Rex-Rob Ryan scoffs at suggestion of nepotism


That rollocking interview in which it became clear that Rex-Rob Ryan has taken charge in Buffalo included an effort by Rob Ryan to address the notion that he got a job with the Bills due to the fact that he’s the twin brother of the head coach.

“I heard this one the other day: Well, it’s nepotism. Nepotism?” Ryan told Jenny Vrentas of “I’ve been in this league 20 years. I have coordinated the last 12 years in a row.”

Yes, and Ryan has been fired multiple times over the last 12 years, most recently after presiding over historically bad defenses in Dallas. So of course it’s nepotism; does anyone think Rex would have hired Rob for a position that didn’t previously exist in Buffalo (assistant head coach/defense) but for the fact that their once shared a womb?

It was Rob’s effort to dismiss the notion of nepotism that caused him to launch into the questionable rant that someone else was running the defense and that Rob Ryan went entirely against his nature and kept his mouth shut while it was happening. Why not just admit that the brotherly relationship helped create the level of trust that Rex craves as he goes “all in” to try to save his job with a playoff berth?

Even if Rob Ryan somehow would have been hired but for his relationship with Rex, the Ryan twin reunion already is showing signs of the kind of symbiosis that will accentuate already strong personalities. Putting them together will only make each of them more combustible, prompting both guys to take the kind of risks they wouldn’t take if they were operating on their own.

The mere fact that Rex-Rob opted to react to a bad month in Buffalo by granting a “press record and get out of the way” interview shows that their blended personalities will result in behavior that is more bombastic, more combative, more fraught with risk.

Which will make the 2016 season in Buffalo even more compelling — especially if the situation begins to fall apart and Rex-Rob opt to try to get things under control by being even more bombastic, even more combative, and taking even more risks.

In other words, get your popcorn ready. And keep it out of Rex-Rob’s reach.

29 responses to “Rex-Rob Ryan scoffs at suggestion of nepotism

  1. Apparently that one interview yielded month’s worth of stories about these two.

  2. Right, because teams are clamouring to hire a guy who, in twelve years of coaching in the NFL, has been on a winning team once and had a bottom half defence ten times out of those twelve years (in points scored against – nine times in bottom half in yards given up).

    Rob Ryan can’t coach. That’s been proven over and over again. And Rex is a terrible HC – 54 and 58 record.

    And this season will be like all the others. They will fail. And everyone will think they’ve finally been served some humble pie but they will rise again and natter on about how great they are or how great they are going to be. Rinse and repeat.

  3. “their blended personalities will result in behavior that is more bombastic, more combative …”

    Can we just start calling the pair, “Coach Trump”?

  4. He actually did a pretty good job in Dallas that last year considering the garbage he had for players. His firing was a direct result of the horrible 3 and out offense constantly putting an injury decimated defense in must win situations. Garrett should have been gone but everyone knows he’s Jerrys boy.

  5. These two buffoons are perfect for Buffalo, where the people relish “the Super Bowl years” when they lost 4 Super Bowls in a row.

    It’s a match made in heaven.

  6. Ryan won’t win anything in Buffalo. Hes not that good of a HC. He is very entertaining, and hes a big name, and hes outspoken. Thats why Pegula hired him. To get attention. Not to win. Got the Bills fans excited when he was hired. Its going to end the same way every season for almost 20 years ends there, no success.

  7. Nepotists always deny it. In truth, nepotism is rife in the NFL and, with a few exceptions, girs hand in hand with mediocrity.

  8. I’m sure Dennis Thurman, the “official” DC, is thrilled by all this… At least we know who will be sacrificed when things start to go south, because no way will it be the fault of the Ryans, who are so good at accountability…
    Year after year the Ryans trash-talk in the off-season that they will do this and do that, how did it turn out so far? Do you hear Belichick talk like that? Then again the Ryans are no Belichick.
    Talk is cheap.

  9. As a Bills fan, I think the Browns are further ahead..
    What does that tell you?

  10. One brother hires the other but there is no nepotism? Too funny. Maybe some should explain what nepotism means to them and watch them go,


  11. It’s only fitting that these two clowns go down with the ship together. The only thing they both are good at is not accepting blame. Gotta feel sorry for Bills fans, I’d actually rather be a Browns fan as at least they have already hit rock bottom.

  12. So, I was thinking about setting aside a few months to travel to the Middle East and maybe even write a book. Looks like this fall might be the time to do that.

    Oh, the life of a Bills fan.

  13. Each of these guys has claimed to be “the best coach” or “a great coach” within the last year. They are twins in delusion.

  14. Yes, and Ryan has been fired multiple times over the last 12 years, most recently after presiding over historically bad defenses in Dallas.

    Uh, his most recent historically bad defense was in NOLA. He didn’t even survive the season

  15. They better hope it doesn’t end this year like it did for them in AZ when their father hired them on the same staff the last time they worked together.

  16. After a few minutes, someone explained to Ryan what “nepotism” meant. He paused briefly and said, “Oh.”

  17. Rob Ryan has 2 rings with the Patsies and Rex got his with the Ravens 2000… Not too shabby… They are entertaining though 🙂

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