Most NFL teams play near a casino

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Amid talk that the Raiders could move to Las Vegas, some around the NFL are concerned about playing in America’s gambling capital. But gambling is so pervasive around America today that most NFL teams play near a casino.

That’s the word from the American Gaming Association, which points out that 80 percent of NFL teams play within a one-hour drive of a casino.

The Rams’ new stadium in Los Angeles is being built right next door to the Hollywood Park Casino, which will make the Rams one of six teams (along with the Steelers, Ravens, Lions, Browns and Saints) that play less than a mile from a casino. Another 13 stadiums are between one and 20 miles from a casino, and seven stadiums are 20 to 40 miles from a casino.

Only six teams — the Cowboys, Texans, Falcons, Panthers, Jaguars and Titans — play more than 40 miles from a casino.

The reality is that if playing near a casino is a problem for the NFL, then the NFL already has a problem. Moving one team to Las Vegas won’t change that.

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  1. Nobody goes to Las Vegas to do anything but gamble. That doesn’t mean it’s the same for every other city. Nobody makes a trip to Cleveland to watch the Browns play in order to go gamble. Apples and oranges.

  2. This article is missing the seemingly obvious point that none of those other casinos have a sportsbook in them like Vegas casinos do. I mean, that seems like a pretty easy one to figure out.

  3. Do those casinos have sports books? It’s my understanding that only Nevada, Delaware, Oregon, allow sports wagering. I do think the NFL will allow a team in Las Vegas at some point if it looks financially feasible. I think the league would prefer that Oakland build a new stadium for the Raiders.

  4. If your definition of “casino” is a bit loose (like “anywhere there is legal gambling that’s not just horse or dog racing”), there is one in Jacksonville just a few miles from the stadium. Bets Bets is a local card room that also offers simulcasting of racing around the country. The company is now petitioning the state and the county to add slots. And they have a secondary location in a dog track in the next county, also minutes away from Everbank Field.

    In addition to the gambling ships mentioned by jibo811.

  5. I doubt most of those casinos have sports books like Vegas does? That said, if hypocrite Goodell is so adamant about games in London where there is sports betting than no reason to oppose a team in Vegas.

  6. This study missed the point –

    How many teams play near casino’s that allow betting on football games like they can in Vegas? Yes, 80% of the teams are near casino’s – but for example the casino’s near us do not offer betting on games – just cards, video and slot games.

    Thpough I don’t have a problem with them putting a team in Vegas, just stating this study is foolish.

  7. Nevada however is the state that allows NFL gambling. I believe that the Browns should be allowed to be wagered each week in any state since they are not really even an NFL team. (Rim Shot!)

  8. I think the issue that is being overlooked is that most, if not all of those casinos do not have legalized sports books. Simplifying to just casinos reduces the nuance of the conversation. Personally I see no issue with it, but the active sports book aspect of the argument is overlooked.

  9. All those teams operating so close to sin!

    Whatever, every single person in the NFL is a legal adult who can legally gamble in the US. A team in LAS wouldn’t make a hill of difference, I’m sure the NFL is just angling for some sort of additional payout from the Nevada taxpayers. Tell me you can’t see them saying they need some additional fee from the the city/state to set up monitoring or some garbage.

    I’m getting so sick of the NFL greediness. They put out a great product, but I’ll only continue viewing what I can for free from them.

  10. I would think the big problem the NFL has with a Vegas team is that there is legalized betting on NFL games there. This has nothing to do with casinos. The argument, as others have written here, is a sham. Players and officials can be just as easily be influenced by gambling no matter where games are being played. The arguments are silly and if Las Vegas were a top ten tv market, there is no doubt in anyone’s mind that there would be a team there because all the owners really care about is money.

  11. You have to wonder if the team’s psychologist is on par with the scouts at this point.

    Selecting players isn’t only about metrics, it’s becoming more apparent that “character” before turning pro is your litmus test.

    You can be surrounded by vices in any profession, but your character and ability to “handle” becomes a vital commodity for any NFL team.

    Looking at what Reggie and the Raiders have built with their young and talented corps, not worried.

    It’s not like JR is still on the staff!

  12. If anything the NFL should embrace Las Vegas. Nevada is the only state that has a well staffed, and funded gaming commission that regulates all gambling in it

  13. the legalized book may mostly be las vegas, but that shouldn’t have anything to do with a team there. its possible to make a bet on any team from anywhere. this may have been a concern 30 years ago, but the biggest concern should be who is buying the tickets for the las vegas stadium, if a team moves there. I would imagine most of the tickets will be bought at corporate or casino level. do you want a situation where 20000 sold seats are empty on game day. dollars are still good, but empty seats don’t look good either.

  14. one of the reasons given (on PFT) for not having a team in vegas was that players might generate large gambling debts that would make them more likely to take money in exchange for throwing games

    sportsbook not necessary

  15. Just curios… many teams play near a casino that has a sports book that offers action on NFL games?

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