Ronald Leary sends unmistakable message to Cowboys

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Cowboys guard Ronald Leary, who has lost his starting job to La’el Collins, wants out of Dallas. The Cowboys have made it clear they want fair value in return for Leary, which means (duh) they won’t be inclined to trade him unless they get fair value.

Leary meanwhile has made it clear that he doesn’t care about what the Cowboys get; he just wants out. The latest tangible piece of evidence comes from Leary stripping all references to the Cowboys from his Twitter page, via the Dallas Morning News.

But here’s the problem for Leary. He chose to sign his one-year restricted free agency tender last month, which puts him under contract for 2016 at a salary of $2.553 million. So while he can boycott voluntary workouts without consequence, he faces significant fines if he stays away from mandatory minicamp or training camp.

Leary had options. He could have, for example, refused to sign the tender and then skipped the offseason program, mandatory minicamp, training camp, etc., hopeful that Dallas would withdraw the tender.

23 responses to “Ronald Leary sends unmistakable message to Cowboys

  1. Collins didn’t show up yesterday, Leary signed that contract knowing full well what the situation was. I understand wanting the security of the signed contract, but he can’t have his cake and eat it too. If he really wants to start (completely understandable) he shouldn’t have signed on to a situation where he knew it was for a back up position. At this point he simply needs to be patient and go to work while waiting for the right opportunity to pop up elsewhere (injury to another starter somewhere….as morbid as that sounds).

  2. He’s getting paid millions.

    He doesn’t have to love his employer.

    One year he should act like a man, honor his contract, and then leave the Dallas Rump Riders.

    Other than that, shut the heck up!

  3. He’s basically their sixth best lineman and next man up in case of injuries, at least if he wants it bad enough. There are a lot of injuries in football, they are inevitable. If he wants to make himself extra valuable, especially for next year, he should try to learn center or tackle. Maybe that’s just me though.

  4. He’s actually pretty good … In fact it took blue chip Collins alot longer than most of us expected to unseat him. Cowboys have had really good oline health last 2 years. There’s s decent chance that’s not the case this yr … He could fill both guard spots and center potentially well. I think he’s a top 20 guard in the league and that’s a very valuable asset. I wouldn’t trade that away for less than a good 3rd round pick. I’d love to hear from someone more qualified than me (full doc now) on how good they think he actually is.

  5. Still can’t believe no one was willing to spend even a 7th rounder on Collins.

  6. Leary could theoretically play with almost any injury to the offensive line. If LT Smith got injured (God forbid) and Dallas decides the winner of the Brown-Green swing tackle battle isn’t the best option, they could kick out Martin to RT and Free to LT for the duration. Also, if Fredrick gets injured (God forbid again) Martin could move to C, which he practiced some in camp last season. Martin’s spot would then be manned by Leary. A more unlikely scenario would be to move Collins to RT with similar other moves.

    It wouldn’t necessarily have to be an injury to a guard.

  7. By any chance does he have the same agent giving him advice this as Kam Chancellor did?

  8. Dallas signed him a free agent when no one would draft him because of a knee issue that many doctors believe will shorten his career. at minimum he should take his millions this year, try his best, force the cowboys to make a hard decision that will utimitly push Doug Free to the bench, or bite his lip and become a free agent next year.

  9. Had he kept himself in shape last offseason he would not have lost his job to a rookie, and he would would be entering into a contract year worth a lot more right now.

  10. The reason no on drafted him was because if he was drafted he could have held out this year and reentered the draft next year whe. His legal issues were behind him and possibly go in the first 2 rounds and get paid. Since he was undrafted he lost that option when he signed with a team.

  11. bjmdesigns says:
    May 29, 2016 3:14 PM

    patients my good man,your time will come.

    Huh? Patients? What, is he going to become a doctor or something???

  12. 700velvet comes to every Cowboys article to post the same thing.

    Be a mam and say who your team is so we can all thrash the past 50 seasons of your meaningless team whomever they may be

  13. mpalmer96 says:
    May 29, 2016 7:31 PM

    700velvet comes to every Cowboys article to post the same thing.

    Be a mam and say who your team is so we can all thrash the past 50 seasons of your meaningless team whomever they may be
    His team is the Fighting Sam Bradford’s.

  14. So what is fair market value for a 6th lineman that can only play guard? I’m guessing 5th or 6th round draft pick?

  15. Maybe Dallas can try and get a DE out of the deal. Maybe a 4th or 5th DE from a team that needs offensive line help. Leary is a decent player, but the trade market is downright awful this year.

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