Derrick Morgan: Players aren’t surprised by charge of NFL impropriety

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As the NFL’s “Operation Mom” rolls on, there’s another important demographic they clearly need to spend some time convincing their methods are on the up-and-up.

In the wake of a Congressional report which accused the league of trying to influence government research into CTE, Titans outside linebacker Derrick Morgan said he’s disappointed if what he’s read is true, but not shocked.

“Guys just want to have the knowledge and the information available, and the NFL is supposed to take care of that in the form of research,” Morgan said, via the Tennesseean. “It’s disappointing, but to say it was a surprise, I’d be lying to you.”

That falls in line with the thinking of the players union, which in no way expects the league to be doing the right thing these days.

“We’re the only guys, people that suffer,” Morgan said. “We’re out there laying our bodies on the line, and going through the physical pains of playing football is part of the game. We understand that. We just want to have the knowledge and the information readily available so we can make decisions on our health. . . .

“I think back in February the NFL just admitted the link with CTE and everything. So I think guys, like myself, that hit home and caused me to start doing my own research and trying to find out on my own. We just want the NFL to be responsible and handle their end of the bargain.”

Complaints like those are going to be common among players, and it’s going to be difficult to convince them the league’s being trustworthy, as the relationship between management and labor seems to be getting more contentious with each passing issue.

4 responses to “Derrick Morgan: Players aren’t surprised by charge of NFL impropriety

  1. they won’t be able to build any trust until the regime at 345 Park Avenue is replaced.

    I’m not saying the union office isn’t part of the problem, but there isn’t much that comes out of the league office that is straight up and without spin.

    That is the starting point. Period.

  2. Anyone who follows the NFL should not be surprised. We love this game but the people who run this league are some of the shadiest crooks on the planet.

  3. The players might not be surprised, but there are a few million Patriots haters that are flabbergasted at the thought of that pillar of integrity at 345 Park Ave doing anything inappropriate. They can read, in print, the NFL Commish completely lying in his appeal decision. His description of Brady’s testimony, in comparison to the transcripts, that the NFL wanted sealed, do not match up. One could call that a lie..

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