If Fitzpatrick goes elsewhere, he’ll be taking true market value

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In response to the news that Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick may be inclined to take less money elsewhere than what the Jets are offering based on principle, a league source with extensive experience negotiating contracts has hit the nail on the head regarding that possible outcome.

As the source explained it, taking less elsewhere would equate to Fitzpatrick signing a deal that reflects his true value on the open market.

“If a player ‘takes less’ to go somewhere else, he is really only being paid what the actual market will bear,” the source said.

It’s the flip side, as the source points out, of the “hometown discount,” which teams often try to squeeze players into taking. Teams try to use the emotional connection to squeeze the player into taking less. When that happens, people get upset.

So why should a player squeeze a team into paying more than what the market will bear — especially when the team necessarily is already offering more than the market will bear?

In this case, the market for Fitzpatrick is somewhere below the quality of the offer the Jets have made. Even if Fitzpatrick believes he deserves more, his only alternative (other than waiting) is taking less.

40 responses to “If Fitzpatrick goes elsewhere, he’ll be taking true market value

  1. Not true. Nobody knows what the market will bear until he signs. Anything can happen between now and when the pen hits the paper. Anything.

  2. Less than 48 hours ago, you were criticizing the Jets for not offering Fitz more than 12m guaranteed for next season. Now you’re asking why the Jets should allow themselves to be squeezed for more than fair market value.

    The answer is they shouldn’t. The next question is why it took you so long to figure that out.

  3. All I know is Fitzpatrick’s agent has down an incredible job scorching whatever goodwill his client earned both in New York and around the league with his performance last season.

    Fitzpatrick has now entered the Sam Bradford punchline territory.

    The Jets are the only team in football that are A) guaranteeing him a starting job Week 1 and B) offering him TRIPLE the $5M/year he’d likely get holding a clipboard in another town.

    The logic that Fitzpatrick would leave $10M in guaranteed money on the table to go ride pine behind a legit starting QB out of principle is beyond stupid.

  4. Finally a story posted not showing Fitzpatrick as the victim and actually reporting on the market driven facts of his situation.

  5. One factor I don’t see anyone talking about is his effort level. They had an opportunity to find some middle ground in earnest and pay him what he will be proud, motivated, and fired up about being a part of the team.

    On the other end, the one they are offering, for his stats last season, he got a bottom of the barrel offer all about the bottom line with no reward for performance of effort.

    So if he does sign, i wouldn’t be surprised if he becomes a clock puncher. “I’ll do the job, but since performance isn’t rewarded, I’ll just collect my check. What was your record before, and who do I need to be better than? Geno? Cool, I got this, hand me a beer”

  6. The market giveth and Market taketh it away. Fitz is going to be underpaid for a starting QB because of his age and lack of consistency. These QBs that sign huge deals are young and teams are paying for their peak years and possible early decline. Fitz is too close to his decline to get a big deal even if its short term. It’s up to him if he wants to play, the Jets have leverage in terms of market value but the Jets dont have a great alternative to Fitz as a starting QB right now, so he definitely holds that as an advatanage. The Jets are really in a pickle if Fitz will retire because they wont have a capable QB and will waste a year in the best players who are in the peak of their careers.

  7. All QB’s should be thanking donkeys GM “El Cheapo Elway” for latest thrift move. The most important position on the team, is not where you wanna try to pinch the nickle.
    The donkeys will find out this year, just how stupid they are.

    And the artificial salary cap, is just another scam to hold down spending, by greedy billionaires.

  8. Get real, If he signs elsewhere it will be as a backup. So lets get that straight. He is more valuable to the Jets, everybody knows that, that’s the principle.

  9. This is a strange offseason. Broncos in love with Mark Sanchez. Jets doing Rex-ish things. You guys keep saying Fitz has no leverage. Of course he does. He’s got some of the most fickle fans in the world that will come unglued if they cheap out and have to turn to Geno. Fitz has players conducting peaceful protests on his behalf. His leverage is a 10-6 record and a truly terrible Geno Smith. If you don’t think the Jets will blink first you’re nuts. Pay him a decent bonus with some guaranteed dough in the first year then backload the rest of it.

    If he stinks it up cut him or do like the Saints Ravens and Pats and rework it after year 2.

  10. Ryan is the last stand for this group. They are not paying you 12 mil year 2 when Marshall, Mangold, Harris,Forte and maybe Revis are all gone and they have Hack,Petty, Smith waiting for their shot in 2017 camp. You are not the long term solution Ryan. 6 mil a year is great for a backup.

  11. Another story about Fitzpatrick? Honestly, who cares? Pertinent facts: 1) the guy has had a mediocre to bad career. 2) Brian Hoyer – the guy the Texans wouldn’t trade to the Jets – had a better 2015 season signed for a few mil this year with the Bears. 3) Geno Smith led the Jets to an 8-8 season in his rookie season on a terrible Jet team. This same Geno Smith beat out Fitzpatrick last year until he opted to break his face on his teammates fist. 4) Only a complete tool would think that the Jets have either lowballed Fitzpatrick or that he deserves 15-20 mil per year.

