Rob Ryan: I did a damn good job with Saints and got fired for it

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Rob Ryan was relieved of his duties as the Saints’ defensive coordinator during the 2015 season while the team was on its way to finishing 32nd in the league in points allowed and 31st in yards allowed.

That performance came on the heels of a 2014 campaign that ended with the same ranking in yardage and a 28th-overall finish in points, but it probably comes as little surprise to learn that neither of those performances did much to temper Ryan’s confidence in his coaching ability.

Rob joined twin brother and Bills head coach Rex for an interview with Jenny Vrentas of that fits right in with what we’ve come to expect from the Ryans over the years. When asked about why the two brothers have joined forces, Rob managed to promise wins over Bill Belichick and declare his work in New Orleans a success in a short period of time.

“For me, and I’ll speak for myself on this, I have an extra hunger,” Rob Ryan said. “I have always been a guy who is going to work my tail off, and I think I have always advanced the head coach’s plan. But at the end of the day, the last two years in New Orleans were a waste of time for me. I want to give everything I have to a team that I want to be a part of, with a head coach I want to be a part of. Not only is Rex a great head coach, but he is also a great defensive coach. He’s going to be the best coach that I can work for, anytime. And I have worked for Belichick, who is the best head coach in football, in the history of the game. But we’re going to beat him, and we’re going to beat him together. And it’s going to be an awesome challenge. I need to be in a multiple system. I was hired to be in a multiple system in New Orleans, and I did a damn good job and got fired for it. I am more hungry now than I have ever been. So I wanted to go with the right guy. And the right guy is someone I have 100 percent trust in and 100 percent faith in.”

Rob Ryan’s defense of his time with the Saints centers on a 2014 move to make the defense more like the one the Seahawks have been running in recent years. He said signing safety Jairus Byrd “ruined us” and that all teams running a variation of the Seattle defense have been “s—ty” while his biggest mistake was sitting on his hands and letting it happen.

Rex Ryan has said similar things in defense of the Bills’ defensive performance in 2015 and promises a return to his full scheme in 2016 with his brother by his side. Based on this interview, it’s certainly a return/continuation of the full-throated style that will make the Ryans easy targets should the improvement fail to come.

127 responses to “Rob Ryan: I did a damn good job with Saints and got fired for it

  1. Just think, if Ryan had been on the Patriots staff he’d be doing a good job cheating and getting caught cheating and suspended but NOT fired.

  2. “I am more hungry now than I have ever been.”

    Some jokes just write themselves…

  3. “For me, and I’ll speak for myself on this, I have an extra hunger,” Rob Ryan said.

    Oh, that’ll be different.

    Buffalo, SMH.

  4. This guy should have taken over as head coach. People forget this guy was set up for failure. The league rewards players like Tom Brady who should have 0 rings.

  5. “For me, and I’ll speak for myself on this, I have an extra hunger,” Rob Ryan said.

    We’ve noticed.

  6. I have seen no evidence that Rob Ryan even understands where he is much higher less what he’s doing. Where has he gone and actually improved a defense? Unless he and Rex manage something special up there he will not get another DC position in the NFL.

  7. “Wrecks” is all in this year. He is out to show the world that the Ryan family are the best coaches in the nfl. It’s going to be their final year in the nfl and it’s going to be a absolute and utter disaster. The only people that aren’t going to be totally sad when he is gone are the fans of the team he is coaching. They are going to push for the day begets fired tone declared a holiday

  8. We were the worst defense my two years there as head of the defense, and I did a damn good job. What a tool bag.

  9. It will be fun to watch Plato and Aristotle run the Bills into the ground. Bummer for the rubes in Buffalo, though. They really have no reason to keep living.

  10. I look forward to the inevitable mid season meltdown, this time in glorious Ryan-Stereophonic.

  11. You did an awful job, just like your brother is doing an awful job. The only 2 decent yrs for rex was his first 2 with the jets with a team that someone else built. He took over a bills team that finally had a winning season, they had a #4 ranked defense………..and he drove that defense into nothing and now had to waste most draft picks on defensive players and couldnt bulk up the offense. I hope the bills only win 3 games this yr so no one ever hires these two losers ever again.

  12. Rob Ryan: The Donald Trump of the NFL. If something I did sucks, it’s not my fault. And nothing I do ever sucks. These bros just need to shut up and go away – and take Trump with them.

  13. “For me, and I’ll speak for myself on this, I have an extra hunger,”

    ” I am more hungry now than I have ever been.”

    You can’t parodize the Ryans because they’re better at doing it to themselves. I guess the takeaway is that after presiding over the historically worst defense in NFL history, it wasn’t his fault. Got it. Enjoy the Buffalo winter. It may be a little cooled than NOLA.

