Osweiler thanks Broncos for White House invite, will be busy with new team

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The Broncos are visiting the White House next Monday to celebrate their Super Bowl title, but ex-Broncos quarterback Brock Osweiler will not be attending.

Osweiler and the Broncos had an awkward breakup on the first day of free agency when the Texans outbid the Broncos and he headed to Houston. Osweiler was invited to the White House with his former teammates, but he’ll be busy working with his new team in an organized team activity (OTA) practice.

“The Broncos graciously extended an invitation for me to join them at the White House on Monday,” Osweiler said in a statement released Wednesday. “But due to a scheduled OTA in Houston, I feel it’s important to be at practice with my new teammates. It’s a new offensive system for me and every practice and rep is extremely important. I am very appreciative of the Broncos wanting to include me on this special day.”

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported Wednesday that now-retired quarterback Peyton Manning and outside linebacker Von Miller, who’s been away from the team because he hasn’t signed his franchise tender, will be on the White House trip.

With Manning injured and largely ineffective, Osweiler went 5-2 as a first-time starter for the Broncos last season before being replaced by Manning in the regular season finale. Osweiler completed 61.8 percent of his passes with 10 touchdowns and six interceptions.

To the surprise of few, the NFL scheduled Osweiler and the Texans vs. the Broncos as a Monday Night Football game in the upcoming season.

45 responses to “Osweiler thanks Broncos for White House invite, will be busy with new team

  1. He’s doing everything the right way since signing with Houston, hopefully it translates on the field. It’s a good thing they have that bye week when they face the Patriots with the cheating Tom Brady suspended.

  2. He probably didn’t want to feel awkward in front of his ex teammates and John Elway who he stopped talking to during his negotiations.

  3. Osweiler has the size/arm/youth that a QB hungry team would want, but honestly if he got benched in an offense with D. Thomas and E. Sanders, I wouldn’t have high hopes for him if I were a Texans fan.

  4. The Broncos get invited to the White House but the Red Land little league team that won the United States bracket dose not? Don’t get me wrong Denver deserves to be there but so do those kids!

  5. I remember an interview with Dan Marino after he retired. They asked him about any regrets he had, and he said not realizing the Super Bowl he played in was really such a big deal. It was only his 2nd season and he figured he’d be back again at least a couple of times. He never made it.

    Osweiler needs to get over being butt hurt about his contract negotiations – it’s just business – get on that plane with his team mates – you know, the ones he won a Super Bowl with – and enjoy the experience. Even if he does win another Super Bowl, he’ll never do it with these guys again, or in the same way again, etc. .
    I guarantee he’ll regret this someday.

  6. Osweiler is showing some of the poise and good judgement he learned in Denver. It’s too bad he can’t join the Broncos at the White House. He deserves to be there and he may never get another chance. But his priority is his new team. Leaving them to enjoy the spoils with his old team would be bad form. He made his choice and chased the money. The Broncos will be fine without him. We’ll see how he does without them.

  7. blkdogcreative says:
    Jun 1, 2016 7:09 PM
    A lot of fuss over a guy that has 86 QB rating.

    As opposed to the QB with the 68 rating that is going? There are so many more legit ways to dog the guy if you feel the need. Both he and the team handled it well, why the need to throw shade?

  8. Bronc fan here. Brock got paid more than Denver could afford. He now has a fantastic opportunity with the Texans. Sure, disappointing to lose him but we wish him the best. He is a class act!!

  9. Osweiler doesn’t need to be in the spotlight – it’s not as if he’s planning for a future career hawking inferior pizza.

  10. Super Bowl MVP was busted for bribing a PED urine tester and the QB got caught receiving HGH. Good for you Brock, way to distance yourself from this cheating bunch.

  11. Sure. I understand. Pass up on a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Makes sense. I get it. No, wait. I don’t get it.

    Oh wait. I was taking about staying with the World Champion Denver Broncos; you probably thought I was thinking about going to the White House. Both once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

    All I know is, re: Brock, we don’t know. We can’t know. But like Mr. Elway, I ain’t spending $18 million per year for I don’t know.

  12. He didn’t want to meet the guy who wants to take even more of his money away from him and give it to others for free.

  13. BroncosCheatedTheSalaryCap says:
    Jun 1, 2016 8:58 PM
    Super Bowl MVP was busted for bribing a PED urine tester and the QB got caught receiving HGH. Good for you Brock, way to distance yourself from this cheating bunch.

    Yeah. Much better to be with Brian Cushing. Squeaky clean. From one tarnished team to another. Maybe the Texans will win the Super Bowl and you can deny their legitimacy too. No, no. Only the Broncos. What happened? Did a Bronco deny you an autograph or hurt your feelings? Did your Bronco hero let you down and you can’t move on? I’m sure it’s a sad story. Keep crying on these pages and time will heal eventually.

  14. Lol good for him way to stick it to Smellway! John did nothing but diss Oz from benching him for one bad half of football which most of it was not his fault to making him wait til Manning was good and ready to retire (Peyton too every possible moment to decide as a big f u to Brock). The guy was dissed by both his mentor and his gm and he gave it back by leaving and putting the Broncos in a sh$t situation at qb which will net them 7 wins if they are lucky this year. The cherry on top is telling them enjoy being last years champs, I don’t live in the past! Good for you kid, good for you!

  15. Even if he wasn’t busy with a new team, I’m sure he’d love to get some teeth pulled rather than go to the Whitehouse

  16. Yep. I’m sure the Broncos cheated in some fashion to win the Superbowl. Its their nature. Scumbag franchise.

  17. terripet says:
    Jun 1, 2016 7:26 PM

    Brock you will be lucky to win 6 games


    Vegas has the over / under for Houston at 8. So lucky to win 10 games might be more accurate.

  18. And Brock’s recievers kept dropping passes and The Broncos were lucky they had that defense because 18 was still garbage when he returned. They simply changed the playcall philosophy.

  19. When you get an invite from the President, “I have a prior commitment” is NEVER the right answer, no matter what the commitment is or who the President is.


  20. work on that throwing motion, bruh. you’re 6’8″ you shouldn’t have your passes deflected at the line of scrimmage as much as you do. good luck in Houston.

  21. Cool he was invited and easy to see why declining is probably the least awkward decision for both sides. That being said, how many chances do you get to go to the White House after a Super Bowl win?

  22. Vernon Davis probably drops by 1600 PA twice a week. “Been there, done that.”

  23. You weren’t invited by the Broncos Brock. You were entitled to be there as a member of the Superbowl team. You were invited by the POTUS. Personally. One day shouldn’t/wouldn’t make a difference in your offseason. Your decision shows a lack of respect and maturity.

  24. Maybe Brock didn’t want to stand there and watch Obama fall all over himself congratulating Peyton while he has the “aw shucks” look on his face…..

  25. Brock is so emotional these days, Denver has moved on and so should you. Wow what a crybaby. Denver got lucky not signing this guy long term

  26. denver1983 says:
    Jun 2, 2016 1:13 PM

    Brock is so emotional these days, Denver has moved on and so should you. Wow what a crybaby. Denver got lucky not signing this guy long term

    You just described Broncos fans

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