Jets take their Fitzpatrick case to the media

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With the lingering standoff involving the Jets and free-agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick now spreading to other key members of the offense currently under contract, the Jets have begun to take their case public.

Specifically, the Jets have made their standing offer to Fitzpatrick known to multiple media outlets: A three-year deal that would pay Fitzpatrick $12 million in 2016.

Curiously (or not), the Jets aren’t leaking the details as to the second and third seasons of the offer. A league source with knowledge of the talks told PFT weeks ago that the problem isn’t the compensation in the first year but the pay to Fitzpatrick in the next two.

Indeed, the fact that the Jets are leaking only the $12 million total compensation for 2016 (which presumably includes a signing bonus spread over all three years) suggests that the last two years of the package don’t mesh with the team’s agenda of coming off as reasonable in the stalled negotiations.

The compensation for the final two years directly impacts the quality of the proposals. If, for example, the Jets are offering three years and $36 million, that’s $12 million per year. But if the $12 million offer for the first year is part of, for example, a three-year, $24 million deal, the pending offer suddenly doesn’t look so good.

Instead of attempting to apply pressure to Fitzpatrick by leaking details that make the Jets seem reasonable, the Jets and Fitzpatrick should get together in a room, shut the door, lock it from the outside, and stay put until they find an acceptable middle ground. Both sides should be willing to yield as to their current positions, since each side needs the other. And both sides need to get this deal done, sooner than later.

63 responses to “Jets take their Fitzpatrick case to the media

  1. Fitz is not that good–Geno needs a chance to work–Fitz has made his money–he’s no more than a stop-gap journeyman. Jets are managed poorly.

  2. Make it a year $12 mill deal. Problem solved.

    Fitz will bomb this year as he usually does after he gets paid and the team can move on from him next year.

    It doesn’t hurt that the Jets schedule is significantly harder this year so a repeat of last year is unlikely.

  3. It would seem to be better if they got together in a room, shut the door, and locked it from the inside.
    But that’s just me.

  4. As a Pats fan I am happy for the Jets incompetence. If I was a Jets fan, Fitzpatrick is the best option until they find their long term QB.

  5. Fact – Fitz had a higher pass completion percentage on 3rd downs (the money down) last season than Drew Brees.
    Fact – Fitz is just seeking to be paid what Nick Foles is getting paid. (A QB who performed infinitely worse than Fitz did last season).
    Fact – Fitz delivered big time last season in showing leadership and steering the Jets to a better than expected #wins after Geno Smith’s lockeroom altercation left the team in trouble.
    Maybe he deserves to be paid closer to the market rate (and he isn’t after ridiculous money). BTW – good luck trying to win 10 games with Geno and or Petty.

  6. The Jets have never been known to have a strong front office and of course it begins with the owner whois personally responsible for hiring the ineptness. That said, I expect them to pay Fitzpatrick closer to market value of show their “stripes” by overpaying someone else.

  7. Serious question…can’t they just pay him under the table the way the Broncos did with Elway and Davis when they won their two super bowls? They got caught and had to lose two top draft picks but they still got to keep their two SBs, even if they are forever tainted. Jets should follow Denver’s system.

  8. Fitz had the best QB Season the Jets have ever had, isn’t that correct? If the deal doesn’t allow for him to make big money after another year where he improves on last season’s numbers, then I think he shouldn’t sign.

    Perhaps a 12 M first year fully guaranteed with options to pick up by start of next season for 16-18M for years two and three? If he doesn’t sustain his performance, he goes away. If he does, he deserves that bonus.

    He gets to say it is a 3 YR 48M contract, when it really is just a 12M contract and prove it year.

  9. 24 million? I’ll take that deal!!! Now I’ve got to learn how to pass a little better ….

  10. I love the Amish Pistol as much as anyone, but he’s a journeyman who had a career year at age 33. Paying him $12 million through age 36 seems like… well, seems like the sort of thing the Browns did with Josh McCown.

    How did THAT work out?

  11. The Jets are a train wreck – they can’t even sign a mediocre QB to mediocre QB money. Maybe they’ll win with Smith/Hackenberg/Petty, but most likely they’ll be the same old crappy Jets.

    Time to get a real GM Maccagnan isn’t the real deal – he wasn’t even any good in Houston. I’m not sure more than a half dozen players that were drafted when he was head of scouting are still on that team.