  14. Yeah Rob that first year you did a damn good job and we very much appreciated it. Now the three years after that, well you were historically bad. The D set records, which is not a great thing, in receiving TD’s in a season, and QBR amongst other records. I will agree with him about one thing though, that Byrd signing set the team back. We had Jenkins, who while he isn’t an all-pro guy year in and year out but he surely has been playing better than Byrd has and it wouldn’t have taken a record breaking deal to resign him.

  15. And you’re doing a damn fine job of being delusional like your brother……

  16. He was dire with Dallas and Oakland. His only good year in Oakland was deceptive as that was one of the worst offensive teams of all time and teams started to run out the clock in the 3Q as the game was over

    He also did a poor job with Cleveland and the Saints. Doesn’t have a good C.V at all apart from NE

  17. I’m too lazy to look it up but didn’t the Saints finish in or very near the bottom of the defensive rankings for the last few years?

    If that’s a damn good job, what does sucking look like? With delusional logic like that, Rob Ryan should have sought employment with the Vikings, he would fit right in.

  18. I like leaders who are fat and have multi million dollar facilities but choose lap band…… The lazy easy way. How can you play your hardest when coach is lazier than anyone in the league?

  19. It would be great of Rob could become the first transgender NFL head coach. What a milestone that would be. Break down that wall!

  20. As a panthers fan I agree. He did s damn good job in New Orleans. The saints should hire him back at double his old salary.

  21. I think to improve, you have to acknowledge your shortcomings and failures. Rob Ryan instead is blaming the safety for one of the worst all-time defenses.

    Good luck Buffalo!

  22. The only damn good job he did in New Orleans is eating and he is STILL hungry! The Ryan’s, good at talking but not coaching.

  23. The Kardashians of football

    Though I must admit I do have something positive to say about Rob Ryan

    He was great as “the Abominable Snowman” in “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

  24. Like a Democrat – Selling what they want you to believe versus what really is…. Let me guess, it’s the previous President… I meant coaches fault for your tenure failures??!!

  25. I wish I could be a loudmouth idiot, suck at my job, and keep getting hired for big money in the NFL of all places.


  26. “For me, and I’ll speak for myself on this, I have an extra hunger,” Rob Ryan said.

    Yeah, that hunger is evident from the picture, Rob, thanks for sharing. If not for family name/connections, you’d be unemployed as a coach, don’t kid yourself.

  27. One good season and two horrific ones were a good job???

    You’re in Buffalo, a place where Jairus Byrd was a star and you couldn’t do squat with him in the Bayou.

    Rob, you were not a good defensive coordinator because you got fat and happy (no pun intended) for the littlest success you had. Since you don’t seem like you’ll ever learn from that, you’ll never do a good defensive job ever again.

  28. I opened this article just to kick back and read the comments. Go ahead and let ‘er fly folks, this ought to be good!

  29. Here’s a question that could make your head explode , who’s the bigger moron , Rob or Rex ?

  30. Wow. Dude is delusional. His defenses weren’t much better in other stops around the NFL.

  31. Not sure what ol’ Rex was watching, but that defense was one of the most putrid defenses in the entire league.

  32. phila2686 says:
    May 27, 2016 7:10 AM

    This guy should have taken over as head coach. People forget this guy was set up for failure. The league rewards players like Tom Brady who should have 0 rings.
    Why? Why would you think that Rob Ryan should have been head coach of the Saints? Why? I mean, you aren’t even rewarding mediocrity there. You are rewarding stink.

    Take the comments he made on their face and then stand them next to the facts.

    Comment – I coached my azz off there.
    Interpretation – I did the best coaching I could
    Fact – The defense was dead last for 2 years under his coaching
    Result – Rob Ryan’s best coaching isn’t very good compared to the other 31 defensive coordinators.

  33. Yeah Rob you did such a damn good job,at running one of the worst defenses the last two go eat some more jelly donuts.

  34. Yeah Rob, you did a ‘damn good job’ with the 32nd ranked defense, last place finish lol. Blame it all on Byrd but you couldn’t even get 11 players lined up correctly on a consistent basis…. a lot of times it was 12 players… Unreal!

  35. These two clowns like to claim they are defensive masterminds yet both of their individual defenses have went backwards or ranked among the worst. Fat Boy Rob hasn’t ever built a good (much less great) defense, when in N.E. he likes to take credit for Belichek’s mastery of both the offense and defense. I think NFL coaches finally got smart in regards to Rotund Rob and his all talk no action claims and that the only job he could get was working for his brother……and even that took more than “5 minutes.” I think after they go bust in Buffalo, that neither will find another coaching job in the NFL.

