Jake Long working out for Bears Thursday

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Although some have mistaken them for siblings at various points during their careers, tackle Jake Long and guard Kyle Long aren’t brothers.

They could be playing together in 2016, however. Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that Jake Long will spend part of Thursday working out for the Bears, who employ Kyle Long as their right guard.

Jake Long played four games for the Falcons last season after signing with them after the start of the regular season. Long didn’t start any of those games, but was a longtime starter at left tackle for the Dolphins, who drafted him first overall in 2008, and the Rams until that point.

Long tore his ACL in both the 2013 and 2014 seasons, however, and hasn’t generated much interest on the market this offseason. The Bears signed Bobby Massie as a free agent to play right tackle and have Charles Leno working with the first team at left tackle after he finished last season as the starter at that spot.

10 responses to “Jake Long working out for Bears Thursday

  1. I remember Jake Long as one of the last drafted rookies who signed a contract that was massive for a guy who never played professionally. I believe it was the draft year after that they put salary caps on rookie first year contracts. Now Jake ended up being worth the money he signed for, but it’s been 8 years since then.

    Do you remember Orlando Pace. Former 1st overall pick hall of famer left tackle. He ended up spending his last years with the Bears and couldn’t recapture that magic. I expect something similar with Jake. Nonetheless, it still would be an upgrade over Leno.

  2. but, but, but Frankie booth said he would take the league minimum to choke in the Playoffs with the Packers???? Please explain fake bears fan????

  3. It’s nice that they are giving him a look. But they won’t be signing him. If he couldn’t start for the Falcons…

  4. Weird. He has less than nothing left in the tank. The Bears definitely need some insurance at LT but Jake Long is not the guy.

  5. Remember when Jake Long and Joe Thomas were 1A,1B in regards to best left tackle? How the hell did Jake Long fall off and transform into a journeyman, while Thomas is still elite? Injuries or just eroding skills?

  6. If he is even at 80% of what he was, he is better than Leno. My thought is that this is an insurance visit, to have someone they have evaluated in case injuries occur in camp.

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