Kirk Cousins seeks advice from other quarterbacks

Getty Images

In his four prior NFL seasons, Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins never spent an entire offseason as the starter. This year, as he adjusts to being “the guy” for the first time ever, Cousins has sought advice from other guys who have been or currently are “the guy.”

“I’ve called a few of the starting quarterbacks around the league, a few of the retired guys who had great careers, and just asked them what worked for them in the offseason,” Cousins said, via Tarik El-Bashir of

Cousins didn’t say who he contacted, but Cousins discussed what he wanted to find out.

“What was their rhythm in January, February, March?” Cousins said. “When they went back in April, May, June, what’s their rhythm? What’s their rhythm in the summer? How do they handle family? How do they balance travel and opportunities?”

It’s a smart approach for Cousins to take. And it underscores just how well he performed in 2015, given that he was thrust into the starting job late in the preseason. This year, with the benefit of being the starter for the entire offseason, Cousins could be even better.