Ray Rice addresses Ravens rookies


The Ravens had an interesting speaker in Wednesday to address the team’s rookies as part of an ongoing series of speeches and seminars.

Ray Rice.

The Ravens released Rice in 2014 after video surfaced of Rice punching his then-fiancee. He was suspended indefinitely by the NFL when the video surfaced; he’d previously been facing a two-game suspension for violating the league’s personal conduct policy.

Rice has been out of the NFL since.

The team’s statement on Rice speaking to the rookies, released via the team’s Twitter account on Thursday afternoon, said: “Our 27 sessions to our rookies through our player engagement program review and teach life management and life lessons. Rice, who played for the Ravens from 2008-2014, delivered an important message that included his story, both the good and the bad. He clearly had the attention of our rookies.”

The NFL eliminated the Rookie Symposium this year, instead opting for individual team programs and seminars like the one that brought Rice back into the Ravens’ building this week. The goal remains to deliver messages that might keep at-risk players out of bad situations and reinforce that being an NFL player is a privilege, and that’s why the Ravens took the rather bold step of inviting Rice back into their building.

36 responses to “Ray Rice addresses Ravens rookies

  1. $5,000 says that the media will go apoplectic about the NFL and the Ravens “allowing” Rice to speak to the rookies. “how dare they….” and “boycott the NFL and the Ravens b/c they associate with women beaters”, etc are the kind of rhetoric the media will spew.

    Meanwhile the same media has been openly lobbying the NFL to give Rice a second chance. This is why the media is SOOOOOO hated. They try to have it both ways and no one calls them on it b/c they’re all enabling each other.

    Rice should be banned forever. leave the NFL and its franchises alone. The media needs to go play with their NFLPA buddy De Smith and all the NFLPA lawyers b/c that’s whose side the media is on.

  2. They get busted for cheating, again, and then they let that guy talk to the rookies?

    Vacate both Super Bowl wins, then move them back to Cleveland.

  3. Subjects discussed included how to identify and avoid surveillance cameras and the proper technique for dragging someone by their hair. I’m sure it was very informative.

  4. The other 31 teams ought to bring him in to talk to their rookies, too.

  5. If I were him, I would spend 2 minutes on the dangers of casinos and alcohol, and 58 on how Goodell is a snake in human form.

  6. and as a steelers fan, do as what Big Ben does “on” the field, don’t follow what he does “off” the field

  7. At this stage, Ray’s career in pads is long gone. However, he can still contribute in a positive way by participating in sessions like this. Good job Ray and on the Ravens for letting him speak. Ray crapped the bed himself, but he was Goodell’s fall guy after the PR nightmare of the young 2014 season. He didn’t have the talent of Peterson or Hardy.

  8. bishopslappytruelove says:
    May 26, 2016 5:18 PM
    Subjects discussed included how to identify and avoid surveillance cameras and the proper technique for dragging someone by their hair. I’m sure it was very informative.

    Tomorrow’s informative speaker will be Ray Lewis.
    Among the subjects to be discussed will be finding the right cleaner…er cleaners…for your white suits.
    They were going to have the HC hold a rules symposium but are currently scrambling to find a guest speaker, no one in the organization seems to be qualified

  9. Things that really make you laugh out loud. But not in a funny way.

    Ray to the rookies:

    Rule #1: Don’t EVER get caught on video. It can really mess up your NFL career.

  10. Let’s be honest here. It’s not like he was accused of being generally aware of a “scheme” to play with footballs below 12.5 psi, which may not have actually happened due to scientific principals. But who cares?

    In all seriousness, good for him. He seems like a decent guy outside of one monumentally bad decision. I generally favor a path to redemption for just about everyone.

  11. People seem to forget one very important point. Rice was horrible his final year playing. He averaged barely over 3 yards a carry, and had little burst through holes and in and out of cuts. He’s not in the NFL because he wasn’t very good. It has nothing to do with the legal case. Greg Hardy got another chance, Mike Vick, Ben Rapelisberger, and others, because they could still play. Even Josh Gordon might come back. But Rice wasn’t any good anymore. That’s why he’s not playing anymore. The NFL is about production and money, and the truth is that most owners do not care about your off-field issues unless it effects the money.

  12. He and the Ravens probably told them that as long as it’s not on video nothing will happen to you.

  13. Ray really only needs to talk to a certain group of the rookies, not all of them.

  14. Ray was a bad dude, think he’s paid the price now. If not, wife should have left him, so let her be the judge.

    Meanwhile, Brady should st fu and take his earned lumps for being caught cheating. Robert Krapft didnt fight his team fines, and knows the guilt. Move on Tom.


  15. Yeah, heaven forbid he talk to the rookies and tell them that nothing is certain and to mind their behavior at all times. They all know who he is and what happened, so they know not to take their careers for granted. I think this was good for them. But you egg heads only want to hate them for anything you can think of.

  16. Chris Carter had his FallGuy speech…

    Now Ray Rice has his FallGirl story

    What’s Next ? Coach Sandusky?

  17. Grandpa Brady can’t relate to 20 year olds anymore. What’s he going to advise them on? How to deal with bladder problems? AARP membership? The age gap between Brady and these rookies is just too big.

  18. If the NFL/Ravens wanted one particular person to try and scare rookies into staying on the straight and narrow, I’d say they hit a homerun.

  19. Rice just made the point that if a player wants a statue in Bmore, just beating a woman isn’t enough. More is required to get the Baltimore fans to worship you like they do the murderer.

  20. ariani1985 says:
    May 26, 2016 5:15 PM
    Better him than Tham Brady!
    So true, supposedly deflate footballs (zero evidence) is monumentally more grievous than Beating a defenseless Women.

  21. I get it, that we all like to poke fun at other team’s situations. And there are some funny posts on here.
    But to those that might be serious about their negative remarks, Ray Rice is the kind of guy teams should bring in to talk to the rookies. He was a star that crashed and burned hard, even though he has (and still does) do a lot of positive things for the community. It only goes to show how one negative can erase a ton of positive.

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