  12. Seriously? Give me just a measly million a year and I’ll gladly play QB for any team!

  13. Dude completely choked at buffalo at the end of the season with playoffs on the line. All on him. Great season stat wise and definitely benefited from having great offensive weapons and a great defense. But he is a poor mans Jeff Garcia. And he should take what’s being offered and have an even better season this year and earn his contract. Or sit out like a narcissistic hipster wussy

  14. If he doesn’t take this deal, let him walk. They will have a tough schedule anyway, so use this year to see what Petty and the kid from Penn State has, they already know Geno is a loser, so that problem is already cleared up.

  15. FFS pay the man his money.. hes better then over 1/2 the QBs in the league and by far the best on their roster.. get it done and move on

  16. I’m not saying he is or isn’t worth it, but the going rate for a starter is over 15 million on the low end and 21+ on the high end.
    Two problems exist………first being (and they are obvious and I’m sure have been pointed out before), There is nobody bidding for Fitz’s services to drive up any potential offer.
    The second being, do the Jets really want to be stuck with Geno next season?
    The two seem to be made for each other.
    Just split the difference down the middle and move on, I am tired of reading about this, as I am sure everyone else is.

  17. Hate Fitz if you want …stats show he had the highest QB rating and the most yards AND the most TD’s in JETS history. Yea why pay him!!?! Wait too long and you’ll be the Broncos in September…LOL!
    Lost Brock who was 5 wins and 2 losses as a starter over $2 mill….
    Pay Fitz or suffer having a rook from Penn St.
    As a season ticket holder for AZ…I’ve seen enough of bad QBs to tell you PAY THE MAN!

  18. I’ve never seen so many articles about such a bad/ scrub player. No one cares about about Fitzpatrick, the Jets are gonna be horrible with or without him

  19. Fitzpatrick is better than that. I hope he sticks to his guns. Geno Smith can’t do it.

  20. i hope fitz plays. but i’m ok with giving geno another try. that’s what i was hoping for before he got hurt

  21. They need each other equally. The locked door method should definitely be applied here.

  22. Woody Johnson thinks he wins in these pizzing contests. The man has no learning curve. Having the power doesn’t mean much if you don’t know how to exercise that power. Trying to shame players in the media is just insulting, it is not often effective.

    Fitzpatrick is smart enough, and strong willed enough, to exercise his own power of no.

  23. “I did a damn good job with The Jets but they didn’t resign me.”

  24. When exactly have the Jets not used the media to persuade/threaten/bully Fitzpatrick during this process? The only change now is that they aren’t using their players to (unconvincingly) do the bargaining for them.

  25. If I were Fitzmagic, I’d tell the Jets to go pound sand. Without him under center, they’re a 6-10 team. That said, with him they’re 8-8 or 9-7ish…. so it’s not like they’re going anywhere anytime soon anyway. Maybe that’s their goal?

  26. Fitz should be thankful for this offer. He should realize the JETS only need him for one or two years at best. Nobody will even come close to that offer. His most recent performance has put him in this position but it’s commonly known that it’s most likely non sustainable.

  27. In fairness to the Jets, they can’t offer contracts that will survive the team’s existence anyway.

  28. geez. Get it done. 1 yr deal 15 million, 2 yr deal 25 million, 3 yr deal 30 million. The longer the deal, the cheaper the price but more security for Fitz. The Jets win by renting Fitz for 1 – 2 years while they get their “qbs of the future ready” Hahahah. No reallly. If the Jets don’t want to play, Fitz be ready to take a backup job and extend your career or retire. I really think this could be done at a 2 year deal for 26 million with 18 guaranteed.

  29. *No sarcasm* Gailey & Fitz are meant for each other. Together, they meshed very well with Marshall and Decker and were on the cusp of a playoff berth. I don’t know why the Jets would want to mess with that.

    -A Bills fan

  30. Leaks & partial data – did Park Ave infect the Jets’ office or vice versa? Either way, it’s no way to treat a decent QB.

  31. this will backfire.

    being classless and pressuring him through negotiations publicly is beyond unprofesional.

    typical jets.

    if they had drafted resonably well and budgeted appropriately, this would not be necessary.

    the arrogance.

    very broncosesque.

