Buffalo Triple-A team announces “Keep Brady Suspended Night”

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Minor league baseball teams are always coming up with unique promotions, and the team in Buffalo has one that is sure to inflame the rivalry between the Bills and the Patriots.

The Buffalo Bisons, Triple-A affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, have announced “Keep Brady Suspended Night,” a promotion devoted entirely to taking a swing at Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Deflategate.

The team announced that it is offering two tickets for the price of one for fans who bring a properly inflated football to donate to area youth football program, and that “un-destroyed cell phone donations” will be taken for a charity that distributes used phones. The team gift shop also features a 12.5 percent discount, a reference to the 12.5 PSI minimum inflation level for an NFL football. And the Bisons are promising “scoreboard videos featuring some of sports’ greatest cheaters, with special video tribute to Patriots’ coach, Bill Belichick.”

The Pawtucket Red Sox are offering their own promotion, “Free Brady Friday,” in support of Brady.

85 responses to “Buffalo Triple-A team announces “Keep Brady Suspended Night”

  1. I’d rather have bring a QB night, being that we haven’t had one for decades.

    A Bills fan.

  2. Just recognition that the Bills have no chance when he plays. Sad really.

  3. I would be thoroughly embarrassed to be a part of anything like that. Honestly, it shows the obsessive infatuation with Brady that The Bills fans have with him. I realize they’re the only team left that hasn’t made the playoffs in something like two decades, but really, fix your own teams problems first, instead of buying tire pressure gauges and holding anti Brady rally’s. I imagine Patriot fans are flattered by all of this. It is kinda funny, though.

  4. The intelligent fans of the other 31 teams, even those in Buffalo, have subsequently figured out that they were lied to after they were told that Tom Brady and The Patriots cheated. These intelligent fans were able to understand the evidence and see through the lies. The most intelligent of these individuals immediately identified the lies. They did not have to later change their minds to understand that the footballs were not tampered with.

    Facts and science don’t appear to matter to the least intelligent people that initially believed the lies. Those that made sure that the masses heard or read the lies as countless headlines understood that it’s easier to convince people to accept a lie than it is to later get someone to later accept that they were lied to. Unfortunately far too many people lack the logical reasoning skills necessary to see through an orchestrated mass media effort designed to use repetitious headlines to convince them of what they should believe.

    Nonsense about a replaced telephone or a single off season text were especially effective in working as red herrings to invoke a confirmation bias in those weak minded individuals that were already predisposed to want The Patriots to fail. The fans of the other 31 teams that haven’t already figured out that Tom Brady and the Patriots were smeared with lies and cheated by the rest of the NFL, will likely never figure it out.

    The Patriots detractors that still can’t understand the basic science and information which exonerates Tom Brady have claimed their permanent spots on the left side of the Bell Curve. Those individuals are necessary to balance out the distribution. Statistically there are about the same number of people with lower IQ’s as compared to those with higher IQ’s. That will never change. This means that there will never be a shortage of the individuals with lower than average IQ’s that can come online and repeat the negative things about Tom Brady and The Patriots which have already been disproven by science.

  5. How about “Buffalo Bills Super Bowl Champions Night”!

    Where everybody who ever played on a Buffalo Bills Super Bowl championship team or attended a Super Bowl where they saw the Bills win it will all gather together for a rip-roaring good time…in a port-a-potty in Love Canal.

    Yee-ha! Pass the wings!

  6. Maybe . . . just maybe . . . Pats fans need to lighten up.

    Clearly, this is a joke, and the properly inflated footballs and un-destroyed phones will both go to good causes.

    Given that Tom regularly “re-cycles” his phone, this would be a good time for him to put his phone to good use.

    Maybe, the Pats will be good sports and send the deflator to the game to help entertain the crowd . . . or is he still in hiding . . . .

    In the end, this may end up being the most productive thing to result from deflategate.

  7. I would expect nothing less of a Buffalo affiliate. It is obvious to anyone who follows the NFL that Goodell has led a witch hunt to smear and besmirch the greatest player of all time. Tom Brady is innocent and we pray that justice prevails to clear his good name, even if it has to go to the Supreme Court.
    Maybe Rob and Rex Ryan will attend the keep Brady suspended night if there’s lots of good pizza.

  8. I’m a Pats fan and find this kind of funny. The whole thing’s so stupid, why not use it for goofy promotional purposes?

    Rex Ryan’s funny, too, and I’ll bet he made a couple of calls to get this done.

  9. Buffalo has sunk to a new low if that’s even possible. Smart idea by the way poking the bear. Prepare for the score to be run up.

  10. Bwahahahaha!!!!!

    The science proves he did cheat, BTW

  11. Maybe the Pawsox instead should have a “Wide Right” night. Free admission if you wear a Scott Norwood jersey.

  12. Not a fan of either team but there are some seriously sensitive people here. Lighten up…it’s all in good fun and for a good cause.

