Jaguars extend Allen Hurns

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The Jaguars have plenty of cash and cap space, and they plan to use it on some of their great young players. That process officially has begun.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Jaguars have extended the contract of receiver Allen Hurns by four years. Despite having only two years of NFL experience, Hurns was eligible for a new deal because he was undrafted. (Drafted players are eligible for new contracts after three seasons.)

The source says the deal has a base value of $40 million in the four new years. With escalators, the contract can be worth up to $11 million per year. The total guarantee is $20 million; it’s not yet known how much if fully guaranteed at signing.

Hurns, who played collegiately at Miami (Fla.), caught 64 passes for 1,031 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2015. Combined with receiver Allen Robinson and quarterback Blake Bortles, both of whom are eligible for new deals after the 2016 season, the team’s passing game is in great shape, for years to come.

Although Hurns was under contract through 2016, the Jaguars could have applied a restricted free agency tender to him in 2017. He then would have been eligible for the franchise tag in 2018.

16 responses to “Jaguars extend Allen Hurns

  1. Agent88! God bless, kid. You seem like the real deal and are a gamer.

    Great move by Caldwel locking this guy in!

    All-around win for the scouts, coaches…everyone in JAX!

  2. After the long dark night of Shack Harris and Gene Smith, Jag Fans emerge squinting at the rising sun that Dave Caldwell has built.

    Class move by the team paying Hurns before they had to. The rest of the team will appreciate this.

  3. Great move, love their young talent on offense, keep them together! I really like the way this team is shaping up, they are poised to take over the south for years.

  4. rollteal says:
    Jun 2, 2016 5:45 PM
    Great kid, Well deserved, #88club in Duval.
    Gonna shock the world !!!
    You look like you’re 12 years old.

  5. Canes are the opposite of Gators and Noles in the NFL. They actually exceed expectations instead of becoming busts.

  6. This guy is Anquan Boldin 2.0

    p.s. Being able to get a new deal after 2 years is yet another reason why it’s better to go undrafted than be like a 6th or 7th rounder

  7. Love the production he’s given on my fantasy team. Equally love him as a human being. Really pulling for the Jags to turn things around. They’re doing it the right way, won’t be long.

  8. FlashPatterson says:
    Jun 2, 2016 6:06 PM
    rollteal says:
    Jun 2, 2016 5:45 PM
    Great kid, Well deserved, #88club in Duval.
    Gonna shock the world !!!
    You look like you’re 12 years old.

    I wasn’t aware post came with pictures that weren’t even uploaded, but that’s cool.

  9. People need to start paying reaaalllll close attention to the Jacksonville Jaguars….they are NOT a joke anymore….I’m going to stop short of predicting wins-losses for the upcoming season but I will be keeping a close eye on them and kind of expect them to make the playoffs this year….the reason I’m so impressed with them is the way they are carefully and meticulously building the team…they have been killing the draft the past few years…it also seems like Kahn finally found a head coach that can lead that team and they finally found their franchise QB….add in the Allen brothers, Julius Thomas, Lewis, ivory/yeldon/robinson in the backfield, another year exp for the O line and you can see a very dangerous offense…plus on the flip side Myles Jack, Poz, Jackson, Marks, Ramsey…don’t know much about the secondary but they hit good with Ramesy and if Prince Ak can bounce back they could have a nice 1-2 punch at corner….if you’re a jags fan you should be happy for now but also for the future….

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