NFL confirms Pro Bowl going to Orlando, moving back to AFC-NFC format

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The NFL made the latest round of changes to the Pro Bowl official on Wednesday.

As previously reported, the league’s annual all-star affair will be moving from Honolulu to Orlando as the league takes the game away from Hawaii for the third time since 1979. The change of location will coincide with a move back to having teams representing the AFC and NFC face off rather than the draft format used in the last three years.

In a statement, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said the league is “excited to re-imagine the Pro Bowl experience for both fans and players and to celebrate the game of football at all levels.” That multi-level celebration includes invitations to youth coaches who coached Pro Bowl players, the presentation of the Don Shula Award to a high school coach and the USA Football national conference among other activities.

It’s hard to imagine that any of the changes are going to make for a better game or generate more buzz than the fantasy-style approach that replaced the conference vs. conference format, although the cyclical chatter about what’s wrong with the Pro Bowl is unlikely to have much impact on the game’s future unless people actually stop watching it.

13 responses to “NFL confirms Pro Bowl going to Orlando, moving back to AFC-NFC format

  1. I wonder if Brady will even be in the running this year after getting publicly shamed for cheating and suspended rightfully so?

  2. If they wanted to play hard in the probowl is simple. Any major injury is compensated by the NFL directly (not the teams) full guarantee of their contracts on the level of a franchise player.

  3. As lame as the Pro Bowl has become, the fantasy pick angle made it even lamer. I’m glad to see that gone.

    And if the NFL wants to make the Pro Bowl relevant again, maybe all these contracts that have incentives if you make the Pro Bowl should require the player to, you know, actually play a quarter if he is selected, otherwise, no bonus.

  4. “Re-imagine” aka go back to the way it was done forever prior to 3 years ago.

    Bring back the skill competition!!! Maybe the best of the best will participate instead of the “Pro-Bowl” being the middle tiered group of players.

    AFC vs. NFC is tired AF as well!!!!

  5. I’m glad they’re bringing back the NFC versus AFC format, but I doubt it will make any difference. There is only one thing the NFL needs to do to make this game competitive and it is so simple. Pay the winners more money.

  6. understandably, there are safety concerns in playing the Pro Bowl, in that it is an extra game owners don’t want their prize players getting beat up

    but the Pro Bowl has to be one of the worst football games to watch, let alone even covered in the news

    eliminate altogether or find a way to have it played with actual effort

  7. There truly needs to be an incentive for the WIN, just like in MLB, or close to it, otherwise it will lose the small viewership it still has. And seriously, Orlando??? I guess that’s nice for the “family” aspect, since so many of the guys have been away for the season and what not, but… Ahhhh, Hawaii

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