  13. I just love all the funny, good-natured stuff other cities think up about Brady or the Pats. It’s always in good fun and it never goes too far. It’s so fresh and unique. It’s no wonder everyone has gotten over deflate-gate. It’s all about the yuks at this point.

  14. Wow, great stunt! I think there are a million people who have just heard of their cute little team for the first time. That is to say, roughly 1000 times as many people as fans of the team. Most of us now have a very low opinion of a team we’d never heard of before. But, it’s not like we were going to by tickets for their team anyway.

    Don’t worry, in 5 minutes we will all go back to forgetting they exist. But, in the meantime, perhaps it sold them a dozen or so extra tickets. Great stunt!

  15. Leave bills fans alone, this event at a minor league baseball game wil be the highlight of thier football season

    Not sure what more pathetic the Buffalo Bills or the city of Buffalo

  16. limakey says:
    Jun 1, 2016 7:45 PM
    Look, this clearly being done for charitable causes. What charity cause does free Tom Brady support?

    Best Buddies, Brady’s favorite charity. This promotion is a direct response to the Paw Sox running their Free Brady night promotion which was announced first. I am a Pats fan and I think it’s funny as hell. One minor league team tweaking another. It’s almost as funny as the Bills Pro Shop selling the ball pumps for that game Brady put up 466 yards on them in their own house.

  17. I love this. It’s a minor league promotion, and a fun, goofy one poking fun a rival. They aren’t supposed to be that serious. Heck, look at team names and logos. It’s for charities and clearly tongue in cheek. If you have a problem with that, it says more about you than it does about them.

  18. If you have nothing to else to celebrate up in Buffalo, you might as well do something like this to make yourself feel better about your team. It’s pretty pathetic when you consider this will be the highlight of your season. Enjoy the record for most consecutive Super Bowl losses Buffalo. Check you cheating history hypocrites and watch us win the division, YET AGAIN!

  19. As a Patriots fan, I have no problem with this event. In fact I like the idea.

    Bills fans, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is. This charity is asking for your phones. Don’t delete anything from them, just turn them over.

  20. Always funny reading whining Pats fans posts. You can tell immediately as they need multiple paragraphs to explain why all the evidence doesn’t matter.


  21. Classless fanbase.

    At Fenway park and Foxborough we do our talking on the field.

    Thank god I’m a Patriots fan.

    We play with integrity and never break the rules or cheat.

  22. The article left out the best part of the promotion. In response to the PawSox letting anyone named Tom or Brady in for free on their “Free Brady Night”, Buffalo says anyone named Tom or Brady can’t watch the first 4 innings and they aren’t allowing any “appeals” to that decision. All good fun and going to a good cause and making AAA baseball games less boring.
    But these responses are showing that pats fans are easily the biggest babies in pro sports. Enjoy the 4 *s

  23. I’m a Pats fan and this is good fun. Love the 12.5% off at the gift shop.
    Bills are 4-28 since Brady arrived in NE, BTW.
    4-28, let that marinate for a second.

  24. patriotsticketssince1978 says:
    Jun 1, 2016 7:30 PM

    I just love all the funny, good-natured stuff other cities think up about Brady or the Pats. It’s always in good fun and it never goes too far. It’s so fresh and unique. It’s no wonder everyone has gotten over deflate-gate. It’s all about the yuks at this point.

    Patriots fan and Brady can marginalize if they want to, but, nope.

  25. I can’t even muster up a fake “upset” reaction to anything Buffalo may or may not do.

    It sounds creative and fun, and if they need to believe “cheating” beat them for all these years when it clearly didn’t, then go have a good time with the whole thing.

  26. Press release said people named Tom or Brady would be admitted but would not be permitted to watch the first 4 innings of game 1 of double header. “Please, no appeals” they said. Now that’s pretty funny.

  27. Hahaha! Apparently the Bisons get to bring binoculars in the bull pen so they can steal signs that night. Don’t like it, love it! Clearly effective marketing when it makes headline news on PFT causing the legacy of lies fans to get their panties in a bunch too you cry babies. If you can’t do the time, don’t do the crime.

  28. People need to lighten up, it’s funny and harmless. Plus it benefits charity. Reading these comments you would think someone cheated or something.

  29. Salty, salty tears…don’t ruin that chowdah with all that extra salt.

    Seriously, lighten up. It’s a minor league baseball promotion tweaking a rival. It’s not like the minor leagues are the epitome of pro sports. It’s funny, at least to anyone with a sense of humor who doesn’t take his/her football team way too seriously.

  30. You have to know that there will be many Bills fans there crying in their beer, like they always do.

    So pathetic, so Buffalo.

  31. Hahahaa. I thought that was pretty funny. Regional rivalries can be great, and minor league baseball teams need to be creative to bring in the fans. I thought this was pretty clever on their part.

