Associated Press considering changes to All-Pro team

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The Associated Press publishes every January the All-Pro team based on the recently-concluded regular season. And while much of the list is aimed at sparking debate and/or percolating #hottaeks, plenty of players have bonuses, escalators, and/or incentives riding on this honor.

Currently, the AP is exploring (#asexpected) the possibility of “modernizing” the All-Pro team. A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that input has been requested from all AP voters for potential changes to the structure of the roster.

The All-Pro offense consists of one quarterback, two running backs, a fullback, two receivers, a tight end, a center, two guards, and a tackle. (Curiously, the communication from the AP to the voters did not mention the fullback position, which means either that it already has been dumped or that the position was accidentally omitted, which maybe confirms that it should be dumped.)

On defense, the All-Pro team has two defensive ends, two defensive tackles, two outside linebackers, two inside linebackers, two cornerbacks, and two safeties. The roster also has a kicker, a punter, and a kick returner.

Possible additions to the team include a slot receiver, a nickel back, a pass rusher, and a special-teams player. Voters have been invited to provide input and reasoning through the end of June. Put some of your own input and reasoning below, if you want.

Here’s one idea: The Associated Press should ensure that players get votes at only one position. Last year, Khalil Mack won a first-team spot both as a defensive end and as a linebacker. The easy fix would be to publish a ballot that specifies the position played by the players from each team who possibly will get votes.

17 responses to “Associated Press considering changes to All-Pro team

  1. Even with the proposed changes there is no fair way to compare 3-4s with 4-3s.

    All line men in a 3-4 should probably be considered as interior linemen.

    Outside Linebackers and exterior linemen should be considered pass rushers.

    All other linebackers should just be – generic linebackers.

  2. Fullback should be dumped. Just do a 3-4 and a 4-3 front. Add nickle back to the list. Also add a special team guy that’s not kicker/punter/return man like a Steve Tasker

    Guys like Mack, honey badger, Jeremy Lane get their due that way.

  3. Probably shouldn’t add special-teams player to be voted. Kickers/punters and returners are defacto special teams players, and many teams have a few starters (usually defense) who do double-time on special teams.

  4. Mack was dominate at both positions.

    If he plays at a 1st team All-Pro level, he should be recognized as such.

    More “special” tweaks to the rules with the Raiders in mind.

    Been that way since the late, great Al Davis took over and will be that way until the old guard (namely Rooney and Mara, both rabid Raider antagonists) relinqueshes power or the Davis family sells.

    Go Raiders

  5. Stipends are now being accepted from agents that negotiated an All Pro bonus for their clients.

  6. There is an obvious conflict between true outside 4-3 linebackers
    and 3-4 linebackers. Different skills are demanded of the positions.
    Often the 3-4 linebackers get more attention because of the sacks
    that 3-4 linebackers are more apt to get. The NFL has enough money
    to recognize more players at the pro bowl and in effect recognize the
    unique talents offered by players in similar yet different positions.
    I disagree that 3-4 linebackers and ” exterior ” 4-3 linebackers
    should be considered pass rushers. That is not the case in 4-3 defenses. There is more a similarity of required skills in an
    ” interior ” 3-4 linebacker and a true outside 4-3 linebacker. True
    4–3 linebackers are more apt to cover on 3rd down than rush.

  7. I think they should also designate Right Tackle and Left Tackle.

    Right Tackle is a different position and we shouldn’t keep putting 2 Left Tackles on the team.

  8. Except Mack wasn’t as good as Ansah as a DE, hence another Lion hosing. Also, it’s dominant….not dominate.

    Regardless, the sooner they tweak that All-Pro setup and simply kill the useless irrelevant (moreso now since it’ snot in Hawaii) Pro-Bowl, the better.

  9. They should place 4-3 ends, and 3-4 outside linebackers in the same category – pass rushers.

    Likewise, 4-3 defensive tackles, and 3-4 linemen should be in the same category – interior lineman.

    4-3 linebackers should considered the same as 3-4 inside linebackers.

    The only alternative I see would be to select and all-pro team with both a 3-4 and 4-3 front…

  10. You’ll never be able to include all the permutations used today. I think TE and fullback positions need to reconsidered – give one spot to FB/HBAck/Blocking TE and another to the pass catchers.
    But then Gronk may win both.

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