Police report: Girlfriend admitted slapping Broncos wideout Cody Latimer


Broncos wide receiver Cody Latimer’s girlfriend admitted to police that she slapped him in the face during a domestic incident, leading to her arrest on assault charges.

According to Jeremy Jojola of KUSA, the police report said 25-year-old Jaimee Rando and Latimer got into a “verbal argument” and that she “slapped him in the face, causing him pain.”

Rando admitted this to the cops as well. The police report said the incident began at 1 a.m. Monday near a nightclub in downtown Denver where Latimer was hosting a party, but Latimer didn’t call the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office until 2:40 a.m.

He wasn’t at OTAs Tuesday, but sent out a statement via Twitter, which read: “I reached out to the team on Monday to let them know of a personal issue that I dealt with over the weekend. I believe I handled it the right way, but I had no idea of the unrelated unpaid traffic ticket. That’s completely on me and I took care of that today….Back to football.”

For his troubles, he was arrested for failing to appear to pay a year-old traffic violation, and he later bailed the woman out of jail as well.

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  1. The smartest move a athlete has made when it comes to domestic violence; don’t retaliate just let the police handle it. Salute to you sir #GoBroncos

  2. He had to file the report immediately to preclude any later claims by his “girlfriend” that he was the aggressor. Such is the reality of “he said, she said.”

  3. I doubt this is the end of the problems for them. He is in no financial position to deal with girlfriend /baby mama drama. Cut bait and find a professional woman with sense.

  4. Good for him. I would say if he wasn’t a public figure just to let it go, but that’s to dangerous for someone in his position. The public is cracking down on domestic abuse. So anyone whose way of making a living depends on the publics good graces should take any instance of domestic violence no matter how minor deadly serious and get the proper authorities involved right away. That way it can be documented immediately. Giving those involved less of an opportunity to do something vindictive. Like change/make up stories, injury themselves, or sober up. It will help keep everyone honest and give the authorities the best chance of sussing out the true facts of the disturbance.

    The longer you wait the more cloudy the facts will get. Maybe so much so that even the victim ends up being charged with a crime. Better to do what Lattimore did. Call the cops today, worry about fixing the relationship tomorrow.

  5. There’s nothing in this that anyone has accused Latimer of hitting her, so there’s nothing to support the idea that he reported this as a preemptive, defensive move. There is lots of research that’s concluded that many women don’t report that their men are hitting them, and that men hardly ever report that their women are hitting them. But yes, get past it now or move on.

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