Jeremy Langford wants to be the leader of the Bears backfield

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Running back Jeremy Langford had more than 800 yards of total offense in 2015 and joined Gale Sayers and Walter Payton as the only Bears rookies since 1960 to run for touchdowns in four straight games.

Langford did that work as a complement to Matt Forte in the Bears backfield, but Forte has moved on to the Jets as a free agent. That leaves an opening at the top of the running back depth chart in Chicago and it’s one that Langford says he wants to fill by applying some of what he learned during his year with the veteran back.

“Even last year, I think I prepared a lot, you know, just in case,” Langford said, via “Playing running back, you never know what can happen. So I prepared a lot to know the whole offense and be the starter if I have to. But this year, it’s really just trying to become more of a leader at the position, being a running back in Chicago. Being more of a leader and really just not being that secondary guy. Acting like more of a veteran and know the whole offense. I learned a lot from Forte, being the guy he was, so you ain’t got to be a hoo-rah guy all the time. Being a young player, it’s just being in the right place at the right time and doing what you got to do. Really helping younger guys coming in, or even the guys following you, being a leader by example.”

The Bears have talked about using a committee of backs from a group including Langford, Ka’Deem Carey, Jacquizz Rodgers and rookie Jordan Howard. Langford says he’s fine with that, calling competition “always a good thing” as he prepares to do whatever he can to win it.

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  1. You cannot expect successful results if you are shuffling four, five backs in-and-out of the game.

    Two to three back maximum with defined roles has been a better system.

    How can any of the five backs get any momentum when they are constantly being yanked after a carry or two?

  2. He’s a talented player with a bright future but his pass catching and blocking are not up to snuff. It sounds like he’s been working hard on his hands, so that’s a start. Personally, as a pure RB I think Jordan Howard will wind up being the best on the team if he can stay healthy, and he was a flat-out steal for Pace where he got him.

    People like to pooh-pooh RB by committee but Fox knows what he’s doing and has won a lot of games with that approach. Forte was a very good player, but the Bears will get more rushing yardage this season by committee than they ever got from Forte in his best year. As well as, better YPC and more rushing TDs. Book it.

  3. “chalkruz1989 says:
    May 26, 2016 9:06 AM
    You cannot expect successful results if you are shuffling four, five backs in-and-out of the game.”

    Every team goes into training camp with at least 4 running backs. No team would suit up 4 for the season. 3 max.

  4. Remember that time he tore Notre Dame a new one?

    Jeremy Langford is underrated.

  5. Alshon hasn’t been the most durable WR, White is an unknown quantity after a rookie season wiped out through injury, Wilson has shown promise but never given extended looks and Royal was a total disappointment after all the hype around his prior work with Cutler.

    Add in that Bennett is now out of town and this offense needs some guaranteed consistency for Chicago to be competitive.

    Forte’s shoes are big ones to fill but someone should get a stab at it rather than a carousel of backs.

  6. Well you know Jeremy I kinda wanted to be the Leader, I prepared last year also you know just in case and I am kind of a “hoo-rah” type of guy

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