Eric Weddle already a leader in Baltimore

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Eric Weddle has been a Raven for less than three months, but he’s already a team leader.

That’s the word from one of Weddle’s fellow defensive backs, Lardarius Webb, who says the first thing he told Weddle is that just because he’s new in Baltimore, that doesn’t mean he should be any less vocal than he was during his years in San Diego.

“I told him, ‘We want Eric Weddle. Don’t hold back. Don’t be quiet. We want you,’” Webb told the team’s website. “‘If you yelled when you were with the Chargers, I want you coming out here yelling. Just be yourself. Grow the beard back, because we want the beard, if that’s who you were.’”

Ravens coach John Harbaugh likes what Weddle is doing at Organized Team Activities.

“For whatever reason, he fits in with the Ravens,” Harbaugh said. “He fits in with how we do things around here just perfectly. . . . I give [General Manager] Ozzie [Newsome] all the credit in the world. That was a great signing.”

Weddle, who has acknowledged that he wasn’t happy with the way things ended in San Diego, feels great in Baltimore.

“In all honesty, it feels like I’ve been here my whole career,” Weddle said. “It’s been a natural, seamless transition. I’ve been able to fit in, but also imprint what I’m all about and what I bring to the team.”

It sounds like a good fit.

37 responses to “Eric Weddle already a leader in Baltimore

  1. Look, weddle is a beast, but dont forget he played almost every snap w the chargers, including special teams. Lets see if he will be productive before we start crowning him.

  2. Whining whiney whiners in purple uniforms. Clearly Weddle is butthurt he can’t retire a Charger.

  3. High praise indeed. Their $120M man has the leadership skills of a sheep.

  4. jfolland says:
    Jun 1, 2016 10:00 PM

    Good… Hopefully he plays up to his salary too…

    -Ravens fan


    Would you prefer Kendrick Lewis playing up to his salary?

    Ravens have cleared their dead money and brought in someone to anchor that secondary. The contract criticism is thinly veiled BS, par for the course here.

  5. Can’t believe he was un-signed for so long. What a steal.

    He stayed unsigned for so long because he was comfortable retiring if he didn’t get a certain salary. That said, still a HUGE steal. Fantastic player.

  6. Ravens fans will find out he is more of a prima donna than a true leader. He absolutely quit on his Chargers teammates last year.

  7. Ravens got a great player, Chargers continue to treat top talent like garbage

  8. Best days are behind him. He would have been a much better addition to a solid defense like New England or Minnesota where he wasn’t coming in as a spring ball leader

  9. Weddle?

    This dude would get punked regularly like a rag doll going up against Darren McFadden. And McFadden is fragile like glass………..

  10. Weddle always has and always will be a class act. Charger fans always will be idiots who don’t deserve a QB like Rivers or even when they had Brees. SD is a vacation town that will never care for sports due to all the distractions surrounding that city..

  11. One of Eric Weddles best on field traits is, he has had only four penalties called on him in his entire career. Sure, he will miss a tackle or two and get burned by the speedsters, but he will not get you a stupid penalty to keep a drive alive. He is one of the smartest players out there. The former Charger fan wishes him well.

  12. Eric is a great signing for the Ravens. He should well. As someone mentioned, hopefully he lives up to that contract because it’s definitely well above average

  13. firerogergoodell says:
    Jun 1, 2016 10:18 PM
    Can’t believe he was un-signed for so long. What a steal.

    29 14

    Long in the tooth. He’ll be decent, but was way over paid. The Elam mistake had to be accounted for though.

  14. I was simply shocked when I read that the Ravens had signed him. I’m a Ravens fan and I thought there was no way he was coming to Baltimore. Huge fan of his production in San Diego. I hope that he can play like he did there in Baltimore.

  15. Eric Weddle is as great a person as he is a football player.

    It’s rare to find people, let alone professional athletes who you can’t find any thing negative to say about. He was actually punished by the Chargers for wanting to watch his daughter cheer during halftime of his last homegame. Suspended by the team not for DUI or a failed drug trestle or domestic violence, no not for any of that. But for being a good father.

    He’s respected by his peers and beloved by the community of SD. Weddle was a pillar of excellence here in San Diego for so long you almost took it for granted like the 70 degree weather in December. He was the L.T. (Tomlinson not Taylor) of our Defense and our only playmaker on that side of the ball for years.

    So salud to you señor Weddle. You will be missed and deserve every dime you get and then some.

  16. pamperpro says:
    Jun 2, 2016 2:03 AM


    This dude would get punked regularly like a rag doll going up against Darren McFadden. And McFadden is fragile like glass………..


    so one player who possibly knows how to beat him, means all the 31 other starting running backs getting smacked around by him doesn’t count, id take those odds anyday…

    -steelers fan

  17. pittsburghdamned says:
    Jun 2, 2016 9:56 AM
    The equivalent of becoming a leader on the Lions, Jets, or Browns.


    2 13

    When is the last time the Steelers beat the Ravens?

  18. When is the last time the Steelers beat the Ravens?

    5-11 vs 11-5. What would you prefer sweeping your rivals or going to the playoffs? Only a Raven fan would pick a sweep…..duh.

  19. Proud to have had Weddle as a Charger for so many years. He was a class act. But times change and teams move on.

    I’m sure he will do well for the Ravens. Too bad the Chargers and Ravens don’t play this year.

  20. Congratulations on landing Weddle.

    He’s an intelligent player that seems to be in the right place at the right time. He can read plays and make defensive adjustments with the other Secondary defenders, as well as Linebackers.

    That being said, he is the biggest wimp that I’ve ever seen play Safety and he can’t tackle for squat. He never, ever drills anyone and when he does tackle, there’s no inflicting of pain. He always helps his opponent up from the turf, too.

    NOTE: In the last three years, he’s had only 3 INTs and 1.5 Sacks. Temper whatever enthusiasm you may have.

  21. If the Steeler fans are salty, you’re doing something right.

    You can tell the Steelers have been getting their bell rung by the Ravens lately. Lots of salt in this thread…lol!

  22. Strange. It seems like all the other teams are drafting the malcontents these days. I don’t expect to hear anything but good from this draft class.

  23. Fascinating. How quite a few don’t think the Ravens are playoff contenders. Weddle, Watson, and Wallace seem to think differently. They’re practically handing teams like the Raiders and Jaguars a playoff berth.

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