  36. And in a year or two he’ll make the exact same statement only with “Bills” in there. Yet despite things never working out anywhere he’s never out of work for more than like 10 minutes.

  37. hugeheavywoman says:
    May 27, 2016 9:59 AM
    Jethro Clampett.


    It was actually Jethro Bodine. I believe he was Jed’s nephew….

  38. The Ryan twins – proof that two wrongs don’t make a right, but it’s fun to watch them try.

  39. A quick check of robs wiki shows he’s twice had top 5 defenses, otherwise they aren’t anything special, and twice historically bad defenses… I’d say he’s not that good of a coordinator

  40. Ryan’s first year with the Saints was good, but I wonder if it was like the Saints under Haslett – where, after the abyss that was Ditka, the team was happy to have someone who tried to coach and played beyond their abilities.

  41. trainwrecksryan says:
    May 27, 2016 6:59 AM

    “I am more hungry now than I have ever been.”

    Some jokes just write themselves.


  42. It’s a good thing he’s got that extra hunger, he’s going to need it to swallow that hard statistical data that contradicts his thoughts on his awesomeness.

  43. No. No you didnt. You were 32nd in the NFL
    Participation awards stopped in Elementary School.

    But…I am absolutely certain your fortunes will magically turn around in 2016 – especially since you will be playing the patriots twice a year.

    The only real question left is What will you be doing during the 2017 season? HC at a community college ?

  44. The best part of the Bills 2016 season will be watching the Ryan brothers giving each other nooggies and atomic wedgies on the sidelines when the #$%& hits the fan.

  45. insightfulcomments says:
    May 27, 2016 7:18 AM

    Sure. That’s why you are working for your twin brother in a sub coordinator role in the armpit of the Erie-Cleveland meth belt.

    What a totally and completely ignorant comment. What, exactly was your point?

  46. widerightyouloseagain says:
    May 27, 2016 10:23 AM

    These two clowns were hired by Terry Pegula, Buffalo’s “saviour.”

    Wide right, you lose again.
    Better than the clown in your city, Toronto who tried to buy the Bills, but couldn’t afford it. Get over it Joe.

  47. nhpats says:
    May 27, 2016 10:05 AM

    hugeheavywoman says:
    May 27, 2016 9:59 AM
    Jethro Clampett.


    It was actually Jethro Bodine. I believe he was Jed’s nephew….
    C’mon guys, Jethro? Who cares? It was all about Ellie May and ya’ll know it. 😉

  48. The scary part of this whole story is that he might actually believe it to be so.

  49. billswillnevermove says:
    May 27, 2016 8:46 AM

    All the idiots will be coming out of the wood work on this thread.
    Hate to point out the obvious but, you’re here. So there’s that.

  50. @insightfulcomments

    Upstate NY is more of a black tar heroin area, it’s a huge epidemic for the whole state and something that doesn’t need to be joked about.

    Anyway, I’m sick of these guys they act like they are on a high horse because they sweeped the Jets who were actually a Kenbrell Thompkins and Kellen Davis catch away from sending Buffalo to the bottom of that division. Luck won’t strike this year against any team.

    It’s almost annoying how these guys pride themselves on their defense. It’s overrated Rex and Rob Ryan have been masked by talent their whole careers but once the talent leaves and it’s all on them that’s when they start circling the drain.

    Rex played Calvin Pryor at free safety where he was god awful, Bowles put Pryor at Strong Safety and now the kid looks like he’s turning into a perennial pro bowler in the future. Rex had Quinton Coples slim down to OLB size after a break out year as a DE and ruined his career. Kyle Wilson accelled in the slot but Rex’s ego forced his first round pick to play the outside.

    These “exotic blitzes that confuse the QB” is such a farce, every team picks them up at this point just look at the sack numbers.

    Rob Ryan’s pedigree is self explanatory, historically awful.

  51. @4ever19 says:
    May 27, 2016 7:37 AM
    Rob Ryan: The Donald Trump of the NFL. If something I did sucks, it’s not my fault. And nothing I do ever sucks. These bros just need to shut up and go away – and take Trump with them.
    ==================================Yeah well, you can have Hillary & Bernie.
    Rob needs to shut up and just coach. We’ll see what happens. Could be fun to watch the twins!!!!

  52. As a Bills fan I can say with confidence that these guys are idiots. I hope they do better than I expect them to, but their marriage to a scheme instead of finding best uses for their players is not gonna ever beat Belichick twice in a year.

  53. These guys are such clowns and are basically the Donald Trumps of the NFL.

    I am guessing it was everyone else’s fault for why he has failed in all his NFL jobs as a coordinator since he says he is great. Talk about delusional.

