Winston eating better, estimates he’s lost 18 pounds

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Four weeks after teammate Johnathan Banks said he went from “fat” to “looking like a defensive back,” Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston shared some details of how he’s dropped an estimated 18 pounds over the last three months.

Winston told he’s focused on portion control in his diet, has avoided late-night snacks and has tried to make the most of high-intensity workouts with renowned trainer Tim Grover, to whom Winston reached out early in the offseason.

“I heard from around the league that most rookies that come in, if they have a great year, they don’t have a plan for the offseason,” Winston said. “I had never handled an actual offseason before.”

Winston, the No. 1 overall pick in the 2015 draft, played baseball in the spring during his college career at Florida State. He first had to convince Grover he would be committed to getting in better shape, then had to make some adjustments to follow Grover’s diet plan.

“He’s a special individual from a knowledge standpoint,” Grover said. “He just didn’t know it. He’s gone so long on natural talent, he didn’t know how to take care of his body, what to eat, what to drink or how to get his rest.”

Winston said he started in the “upper 240s” and that Grover developed a exercise and diet plan with an ideal weight range of 225-229 in mind. The Bucs list Winston at 231 pounds.

“My body feels much better,” Winston said. “When you’re working out consistently and staying in shape, you never have to get in shape. That’s the biggest thing.”

21 responses to “Winston eating better, estimates he’s lost 18 pounds

  1. It’s great these young QBs are eating well and working out, should keep them as healthy as possible. I hope they also watch film and study playbooks. Something tells me that would help more or at least the same. If you know where to throw the ball you won’t be holding it as long, and those guys won’t be smashing your face as much.

  2. I’d imagine that if they’re taking care of themselves this well, in order to perform better, that they are also conscious of the playbook and the need to continually remaster it. I’m glad Jameis is doing well. There will always be trolls that knock him, but honestly so many guys do stupid stuff when they’re 16-21, we just didn’t have cameras on us all the time to report it, as if it was somehow out of the ordinary. But most of us eventually grow up, and this guy is too. I’m happy for him, people like this can have a real positive impact on friends, family, and their communities.

  3. manipuraram says:
    May 28, 2016 7:56 PM
    Too bad Grover can’t do anything about his puny brain.

    Yet he’s smarter than you ever will be. Funny how that works.

  4. I don’t see whats so special or what should be commended.

    You won the lottery and are a starting QB. take care of your body. You mean to tell me your team doesn’t have a trainer?
    You don’t need a “super trainer” to get in shape and stay healthy. A competent trainer and a dietician should be sufficient.

  5. This sort of disciplined approach to the offseason probably has the added benefit of keeping Winston out of trouble. I doubt Grover’s training plan allows for many late nights of drinking and hungover mornings.

  6. Let me get this straight … Mariota’s put on 10 pounds since leaving college, and Winston’s lost 18? … So Mariota weighs more than Winston now? … Say what?

  7. The man is doing it right, but a lot of people still have to bring up the negative things. How about we give kudos to those athletes that have the respect for themselves and the game. Look forward not backwards!

  8. [Jameis Winston at the training table]

    Umm, for breakfast, I’d like a pound of bacon, a dozen eggs cooked once over lightly, and a loaf of toast.”

  9. Love the “out-of-Tampa” stupid comments. Keep it up! Keep ’em coming. A hurricane is building in Tampa…around Jameis.

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