  12. Who else has shown interest in a stopgap QB? Everyone else is in a youth movement or has an established starter. Sure, stick to your guns and go elsewhere for less as a backup…or take the generous package the Jets are offering a journeyman with what…no playoff experience and be the starter in NYC.

  13. He has to back himself and prove next year he is worth more for his final big payday. Sign a one year deal either with the Jets or another taking into account who he has protecting him, who he has to throw to and the running game. He knows he can do well in the Jets system so he has to be sure another teams system can be as comfortable. If he produces next year teams will sit up and take notice and much gold will flow. Teams are scared, prove you can consistently produce.

  14. Last year 6 playoff caliber qbs went down midseason or in the post season. Romo, Flacco, Big Ben, Dalton, Luck, & Manning. Think what you will about Fitzpatrick’s market value, but that all goes out the window when a team aiming for the SB needs a stop gap qb.

    And which of those teams have a better option at backup currently? Maybe the Bengals. But think about all the other playoff-ready teams that don’t have a legitimate backup like Tampa, Atlanta, NO, Carolina, and that’s just the NFC South.

  15. Thou maketh no sense since “the market” ebbs and flows yet is constantly fluid.

  16. So we go from “Fitz will retire rather than take the Jets lowball offer”, to “Fitz will leave and play for less a than take the Jets lowball offer.”

    Which would turn out to be Fitz taking a low-low-ball offer to play elsewhere rather than retire or take theJets low-ball offer.

  17. At age 34, Fitzpatrick better figure out if he wants to play at all because despite his wish to be paid more, its not going to happen in NY or anywhere else. So the question before him is retirement or the Jet’s offer, its that simple.

  18. Fair and reasonable to whom? If the market is not there to show equal to or more money, then the NYJs are being more than fair, offering him above MV to stay.

    The NYJs were here a few years ago, throwing money at Sanchez because he was butt-hurt by the Tebow signing.

    Fitz is an average QB who had what every player dreams of, a second chance to get overpaid for a fluke season. He did it in Buffalo, and now he’s trying to do it here.

    This whole thing plays right into the Jets hands – with Decker and Marshall back in camp, the 2nd string QB, Smith, will get multiple reps with the starting offense. That give Hack and Perry more reps with the 2nd string. The question of whether or not to carry 3 or 4 QBs becomes easier to answer.

  19. The JEts aren’t going anywhere with or without Fitz. They are an old team that needs to rebuild. Better to let Fitz walk rather than keeping him for 1 more year. Save that money for Mo Wilkerson or Sheldon Richardson.

  20. Remember that time that Fitzpatrick was on a team that went to the playoffs? Me neither.

  21. Not a Jets Fan.

    I don’t see how this thing isn’t getting together. Fitz had a very good season for them last year……but Fitz obviously isn’t what you’d call a “Franchise QB”…..but is obviously leaps and bounds ahead of what they’ve got.

    Fitz shouldn’t make top QB money……..but what the Jets are offering is truly BS, I mean 12 for the 1st year seems right but then he has to stay 2 more years at 6 mil per year? No…that’s an insult…..if he continues to play great he has to play as the lowest paid starter in the league for the last 2 years of that deal? I wouldn’t sign it either.

    So…..If the jets don’t want to pay him long term….and fitz wants starter money…..why not sign him to a multi-year contract that just a series of 1 years deals? One that pays fitz like the starter he is…..but allows the jets to cut him the second he’s no longer in their plans?

    The Jets are trying to get a good starting QB to sign for starter money……they need to realize this is just being cheap (I mean it’s not like QB is an important position or anything),

  22. Bad news Fitz. For once in their history the Jets are actually building over multiple years. GM Mike Maccagnan and HC Todd Bowles both see you as a transitional presence until Christian Hackenberg is ready to play, and apparently owner Woody Johnson is OK with that.

    It should be obvious that Maccagnan’s long-tenure with the Texans gave him access to an honest, thorough evaluation of Hackenberg from Bill O’Brien, not to mention his own experience as a college scout. He drafted a play many thought shouldn’t even be drafted. GMs only get a few big gambles. Hackenberg is his all-in bet.

    Maccagnan’s future isn’t tied to Fitzgerald’s success. It’s tied to Hackenberg’s success. Expect also Maccagnan has tried to deal Fitzgerald and had no takers. His open market value is likely at or less than the Jets are offering. Take the deal, do better than they expect and hope Hackenberg washes out before you’re released.

    Note to Jets fans: this isn’t going to be your year.
    Take the deal Fitz. It’s the best you’re going to get.