  54. I’d like to join the hunger jokes crowd here but it’s probably played by now. I feel bad for the Bills fans, they deserve better than this double clown show.

    Nepotism keeps Rob employed but his star will soon dim.

  55. When has Rob ever improved a defense? Well, let’s see.

    In 2012 the Saints had a historically bad defense, finishing dead last in the league, allowing 440 yds per game. The 31st ranked D allowed 388 yds per game. Rob came in and turned that unit into one of the best in the league in 2013, finishing 4th while only allowing 305 yds per game. That might be the biggest defensive turn around in the history of the league.

    Then the Saints forced a defensive scheme on Rob and they got worse. So yeah, very few of you have any idea what you’re talking about. Rob also had excellent defenses in Oakland and Cleveland. His Cleveland D didn’t rank very high statistically, but they were on the field constantly because their offenses couldn’t get a first down. Everyone who played them and called their games talked about how good those Cleveland defenses were. His defenses in Dallas were average, but they were improved from what they were before Rob.

  56. This brings something to my attention: Rex has really toned his bravado in recent years. He’s still Rex, and he’s still going to jaw a bit, but after that third season with the Jets (when he predicted a Super Bowl and they went 6-10 or something), it seems like he finally realized it’s no help to be a total buffoon all the time (maybe just some of the time?). Anyway, I haven’t given it much thought until now, but Rex has been way less obnoxious the past three or four years.

    His brother, apparently, has not learned that lesson…

  57. The results are there for the whole world to see, and he thinks he can just pretend to be a tough guy with big talk? No, it doesn’t work that way. We would politely forget he’s a loser if he’d just stop talking and reminding us that he is.

  58. By “good” if he meant sucked then THAT they did. Eye in the sky and stats don’t lie.

  59. The Ryan clan has a long history of demonstrating that their mouths are considerably larger than their brains…all of them can thank a number of NFL front offices for believing they (the Ryans) actually have a plausible plan for success.

  60. Beavis and Butthead come to mind with these two.

    If Rex can play a polished game, even once, that would be a miracle. His teams always seem to choke at the last minute. Rob, on the other hand is way too telegraphic. Like the other team knows his calls, blitz. Maybe mix it up a bit, blitz. oops….

  61. Fat boy is a disgrace. How can you be taken seriously looking like that when working with athletes. Fair enough putting a few pounds on at his age but his gluttony is there for everybody to see. He has every chance to get help working in that environment but he probably spends more time filling his face than swatting up on defense, no wonder his fall has been rapid.

  62. As a Saints fan, I never questioned his passion or work ethic. I questioned his ability to coach his players, prepare them for a game and get them lined up where they needed to be. That was the problem with Rob Ryan.

  63. No Rob, quite the opposite. You were in charge of the defense and the defense stunk. Some of it falls on the GM for getting bad players but in the end, a good coach makes the best out of what he’s given.

    So if the defense couldn’t stop anybody, no, you didn’t do a damn good job. In fact you did a crappy job!

  64. I remember the dad with the Eagles 25 years ago. HE NEVER WON A PLAYOFF GAME! And yet, sicko Birds fans still worship him. He blamed Norman Braman, ” that guy in France “, and had the nerve to say that if he hadn’t been canned, the Eagles would be ” the Niners of the 90s.
    He would brag on WIP, ” when we win the Super Bowl, were not just winning one- wer’e going back to back “. Stupid Eagles fans ate it up like ice cream. My point is that obviosly, the apple does not fall far from the tree.

  65. Take responsibility for your decisions and your job. Geez, throwing a single player under the bus like that? Blaming other coaches and management?

    It’s pretty obvious that working for your BROTHER was the only option you had.

    Seriously. “…good job”?

    Let’s define “good job” really fast. My definition is different from his.

  66. Rob Ryan was LB coach under Belichick 2000-2003. That is awesome! I’d love to see some footage of that… I don’t remember seeing Rob Ryan in any of the America’s Games documentaries on the Patsies…

  67. I said it last year – Rex is using the same 6 year plan he used to destroy the NYJs in Buffalo. Except he started in year 3. That was the year after he took the team Tannenbaum and Mangini built to 2 straight AFC championship games. It’s all downhill from here.

    Rumors in NY were Rex was forbidden to hire Rob in any capacity. He said words to the affect that his brother is so great, he doesn’t need Rex’s help getting a job.

    So, Buffalo, we all warned you last year. Rex will destroy your young QB; he’s already decimated the defense. He’s press conferences this year will be peppered with the phrases:

    Coach ’em up
    It’s all on me
    The defense will be great because I’m great
    We’ll get back to it Monday
    We’re better than this

    It will take you years to dig out.

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