  32. When I read Triple A I just assumed that the Bills had officially acknowledged the fact that they are a minor league franchise.

  33. Not sure why they don’t just call them the Buffalo Bills. Calling the Bills A (AAA) team seems harse, though truthful.

  34. I think Pat’s fans need to take a deep breath and relax. Eat a snickers. Kick a can….but for gods sake lighten up. If you can laugh at yourself you are a tight a$$.

    Finally fact an if you have to constantly tells how smart you are you must not be very sure of it.

    Not a Bill’s fan, but what a great idea for some yucks at the expense of the most sensitive fan base ever.

  35. mcmccii says:
    Jun 1, 2016 6:40 PM
    So lame.
    You know what’s more lame……….?
    Patsie* fans having a ‘Free Brady’ rally and about 16 people showed up.

  36. Let’s see Brady has won four Super bowls and been to six. The Bills have been to four and lost four. Just a pathetic Buffalo team being jealous.

  37. Great Promo for the minor league Baseball team and raise some funds for a good cause! Pats fans who are compalining and bringing us science – Really!

  38. That won’t lift the Curse of Flutie. Sorry. Until that happens the Bilks will never be good again. Tee hee.


  39. when you CANT beat em…

    Pray the commissioner makes something up to help you out.. LOL.

    Parity exists everywhere except for the GREAT Patriots Organization!!!!!!

    NFL doesn’t know what to do.

  40. Pats fans are so pathetic. So sensitive. You guys get worked up too easily and spend too much time on every article crying about it. I understood it in the beginning, but it’s just pathetic now. I don’t even see as many people bashing the Pats anymore, and definitely not dragging the crap into other articles. You all need to move on from this crap. It doesn’t matter what either side says. People will believe what they want and regardless of the outcome, the damage has been done. Get over it.

  41. They can have a whole science denier home stand!

    After “the ideal gas law doesn’t exist” night, go with…

    -antivaccine night
    -9-11 truther night
    -Bigfoot believer night
    -alien abductee night

    Buffalo being Buffalo…

  42. truthprofessor says:
    Jun 2, 2016 9:49 AM

    They can have a whole science denier home stand!

    After “the ideal gas law doesn’t exist” night, go with…

    -antivaccine night
    -9-11 truther night
    -Bigfoot believer night
    -alien abductee night

    Buffalo being Buffalo…


    they’s also need:

    – Elvis sighting night
    – Loch Ness Monster night (Loch Ness bobbleheads would be cool)

    – Rex Ryan SB Victory night

  43. I’m curious to know how many Bills’ fans are going to turn over their phones, with nothing deleted from them.

    After all, the charity is asking for them.

  44. Bills fans shouldn’t hate the Patriots. The Patriots are the team that ended Rob Johnson’s career in Buffalo. It’s true.

    Mind you there was that whole benching Flutie thing that brought the curse upon you… sorry can’t help you there.


  45. Do you think the Curse of Flutie will last as long as the Curse of the Bambino did?

    I do. 🙂 It’s well deserved to be quite honest.

    Just 69 more years till the Toronto Bills win a playoff game!


  46. Flash flood warnings in the area up North. Get out the hip waders. The tears are falling like rain.

  47. The only Pats fans who are salty about this are the ones who suddenly become fans of the Pats after they win a super bowl. Most real Pats fans can see the humor in this.

  48. On the Bisons night, fans named Tom or Brady can get in free but they’re not allowed to watch the first four innings

  49. It’s totally unbelievable that so much time and money has already been wasted on this Deflategate issue and we’re not done yet. Brady will fight this suspension tooth and nail and will end up not missing a single game. We, the fans, who are ultimately paying the tab for all of this nonsense, will be hearing about (again) from now into September.

  50. Wow, a lot of thin skinned whiny Pats fans on here, per usual. This is clearly in response the Pawtucket promotion, which, by the way, isn’t in jest at all.

    So what’s sadder, a minor league team pandering to fans who are actually still crying about their multi-millionaire QB not being allowed to play for a month, or a “rival” minor league team turning that promotion around for a couple good causes and actually having some fun with it?

    This is minor league sports, folks. Teams run ridiculous promotions all the time.

  51. joetoronto says:
    Jun 2, 2016 4:42 AM
    You have to know that there will be many Bills fans there crying in their beer, like they always do.

    So pathetic, so Buffalo.


    Crying almost as hard as the Raiders fan from Toronto (wait, what? but yes, its true) who realizes he’ll never have a hometown NFL team.

    I would ask if you’re going to stay a Raiders fan when they leave Oakland, but since your team plays in a city across the continent to begin with it can’t be that bad for you.

  52. “… and the team in Buffalo has one that is sure to inflame the rivalry between the Bills and the Patriots.”

    Rivalry? That’s hilarious. It takes two teams close in ability to have a rivalry.

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