  23. I’m curious if anyone can give a legitimate reason why unproven qb’s like Osweiler, Bradford & Daniel are worth 18,21 and 7 mill per year, but a 10-6 proven vet qb is not worth even what the Eagles #3 qb is? Don’t bother mentioning age, or any other ridiculous excuse, I am interested in a REAL explanation. Normally, when teams go way out of the box and sign players for contracts well above what the norm is for that players abilities(Redskins a lot in past, Eagles with both those qb’s, as well as the unbelievable amount the Texans shelled out for a raw, 7 nfl games of experience Osweiler. I know there isn’t a logical, and realistic reason this has happened, but am curious what people will fabricate. Bottom line is; that if Bradford and Osweiler are worth what they got(LOL), Fitz should realistically be at the minimum level pay of the lower of those two. If nothing else, the proven starter should be worth at least 5-7 mill per year over Daniel, who will be the #3 by the start of the season in Philly.

  24. This article ignores the length of the Jets deal. It’s a 3 year deal. Would he play for the yearly average on a 1 year deal, bet on himself, and come back as a free agent next year to play this game? Maybe.

    Or maybe by taking less somewhere else, he takes a 1 year deal and tries to up his value for next year.

    To me it makes sense that he won’t want to lock himself into a deal with the Jets that he views as undervaluing him. He only has a few productive years left.

  25. @wonka22

    You dismiss age as not a “REAL explanation”, but it absolutely is. You pay big money to Osweiler, Bradford or Daniel because there is hope that they can develop into a franchise quarterback for you. That hope is gone for Fitzpatrick at age 33.

    The only way you pay someone Fitzpatrick’s age elite money is if (1) he is already your franchise QB and you have built your offense around him (think Brady, Eli, Big Ben, Rivers, Romo), or (2) he is the difference between your team and a Super Bowl (think Peyton and Denver).

    Now the Jets aren’t Super Bowl favorites, but they aren’t completely outside the conversation, either. If they want any chance to get there, they need Fitzpatrick. Thus, I’d agree with you that they should pay him, as he marginally falls in category #2 above. AND – the Jets don’t have another potential franchise QB waiting in the wings to groom. So if you don’t make a run at the playoffs and Super Bowl with Fitzpatrick, what exactly are you doing this year besides treading water?

  26. I’m curious if anyone can give a legitimate reason why unproven qb’s like Osweiler, Bradford & Daniel are worth 18,21 and 7 mill per year, but a 10-6 proven vet qb is not worth even what the Eagles #3 qb is?


    Because no one will pay him more than that. And none of that “life’s not fair” BS. Life is life …

    Osweiler’s got what he got because the Texans paid him stupid money. Bradford got what he got because the Eagles paid him stupid money. Daniels got what he got because he’s a serviceable backup QB who knows the new Eagles offense.

    Fitz should take the 12M guaranteed for the first year, with an opt out for the second year. If he has another stellar year, he can renegotiate. Or go free agent.

  27. The Jets need a rebuild not a 30+ year old starting QB who wants to be paid like he’s a Tom Brady or Carson Palmer level QB. Fitzpatrick had one good year. In 2013 and 2014 Geno had more passing yards than Fitz did BOTH years. That right there is embarrassing…you ask for crazy money and the two years prior while with the Texans Geno Smith had more passing yards than you. He (Geno) is on a 4 year 5 million dollar contract. You seriously think your (Fitz) mediocre journeyman quarterback behind is worth more that Geno’s dumb “Bleep”….get outta here with that mess…bye felicia!
    Geno could of got us to the last game of the season just like you Fitz. He could of threw interceptions, not show up, and just play poorly like Fitzpatrick did. Geno could of been a big reason of why the Jets missed the playoffs last year. All you would have to do was swap one mediocre QB for the other…their stats are basically the same…like it or not. Harvard boy and Geno should both be second string QB’S and if they ever find themselves on any other team that’s what they will be. Like it or not 😜

  28. Sometimes it’s better to be underpaid and appreciated than underappreciated and paid.. In this case, I’m not sure Fitzpatrick’s getting either..

  29. 2 eagles QB’s are making a combind a total of around 25 million a year and never had anywhat of a season that Fitz had. Pay the man, he has given a breath of fresh air to the QB situation for the Jets. Never thought a team would complain about paying well below market value for a above average quality QB.

  30. the market flucuates, sometimes wildly, like when an injury occurs during camp.

    right now his value is at it’s lowest, that is why new york wants him to sign so badly, and for 3 years at that.

    from the start of mandatory activities it will only go up. someone like the sanchize is already hurt. anyone could go down at any time like from a broken jaw or something.

    imho, fitz will sign in-season for a higher yearly deal, but less pro rated money overall, and save wear and tear because he is super old. a team that thinks it can win will pay generously.

    Dallas paid out of the yang for roy williams after they traded a pick for him when T.O. got hurt or something. they’ll pay Fitz too when, it sounds crazy, Romo gets hurt.

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