Report: Fitzpatrick ready to take one-year deal with Jets

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Free agent quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is ready to end his prolonged contract staredown with the Jets and accept a one-year deal worth $12 million, the New York Daily News reported Wednesday night.

Maybe it’s that easy, or maybe this messy situation drags on.

Based on what’s been previously reported, leaked and endlessly discussed, the Jets want Fitzpatrick to take a deal that pays him around $12 million in 2016 but shrinks in the years that follow. Fitzpatrick hasn’t taken that deal, but he seems to be out of options elsewhere.

A one-year compromise works for Fitzpatrick. Will it work for the Jets?

Getting Fitzpatrick into camp now would be good for morale and all that supposedly matters in June. But his contract situation would linger through the season, regardless of whether he matches or even surpasses last year’s success. It’s clear the Jets don’t see him as a true franchise quarterback who commands those really big checks. The Daily News report included what’s fairly obvious, that the negotiations include “no new numbers” from the team’s side.

In a one-year situation, Fitzpatrick bets on himself. The Jets still want a little more security, even if they aren’t totally sold. The negotiating probably continues, though an offer to just end this thing might end up appealing to both sides.

43 responses to “Report: Fitzpatrick ready to take one-year deal with Jets

  1. Good for him. I hope he has a great season and ends up with a bigger contract next year with another team and leaves the Jets hanging.

  2. Lets play a game..


    36TD/7Int/4770 yards
    19TD/14Int/3725 yards
    31TD/15Int/3905 yards

    Now let’s start talking about who’s worth what..

  3. In case it’s not clear, that was match the player to the stats.. TL;DR.. Bradford is making off like a raped ape and Fitzpatrick is getting raped by the ape..

  4. The Jets can hardly treat Fitzpatrick like a mediocre QB option and then insist they’d like to keep him in their plans for longer than one year because it would make them feel more “secure.”

  5. I don’t understand his reasoning, if he can’t get a multi year deal done at 33 years old, what makes him think he’d be more likely at 34? from the Jets or any other team. Maybe I’m missing something here.

  6. HATE the Jets. They never beat my team or anything, I just hate their ownership, their (former) coach, and their fans. So I love that this is such a pain for them. Now I’m torn though. I like Fitzpatrick a lot, but I like the Jets losing too. I want Fitzpatrick to play well also for them to lose…Maybe a season like last years for Eli?

  7. I’ve been following Fitz’s career since he was in Cincy. He’s a good player. Not as great in clutch situations at the better QB’s (isn’t that what really separates them?) but RF has a nice arm and really good mechanics. You can tell he’s worked hard.

    Unfortunately, his only ‘clutch’ game didn’t go well, and didn’t the same kind of thing happen to Hoyer in Houston? If the Jets win that last game none of this happens. My guess? He’ll do the one-year deal, and if the other QB’s don’t look good in the preseason the Jets will up the years and money.

  8. it’s a good deal for everyone. He can buy insurance for 2017-18 season and if he gets the Jets into the playoffs and win a game, he can either a new deal or get a good deal elsewhere.

  9. I get it. There’s no other options out there. Especially this time of year. But this dude needs to be realistic. He’s NOT worth what he thinks he is. He’s not worth the 1 year $12 mill. 2 years $16 mill. Take it or walk.

  10. Do these guys realize we have an invention called “phone” for these types of issues? You dial a number and boom, you’re talking to the guy. Why get the media involved?

  11. He is their best option. A passable QB is worth at least a Revis and a half. If I were a Jets fan, I’d be pretty miffed that they didn’t give him a proper deal long ago.

    I guess they figure there’s no point in even trying to be a winner, until Brady hangs it up. It’s gonna be a real bummer for them when tbey realize that Belichek can coach for another decade after that anyway.

  12. In hindsight, maybe his best possible deal was to do $12 million the first year, and have a low 2nd year number or bonus that was wholly guaranteed. That way, he still gets $18 million or so automatically without worrying about getting injured. That being said, I hope he plays well until he’s 50.

  13. Can’t see a savvy GM like MM not insisting on a atleast a two year deal guaranteeing the 1st year @ 12 Mil with a year 2 team option @ a cap favorable # befitting a then near 40 year old career journeyman.

  14. Seems like a good compromise. It’s pretty obvious the Jets don’t look at him as a franchise QB, so with this compromise they get a QB for the season and put a band aid on the situation. Of course the Jets probably want their cake and eat it too so i envision this deal not happening.

