Trevor Siemian feels “really confident” right now

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Of the three quarterbacks on the Broncos roster, Trevor Siemian is the only one with prior experience in the team’s offense.

Mark Sanchez and Paxton Lynch both arrived this offseason while Siemian spent last year as the third man on the depth chart in Denver’s offense, something that may help him in the competition for a starting job that’s playing out in Denver. That competition was described as wide open by the team last week and coach Gary Kubiak said he “wouldn’t sleep” on Siemian winding up with the job.

One of the things that Kubiak cited in his discussion of Siemian’s positive attributes was a high level of confidence in himself, something that Siemian also mentioned while speaking to the media last week.

“I feel great,” Siemian said, via the Denver Post. “I feel really confident at this point. Last year at this time, I had the knee [injury] and was swimming a little bit in the playbook. I’m light years ahead of where I was last year. I still have a lot of work to do, but I feel pretty confident.”

Mark Sanchez didn’t do team drills last week after left thumb surgery, offering Siemian more time working with the first team. That may change this week if Sanchez is cleared to do everything in this week’s workouts while a continued diet of work with starters would seem to hint at Siemian remaining well positioned in the competition as spring work winds down.

11 responses to “Trevor Siemian feels “really confident” right now

  1. Just because this guy was a 7th round pick, doesn’t mean he’s not a good QB. Tom Brady went in the 6th round. When you look back through the history of the draft it’s pretty obvious that evaluating QBs isn’t the easiest thing to do.

  2. Confidence is almost always high in May. The Rams and ‘Phins are going to win the SB in May.

  3. He’s comfortable because there’s no live bullets yet, he’s dealing with blanks.

  4. Gary Kubiak said he “wouldn’t sleep” on Siemian winding up with the job.

    What Kubiak meant was that he wouldn’t be able to sleep if Siemian winds up with the job.

  5. Siemien was the back-up QB for several games while Peyton was trying to heal his arch injury. They would have brought in another QB if they didn’t consider him capable. Elway and Kube only have about a half century of QB experience. They know the position.

  6. It’s looking more and more everyday that letting Osweiler walk in free agency was a mistake. Elway screwed up.

  7. Last year Siemian had a better training camp than Osweiler, and beat him in head to head play during pre-season. He’s also had a year of watching Peyton, and is the only QB who was on the roster last year, and knows the play book. Denver has had a history of drafting excellent players in the later rounds: Terrell Davis 6th round, Karl Mecklenburg 12th round, Malik Jackson: 5th round, Danny Trevathan: 6th round, and the list goes on and on. Point is that Siemian could very well be the starter this year, and his status is being held very close to the vest by the Bronco front office, and coaching staff. My guess is that Elway, and Kubiak know what they’re doing, and will reveal the starter when the time comes. Meanwhile wade is getting his guys ready to rip another AFC West title from the good folks in Oakland, KC, and San Diego.

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