Jimmy Graham jogging, catching passes at Seahawks OTAs

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Seattle Seahawks tight end Jimmy Graham saw his 2015 season come to an abrupt end when he suffered a torn patellar tendon in a game last November against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

While general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll have been fairly optimistic that Graham would be ready in time for the start of the regular season, they were able to see another encouraging sign for themselves on Thursday. Graham was on the practice fields during OTAs on Thursday and managed to catch some passes from quarterbacks Russell Wilson, Trevone Boykin and Jake Heaps while jogging around during early workouts.

While it’s far from being ready from the rigors of the football season, it’s a good sign that Graham will be ready before games start in September.

“We’re thinking that that’s real possibility, yeah,” Carroll said. “That’s kind of what we are thinking. We have to avoid setbacks, obviously. But we are kind of counting on it.”

Carroll said that running back Thomas Rawls is farther along in the recovery process than Graham is at this point, but both players are progressing well from their surgeries late last season. Rawls suffered a broken ankle last December against the Baltimore Ravens.

“Those guys are both making really good progress.” Carroll said. “Thomas is running and Jimmy is back to running on the field the last couple of days, which is great. He’s made terrific progress. Both of their attitudes are really good. They are really positive about making it.”

9 responses to “Jimmy Graham jogging, catching passes at Seahawks OTAs

  1. I know the guy has no history dominating the TE position or anything, but maybe they should incorporate him in the offense a little better than they did last year while he was healthy – he might surprise you.

  2. The defense has led the League in scoring defense for 4 straight years.

    Now the offense–with a healthy Graham, Rawls, league-leading Wilson, league-leading Baldwin, Kearse, Lockett, and Prosise out of the backfield on 3rd down–is going to be outstanding, too.

    Yeah, the offensive line is going to have to prove itself but they can keep Nick Vannett in as an extra blocker if they need to. It’s going to be a very good year.

  3. I’m not sure what Wilson was leading the league in, but it definitely wasn’t total passing yards, completion percentage, or TDs. It’s cute that Graham is running around these days, so Russell can ignore him for another 10-14 games (Graham rarely plays a full season). Seriously, Russell should throw him the ball more. Not sure how Pete didn’t rip his head off for that last year, especially with all those losses.

  4. Seahawks are the best, deepest team in football. Don’t believe it? Go try to put money on them in Vegas: they’re the odds on favorites to win it all. Fact.

  5. As long as we have Bevell as our Offensive Coordinator we will keep force feeding the ball to Graham when he isn’t open or short dump offs. He did it with Harvin, and lynch and Rice…The guy truly believes just get the ball in the playmakers hands early and they will do the rest….That works to an extent, but we need to develop some more complex route schemes putting graham over the middle against safeties and LBs where he is the mismatch. The last two games Graham played including the one he got hurt, they started doing that and Graham really started making an impact on the field. Hopefully this trade turns out to be a positive one and we can utilize Graham so he can do what he does best.

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