Blake Bortles working to “grow together” with Julius Thomas

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For the second straight season, the Jaguars made a splash in free agency by signing a player away from the Broncos.

They’ll be hoping for a smoother start from defensive tackle Malik Jackson than they got from tight end Julius Thomas. Thomas broke a bone in his hand in the preseason, missed the first four games of the regular season and went on to average under 10 yards a reception while catching five touchdown passes.

Thomas averaged 11.8 yards per catch and scored 24 touchdowns in his final two seasons with the Broncos and the Jags would like to see something more in that arena in Thomas’ second season in Jacksonville. Quarterback Blake Bortles said that he and Thomas have been working to develop the kind of chemistry that leads to a spike in production.

“We had a chance this offseason to sit down multiple times, watch film and talk about things,” Bortles said, via “Talk about what he wanted from me and what I wanted from him and how we can quickly get on the same page to grow together. He’s been unbelievable. He’s obviously a freak athlete and he’s continued to prove that and make plays.”

A major statistical leap may not be in Thomas’ future. With Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns at receiver, the Jaguars don’t need to force the ball in anyone’s direction to move it in the air. There’s also a hope that the ground game and defense will improve enough to keep the team from throwing the ball quite as often as they did in 2015.

If he can be more productive around the end zone, though, that will likely be enough to make his second year with the team a more successful one.

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  1. @mongo: There are 32 teams in the league that would be delighted to have Blake Bortles on their roster.. and he’d start for 20 of them.

  2. Jacksonville Fla LOL In, from the bottom of my heart , sincerely fell bad for any person that perceived any part of Florida as nice. It’s like funny stupid. Especially Jacksonville. LMAO Jacksonville is the start of the swamp lands.

  3. I agree with jagsfanugh…..Marquis Lee, if he can stay healthy, is going to have a breakout year.
    If they can stay healthy, the Jags have the Allens, Thomas, Yeldon, Ivory, Rashad, Lee, Lewis….etc. If they can improve by even 10 spots on defense, they should be a .500 team in the very least.

  4. Fact – Bortles not trash, and I wish we had him on Denver (even though I really like Paxton Lynch)

    Fact – Julius Thomas is softer than single ply TP, and I would bet a lot of money on him not finishing that contract in Jacksonville – maybe if he reduces it willingly, but even then its a stretch.

  5. Bortles only thing holding the Jags back from being a playoff team.
    Hopefully he steps it up this year. Bortles has a ton of potential if he plays well Jags can be a dominant team

  6. Do you watch football? Bortles is the only thing holding the Jags back? Did you really say that?

    Let’s see. Pass rush, pass rush, pass rush, safety play, LB coverage, head Coach (I like Gus, I’d put him before Bortles), kicker, left tackle, just off the top of my head. All things holding Jags back more than Bortles.

  7. The Jags overpaid for a receiving TE who failed to produce in his one area of “expertise” – his blocking is poor and he got paid. The Jags paid JT for past production. Enjoy.

  8. So Blake Bortles is planning on hanging out in the training room ice tub all year?!

  9. coloradical420 says:
    May 27, 2016 3:59 PM
    He’s a basketball player- soft as butt tissue. The Broncos improved by subtraction when Jax signed his overrated ass.

    17 54
    1st drive of the game against the Colts in the playoffs, he catches one down the sideline and goes out of bounds at the five to avoid contact with a safety. Not duck your head and get in the end zone, but run out of bounds at the five. That was all John Elway had to see to know the kids got no heart. Whether you like it or not he’s “drug store cotton soft”

  10. Mongo…you sir ….are a moron.
    Bottles and the entire team is on the rise. Let the season play out. That will tell if the jags still sick or not. As for you.. a zebra can’t change its stripes.

  11. If that team has any sort of improvement on defense and stays relatively healthy on offense they can contend for that weak AFCS division. They were really close to being good last year.

  12. Well, it’s obvious that the Jaguars are becoming more popular when the comment section of their articles have more trolls than usual. It must be sad and lonely living underneath those bridges.

    Unfortunately us fans will have to continue to deal with it until they start winning more games. Then we can move our way up to the post-season-record-spewing and/or super-bowl-ring-counting trolls. That’s when you know your team has become successful.

  13. mongo3401 makes less money than Bortles and is not a starting qb in the nfl…ergo, mongo3401 sucks…probably lives in the armpit of the universe, downtown Oakland…

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