Eric Decker says last week’s OTA absence wasn’t a Fitzpatrick protest

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As if the ongoing saga of the Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick wasn’t depressing enough, now they’ve gone and ruined a perfectly good narrative.

Via Kimberley Martin of Newsday, Jets wide receiver Eric Decker told reporters that last week’s absence from OTAs was not in protest of the Jets signing his pal/quarterback.

That’s not the reason why I wasn’t here,” Decker said. “I told coach where I was and what I was doing.”

He explained that he was simply taking some time with his family, and his wife had already shared the vacation photos on Instagram. But because of the bond between the veteran wideout and quarterback, and because there aren’t enough froths being whipped up in Jets camp otherwise, connecting the dots seemed like a reasonable thing to do.

It would have been more fun if Decker had been walking around the beach with a picket sign reading “No Fitz, No Peace,” but alas, now we have to return you to your previously scheduled staring contest between the free agent quarterback and management.

12 responses to “Eric Decker says last week’s OTA absence wasn’t a Fitzpatrick protest

  1. So he planned a vacation during the team’s OTA and missed for that reason? He is getting some sun while the team is grinding away.
    It seems supporting his qb by staying away would be a better reason than a family vacation at that point.

  2. C’mon Eric, you ruined the media narrative. They can only create so many stories about OTAs, Deflategate and Las Vegas.

  3. Fitzpatrick has been the BEST QB in the history of the Jets Organization.

    How anyone can be a Jets fan is beyond me.

    The Organization is thinking they can do without the leader of their offense.

    The leadership is a Joke.

  4. C’mon jets fans, your organization is totally inept. And keeps on doing everything they can to prove it. Too bad almost all of you are too young to remember the one time your team made it to a Super Bowl. Werblin was around back then so, no surprise, they won.

  5. Come on, he’s had several months to take vacations, and he plans it instead during OTAs? It’s clear to me that he’s just trying to silently protest to Jets management without fueling the fire in the media.

  6. Not a Jets fan, but it seems like they are trying to improve their poor decisions by not signing a mediocre QB to a big deal. The fact is they won 10 games and then he stunk it up when they needed him most. Thats all you need to know.

  7. I’d move on from Fitzpatrick, too. He’s 34, and has been on 3 teams in 3 years for a reason (perhaps 4-in-4 if he signs with another). Let Geno Smith have one last try at the starting job (you know, since it was his before his jaw was broken). If he fails, turn to the cheap rookie, maybe chase Brees next off-season fir that end-of-career final run.

  8. Yeah, it’s not like the OTA wasn’t planned well in advance and Decker could have taken a vacation anytime from January through April when there weren’t team activities.

  9. Whatever. His explanation doesn’t make sense (plan a family vacation the first week of OTAs? Represented by the same agency, CAA, as Fitzpatrick?) but I’m glad he’s not feeding the ridiculous media narrative.

    Fitz is a nice guy who did a great job for the Jets last year. I like him. But I also like the new front office and coaching staff more. They seem to have an eye on the long term. GMs look out 4-5 years when it comes to mess to salary cap, not just 1 or 2 years. A long term, highly guaranteed contract for a journeyman QB makes no sense.

    Fitzpatrick once parlayed a career year into a big bonus guaranteed can ntract with the Bills. Did he think no one was watching? Mikey Mac saw his way to in Houston up close and personal.

    Interesting that reports out of NYJ OTAs and again saying that Geno looks good. As he was last year before he ran his jaw into someone’s fist.

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