Friday is Stephen A. Smith Day on PFT Live, sort of

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We’re going to have some fun on Friday’s edition of PFT Live on NBC Sports Radio. Then again, we almost always have fun. This Friday, we’ll have more fun than usual.

For starters, there will be a school’s out vibe to the show, because I’ll be taking a two-week vacation from radio as soon as Friday’s broadcast ends. Making the smell-ya-later edition even more fun will be the opportunity to delve in detail into some strong comments made about yours truly by Stephen A. Smith on his SiriusXM Mad Dog Radio program on Thursday.

Smith took umbrage with my story from Thursday regarding his strong criticism of NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith’s alleged propensity for litigation. Stephen A. Smith didn’t seem to have a problem with 99 percent of what I wrote, but he strenuously objected to the suggestion that he was fed by the league office the argument that DeMaurice Smith is wasting player money by the same person or persons who fed him the “Tom Brady destroyed his cell phone” story only hours before Commissioner Roger Goodell issued a decision in Brady’s case that upheld the four-game suspension by focusing heavily on the destroyed cell phone, which prior to the Stephen A. Smith report had never been mentioned by anyone.

We invited Stephen A. Smith to join the show and hash things out, because I’m confused by his position that only people in the media who write specifically about the media are authorized to criticize things someone in the media says. I’m also confused by his apparent belief that all reporters and columnists and hot-take-generators are “colleagues” who should never criticize each other, fairly or not, in any setting. He declined the invitation, with a text message to PFT Live producer Rob “Stats” Guerrera that Stephen A. Smith has authorized us to use on the air.

So we’ll be playing excerpts from Smith’s 12-minute rant on the issue during Friday’s show, and I’ll be providing my reaction to those remarks. We encourage Stephen A. Smith or anyone else who is so inclined to listen to the show to dial up Sirius 213, XM 202,, the NBC Sports Radio app, or any of the various stations that carry the program.

It starts at 6:00 a.m. ET and the full show re-airs at 9:00 a.m. ET.

13 responses to “Friday is Stephen A. Smith Day on PFT Live, sort of

  1. Mouthpiece for the corrupt Goodell. Wells stated he NEVER needed Tom’s phone, in fact he said ” keep it”. Per the CBA Wells was not even entitled to it .
    Wonder why ESPN never bothered to correct the erroneous PSI levels fed by the NFL . So much for integrity.
    One would think a reporter would wonder why the NFL fed ESPN false information.

  2. The Patriots are always the center of controversy.

    However, even if Tom Brady plays with balls that aren’t up to par, the punishment does not necessarily seem to fit the crime.

    Workplace discipline should be progressive and as far as I know, Tom Brady has never been directly involved in conduct that is detrimental to the shield.

    As far as the destroyed cell phone is concerned, didn’t the NFL destroy tapes that were relevant to a similar situation a few years back? So the NFL and blowhards like Stephen Smith have no room to stand if they want to address evidence destruction. The NFL condones evidence destruction.

    Its no question the Pats have a checkered past and should be put in their place. At least do it the right way and have some integrity about it.

    -Hawks fan who can’t stand the Pats or the commissioner. Can’t stand Stephen Smith even worse.

  3. Why give this blowhard any attention? He’s so bitter about the fact that he never made it as an attorney, now he has to sit there on a radio show and talk about deflated footballs. Of course he’s angry. And half the time he keeps talking about how big of a success he could have been had he started out as an attorney or even a judge, he keeps using words he doesn’t even know the meaning of, over and over again, that he picked up from some dictionary the night before to come off really smart. What a delusional clown.

  4. I normally enjoy listening to what Stephen A has to say, but his position on this has been nothing short of baffling -that is until Florio reminded me he was the puppet of someone in the league office.

  5. to quote Hawkeye Pierce on the old MASH tv program:

    I took umbrage once, it gave me heartburn.

  6. He’s all big and tough when in his environment and talking to low lives, but when someone can actually make sense to counter his comments he runs with his tail between his legs.
    Smith is pathetic!

  7. If you are trying to increase viewers to your show, this is not the way to lure me. I will never watch a show with him or Skip Bayless either. Sports talk shows should have at least a little intelligence mixed in, and both of these clowns have shown they have none (or at least they lose it as soon as the cameras are turned on).

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