  15. 1) Maybe it’s that easy


    2) Maybe this messy situation drags on


    3) Maybe nobody cares

    Which of course begs the question – “If that’s the case why did you even comment?”

    Good question

  16. Fitzpatrick made a bad bet. He did not get any interest from other teams this year. Why would he get any more interests next year, at the age of 35?

    Should have taken that 3-years $24m contract, with, say, $18-20m guaranteed money.

  17. Even though it caused a ruckus going into the season, Jets come out looking like geniuses for the most part (isn’t that strange?) well played by their GM.

  18. It seems simple enough.

    The Jets have to admit to themselves that they aren’t going anywhere, with or without Fitzpatrick. They need to smell that coffee.

    However, even if that’s true, you can’t embarrass yourselves by putting Smith on the field, and there isn’t a QB on the roster that’s worth developing.

    So pay Fitz a big signing bonus, take the cap hit up front, and trade him when a playoff contender’s QB gets injured. The bonus stays on the Jets’ cap and makes him much more trade-able.

    The Jets don’t need the cap space now.

    That way you don’t have to put Smith on the field AND you get a draft pick back from signing Fitzpatrick.

  19. Look he is by far the only Jets player worth watching… but his not a draw. I can’t see any other team wanting him this or next year. His brain should tell him take what he can get before he is out of the league. $12 mill ain’t bad. What does Tom Brady make? $9mm? you’re crazy demanding more.

  20. Lets play a game..


    36TD/7Int/4770 yards
    19TD/14Int/3725 yards
    31TD/15Int/3905 yards

    Now let’s start talking about who’s worth what..

    First off Bradford and Brady’s numbers are mixed up. Secondly and most important, the numbers are pretty useless, lets look at the w-l record:

    Bradford: 7-7 no playoffs

    Brady: 13-5 AFC Championship appearance

    Fitzpatrick: 10-6 no playoffs

    Stats are for losers.

  21. He deserves 12 mil, he proved last year he has the ability to be an above average QB when surrounded by a good cast. If the Jets are nervous about his play/ability, make it a highly incentive/performance based contract and make him earn it! He has seen Chase Daniels just get 7 mil a year (12 mil guarenteed) and now he is locked as a 3rd stringer. Jay Cutler has never had a season as good as Fitz and he is making almost 20 mil a year, after years of play not worth that amount.

  22. His agent is going to make him lose lots of money… No market for his talents anywhere else at he price he wants….

  23. If you plan on starting the season with Geno pack it in.

    Call it what it is … a rebuild year.

    Geno may pan out, maybe not.

    They have some decent assets to build on. Start making trades for anything not in future plans and load up on picks or prospects.

    Tank for a higher pick.

    They are not going to have a great season next year let alone win a Superbowl with Geno. SB highly unlikely with Fitz but productive season to build on is more plausible. Then make QB a priority next off season.

    Their record was deceiving last year based on who they played. They improved, but not as much as their record would have you believe.

  24. Why comment here when you can go up two stories and comment in the “Jets won’t take fitz for one year” story.

    This has become a big joke. And the Joke is on NY…

  25. pittsburghdamned says:
    Jun 2, 2016 10:01 AM

    Oh, and stop mentioning he went to Harvard. It was a football scholarship, and if he was any good he’d have been offered one at a top football program.

    Veteran minimum sounds generous here.
    Harvard does not give football scholarships. No Ivy League schools do.

  26. NinersRule says:
    Jun 1, 2016 10:49 PM
    Good for him. I hope he has a great season and ends up with a bigger contract next year with another team and leaves the Jets hanging.

    All the Jets Haters, Fitz isn’t worth anything since he threw a playoff game on the line vs buffalo, and played without Ivory and Powell RBs; only proven himself a mediocre QB with 3 INTs. I take Geno over Fitz because both would make same mistakes. Geno is cheaper and have more upperside to his plays. It wasn’t long ago when Geno kill Fins playoff hope 2 years ago with 225 yard receiving Decker.

  27. I don’t know why everyone keeps calling this a “big joke.” The two sides are negotiating. This is how negotiations work.

    The only silly aspect is the media reporting on it every single day (because there’s not a lot of football news is June). The media is making it into a big deal.

    The Jets and Fitzpatrick are just doing what two sides always do when negotiating a deal. The difference is that this is the last deal, so the media reports every single bit of it and it becomes tiresome.

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