  32. Pay him 12 million per year, 3 years, guarantee, 15 million, and pay him another $500,000.00 per win as an incentive.

    If he is old and sucks he gets 15 million end of story.

    If he plays well in the season 10-6 = $5 million

    Playoffs 3 wins = 1.5 million

    12 + 5 + 1.5 = 18.5

    or something like that.

    What am I missing?

  33. 1. The Jets had a very easy schedule in 2015, and failed to make the playoffs. “Fitzmagic” lost both games to Buffalo, including an especially bad one on the last day of the season, with multiple picks.

    2. The Jets face a much harder schedule in 2o16 (Seahawks, Cardinals, Steelers, Bengals)

    3. The Jets lost some good players

    4. When looking at Fitzpatricks “great stats” try watching game tape. See how much Brandon Marshall helped.
    Imagine me (I’m not a pro-athlete) on an NBA court tossing up a rainbow to my team mate LeBron James who out jumps the next guy, turns around and fires it in. I get an assist. Fitz’s performance wasn’t so amazing.

    The Jets have no possibility of making the playoffs.

    What do the Jets gain by overpaying him? Going 8-8 instead of 7-9? Who cares?

    Don’t pay Fitz, let him walk. Use that money fro Sheldon Richardson.

  34. my take as a patriots fan:

    the article was not about whether the jets should pay fitz

    the article was bout how the jets are trying to use the media to lead their case

    now stand back and look at what they are doing

    floating a headline, $13 million, three years

    and they are seeing if the fans read deeper

    its the same as 11 out of 12 footballs being 2 psig too low

    yeh, a deflategate thing, but that is truly not the issue

    its the nfl owner playing with the fans and using false information to gain favor

    you shou,d be pissed they think they can get away with it


  35. The Jets have employed a very strange tactic by going public and trying to win a salary battle in the media. It makes me think that one party is about to walk away.

  36. Where were all these Fitz supporters last year? I remember the Jets were supposed to be the worst team in the league with Fitzpatrick according to some commenters.

    He is not even worth 12 million in 2016, he isn’t getting low balled and he doesn’t deserve anything more than a low ball in my head. Fitzpatrick ranked 25/32 out of all the quarterbacks last year and he has been playing 10+ years, Brock Osweiler has been in the league for a small amount of time and saw his first start last year and ranked 24/32 and his deal was bloated due to potential. That’s the thing Bradford, Osweiler, and Daniels all hold the potential no matter if you like them or not and Fitz doesn’t hold any potential as a 34 year old QB who has been on several teams as a back up throughout his career. Fitzpatrick ranked close to dead last in almost every single QB statistic in 2015 except for passing yards and TD’s if that doesn’t point out that he is a product of the Jets offense then I don’t know what to tell you.

    The Jets would be better off using that money for Wilkerson and once they go 30m under the cap in 2017 and roll some money over into 2018 to sign Calvin Pryor if he keeps improving.

    Idzik’s cap management forced Mac to spend in 2015 and Rex’s lack of player development leaves them without any home grown talent. This is not Mac or Bowles fault but Woody’s for hiring both Idzik and Rex I would bet that Bowles and Maccagnan will be immune for this year due to the schedule and past regimes mistakes.

  37. Fitz wants to be paid like a franchise QB. He is nowhere near a franchise QB. He is a 1 or 2 year fill in. He has absolutely no leverage. I would much rather play Geno, and see what he can do with talent around him. No one is expecting much this year anyway. Worst case scenario, Geno continues to not be very good, and we move on. Best case scenario, he plays well, and our QB troubles are over. We also save 12 million.

  38. Could you imagine the media if a starting quarterback for a division rival was injured and they signed Fitzpatrick, and he went on to stomp the Jets twice on his new team while they fumble around with Geno Smith?

  39. Woody decides to juice the offer by adding a million boxes of baby powder that suddenly became available. Plus a white Just End The Season Jets, Jets, Jets cap, but Fitz has to promise to wear it with suits.

  40. @therealbillybuffalo

    Actually, the circus left NY a few years ago and shuffled off to Buffalo. Now the Ryan brothers together again will be the most entertaining show in the NFL. Unfortunately its only going to last until the first week in January when they both clear out their offices after a 6-10 season.

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