how safe it is. And Bills General Manager Doug Whaley decided after a good night’s sleep that he didn’t really mean it yesterday when he said football wasn’t a game meant to be played by humans.

Again, this is the tip of the spear, the beginning of a major public relations effort on the part of the NFL, which isn’t even ashamed to admit it.

In fact, Jets owner Woody Johnson summed up their plan yesterday better than we ever could.

“Things have a way of changing when they go through other people’s mouths,” Johnson said. “We have to do a better job of explaining ourselves — this is what we’re doing, this is our intent and to convince people we’re honest in what we’re trying to do and that we have integrity. . . .

The press try to spin one way or the other. Trying to get the real story out without spin is difficult.”

So obviously, they’re going to take up that challenge on their own. Buckle up, moms, the NFL is coming for you.

17 responses to “The NFL’s Operation Mom is in full gear across the league

  1. And Eli Apple’s MOM hired by ESPN to give the ‘mother’s eye view’ of the NFL!

  2. We need to keep improving safety equipment but there’s no way I’m ever sheltering my kids or telling them they can’t play football.

  3. $5 million on football inflation levels, tries to disrupt NIH study on crippling brain injuries.

  4. NFL really has no need to worry. Football pays for a lot of college educations. Will always be plenty of kids to take advantage of it. And for those that don’t want to play, “the world needs ditch diggers too!” – Judge Smails

  5. “mindelm42 says:
    May 25, 2016 2:52 PM
    And Eli Apple’s MOM hired by ESPN to give the ‘mother’s eye view’ of the NFL!”

    At least that segment will give us all a few minutes to run to the bathroom or kitchen and not have to worry about missing anything.

  6. Yes, What the NFL needs is more owners talking.

    Perhaps a live interview from the Benson family bar-b-que.

    Maybe an interview from the Haslam ethics symposium.

    A few words from the Strunk Estates and Wills conference?

    Perhaps Irsay could shed some light on current issues from the Guyer Institute.

    Sounds like a good plan to me.

  7. Rush Limbaugh pegged all this years ago and predicted there would not be an NFL when the ‘moms’ took over. It cannot be reduced to a pillow fight.

  8. The Woody Johnson quote “Trying to get the real story out without spin is difficult” struck me.

    I would suggest to him that ‘story’ and ‘spin’ can’t be separated any more than subject and object. ‘Telling’ the story is inherently ‘spinning’ the story. Leaving ‘real’ in the mind of the perceiver. I think philosophy disposed of the idea of an ‘objective’ reality about 50 years ago. Funny how the metaphor continues to pervade common thought and language. So it goes.

  9. granadafan says:
    May 25, 2016 4:24 PM
    LOL at using Rush Limbaugh to support one’s “argument”.
    Hey, Rush Limbaugh has plenty of solid arguments! Remember in 2007 when he blamed Democrats for all those reports of an economic decline, said the economy was fine, and urged people to keep their money on the market? Yup, that turned out to be an election year tactic by the liberals!

    Or remember the time he tried to buy a piece of the Rams, and advocated for a new publicly-funded stadium? Remember, die-hard conservatives need publicly-funded stadiums! Spanos, we’re looking at you!

  10. I am not trying to be PC about this but, that might be a stretch…

    When I told my mom I wanted to play, she didn’t discourage me. She told me encouraged me to lift weights and work out at every chance she could, and to refine my technique in order to be the best I could possibly be.

    And yes, she STILL does Mom things like tell me to bring a coat and buckle my seat belt and make sure I always have a good meal.

    I honestly believe with 100% certainty, truly think that it is scrawny men who never played football that are trying to change the game.

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